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We´re in Test fase with our Little Download session♥
We will be providing the download of this month
►Scans of "Prince of Prague Photobook
This is one of the most beautiful photobooks of our boys and this is a Great suggestion of our Yunho´s author_Yunki Yunho.
Me(YukariiChangmin♥ ) and My sister Sayuri Jaejoong
have almost all Photobooks then
If you have any good suggestion or opinion, please let us know.
We´ll Try to answer it as quickly as possible.
If you ´ll do a download in our session please leave us a message ok ?
It´s important for us to know how´s going our test with downloads
Thanks ♥
We´re putting here the Schedule of July for U guys see
that in this month there´s no much activities
After show in Beijing they´re slower in activites
That´s why our blog runs slower these last days too
If you have some good suggestion to post or
wanna be a special picture about
our Gods please let me know ok ? I used to say for you all
We´re not a Genie of lamp but maybe we can help you
Click to enlarge the Schedule ok Honeys ^.~
Love U all

Ah Is possible to see them so closely
credits: as tagged♥

JaeJoong New Car!!!

--♥ JaeJoong New Car ♥--

I said ne???
I knew JaeJoong♥ bought a new car coz he just
have silvers cars [ Bmw Z4 and Audi R8 Carbon ]
And one dark blue Lexus And he never appear with a black car
Now he bought a black car ^.~!
He loves cars as Me LOL !!!
And he loves to drive too !!!
He´s like me a lover of cars !!!
This logo trade mark is from AUDI
So he bought a AUDI ^.~ !!!
JaeJoong♥ loves to drive in the night ne???
Shared By:
Sayuri JaeJoong

Xiah New Hair Close!!!

--♥ Xiah New Hair Close ♥--

Xiah♥ changes his hairs now Our
Dolphin♥ is a Fatal blonde LOL !!!
But serious ne...
To be honest I still love
Our Xiah♥ with black hairs...
But who is beautifull is always beautifull
Doesn´t matter the color hairs
He´s ALWAYS beautifull!!!
Shared By:
Sayuri JaeJoong