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Couple Talk JaeChun part 1/3♥

Couple Talk JaeChun part 2/3♥

Couple Talk JaeChun part 3/3♥

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Hey Girls Let´s Help our Boys !!!!
Join this Official Petition Please let´s act !

Official petition from DNBN
deadline 19th Aug:


You dont need an account to sign.
Just leave your name, phone no. and email will do

From DNBN Let´s Read Please our attention♥:
1. We oppose the inhumane, unfair contract that was signed between SM Ent. and TVXQ(DBSK).-To follow the unreasonably busy schedules that were given by SM Ent., TVXQ members slept for average of 3~4 hours a day for 6 years, got only 1 week of vacation every year, and had to travel on the plane for numerous times that the traveled distance equals to the distance of circling the Earth for about 60 times. From these busy years, TVXQ members’ body and soul were extremely tired and they became unable to maintain their good health as artists.- TVXQ signed a long term contract of 13 years (15 years if you include the mandatory military service period in Korea) with SM Ent., which is like a lifelong contract. This tells that SM Ent. abused the TVXQ members and made them to sign the contract when they were socially weak and young. - If TVXQ members want to cancel the contract, they would have to pay a tremendous amount of penalty, which is 3 times the money that was used for the basic investment and 2 times the money they would expect to earn for the remaining time of the contract. Therefore, it means that it is almost impossible to cancel the contract unless they cost their fortune. This is certainly an unfair contract that makes TVXQ into slaves rather than artists.
2. As people who love Korean pop music, we support TVXQ’s decision that they wanted to find their natural rights and value as artists and human beings at the same time.- Because of the unfair condition of the contract, TVXQ members were not treated well and they lost their freedom to do what they want to do. We hope TVXQ to get a perfect environment they want so they can gain more freedom as well. - For further growth of Korean pop music, every artist’s rights and values must be protected. Therefore we positively support TVXQ members’ decision.If you agree to these statements and want to join the signature campaign, you can feel free to participate.(※ Your personal information will be only used for the campaign. We will NEVER use them for any other reasons.)
All of the signatures will be presented to Seoul Central District Court, Natural Human Rights Commission of the Republic of Korea, and Seoul Supreme Prosecutors’ Office.
In the blanks on the top, please put your full name,E-mail address
and phone number and click “sign” on the right.>
•Chunnie Pictures in A-Nation•
Can You see Chunnie´s new
Tattoo in his Left Chest?
Awnnn Soo Hot this Guy knows how
to drive us Crazy Ohhh My Chunnie (Dying)!!!!

credits: dnbn+baidutvxq
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♥YooChun and Yuhwan♥
♥Stalk Pictures♥
Soooo Lucky this stalkers _
and Yuhwan looks so beautiful as Chunnie♥
It´s easy to see how much Chunnie loves his brosweet
credits: as tagged♥

♥Couple Talk_ 2U couple Part 1/2♥

♥Couple Talk_ 2U couple Part 1/2♥

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JaeChun Couple Talk !!!

--♥ JaeChun Couple Talk ♥--

They´re fashion, independents, sexies
and super DORK too
This is my JaeChun♥ the most funny
Couple I think !!!
They´re love cars, tattoos and fashion too !!!
They´re SOULMATE !!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong

♥Couple Talk _ YooMin Part 1/3♥

♥Couple Talk _ YooMin Part 2/3♥

♥Couple Talk _ YooMin Part 3/3♥

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Hey Finnaly Couple Talk _YooSu♥
Everybody knows that YooSu is pure Love then
You can laugh with them and smile They´re lovable
and super funny haha Dozo ^_^
♥YooSu Couple Talk Part 1/3♥

♥YooSu Couple Talk Part 2/3♥

♥YooSu Couple Talk Part 2/3♥

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♥JaeJoong and Chunnie_ COLORS Preview♥
SoOOO Beautiful this song♥
I love SoulMate couple!!!!!

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♥Changmin and his little Mang Dong♥

♥JaeMin and Their "One Touch" LOL

♥Minnie Vs Chunnie _Archery♥

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