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YukariiChangmin´s Profile:

Author of TPG. The main Graphic designer of this blog too keke ^^

Real Name: Yukari
Nick Name: YukariiChangmin
Height: 1,54 [LMAO]
Real Name: March ,18
(Yes I am Sayuri´s twin sister) haha!

I live In Hokkaido (Japan).
I´m a BIGEAST member and when I say I´m proud of it ,
please believe me ..I´m really proud of it ^-^
I almost do not have free time for hobbies but i love
to work with photo/images editors.
I am the main graphic designer of TPG.

♥I Love♥
I Love My Daughter...my Little Princess ♥
I Love My Twin Sister Sayuri ♥
I Love GOD ♥
I Love TVXQ ♥
I Love Prince Shim Changmin ♥
I Love YooMin The Kiss Couple ♥
I Love Music ♥
I Love Kindness ♥
I Love My Japan 日本♥
I Love the game
Tomb Raider (all)
I Love to work with Image/Editor programs
I Love Witches...Vampires
I Love sad songs

♥I Hate♥
People without education ↓
People who do not respect my space ↓
Selfish people ↓
Perversity ↓
Agressive People ↓
People who do not respect my age
One day you have my age. Unless you die before LOL↓

My Blogger: PrinceShimChangmin日本FanBlog
My YoutubeChannel
My Twitter
My Ameblo.jp
My PoupéeGirl.jp
My DeviantArt

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