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Tokyo Dome Sayuri and Yukarii Fanaccount !!!

--♥ Tokyo Dome FANACCOUNT ♥--

Hi for all our readers in special for one
called Min♥ she asked for Us if We can post here
Our Tokyo Dome Fanaccount soOoOoO
We´re posting for U my Angel♥ !!!
We´re hope U Like it !!!

Me(YukariiChangmin) and my twin sister (Sayuri JaeJoong)
live in Hokkaido and we got a plane to Tokyo♥
Our journey has been happy because we knew we were doing one of our
dreams. Me and my sister had already attended the show

of Tohoshinki in
Hiroshima Green Arena.

But nothing compared to the great importance of Tokyo Dome offered.
Me and my sister arrived in Tokyo Dome at exact 10:00 hs Am
So we´re very excited to look all in there !!!
Me and my sister were to eat something in 12:40 hs Pm
But in this hours we talked with a thousand another
Bigeasts and another fans too ^-^
It was very fun to talk with another Bigeasts and
The fans are really crazy as we are too haha \0/ !
Our emotion was growing and our nervous too
We bought something to eat [again LOL] and
We took some pics from Tokyo Dome outside !

The Gates of Tokyo Dome were opened at 4 afternoon.
There was a huge concentration of public now outside the stadium
waiting for the Great time of opening of the stadium.
We are Japanese but I confess that
I have never been inside the Tokyo Dome.
I confess that is unique because it´s huge there.
And also very nice.
The fans were happy before the show!
One of the most touch moments in the show were the solos!
I loved it !

About the Show:
It was very full there
A thousand Bigeasts there and fans all around the World too!
So excited all the fans was very nervous and we can´t wait
Till the show begins...
The lights were turned off and me and my sister
started to scream loud haha \0/ !
The show begun with Secret Game the screen was amazing!!!
All the Bigeast include me and my sister was screaming loud this time !!!

The 1st we saw was Yoochun!
2nd Yunho
3rd Changmin
4th JaeJoong and Finnaly
5th Junsu!!!
The lights shine in our boys and they´re came from front of
Stage !!!
Their voices was amazing in the Secret Game song!!!

Favorites Songs:

Mirotic → This performance was amazing !!!
Incredible performance worthy for Tokyo Dome!!!

Purple Line → They dance so well !!!
A surprise for all fans that
They danced in groups
JaeJoong danced with Junsu and
Changmin, Yunho and Yoochun danced together
Very energetic performance !!!

Take Your Hands → Ahhh Its was so cute !!!
The coreograph is very beautifull and different
from another they dance before !!!
Their voices was perfect!!!

Force → It gave me very fear to see them so high place!!!
They were in a plataform so high O.O
The big screen was very excited !!!
I LOVED this screen !!!

Stand By U → We´re BIGEASTS prepared a surprise for them !!!
We used the Blue Lights for them !!!
I think they LOVED to see Bigeast lights !!!
For me was one of more important songs in Tokyo Dome !!!

I loved All Performances ,sure !!!

About Solos:

Wild Soul → I am fan of Changmin and
I admit that I was surprised
by his choice of singing Wild Soul!
His high notes were perfect and the

public was at delirium.
The Fire´screen was amazing !!!
Changmin used all his high notes and show for Us
Your Big Powerfull Voice !!!

Xiatic → What can I say about this solo ?
Perfect! Junsu♥ is so hot! Hahahaha
Junsu♥ really dances very well and gosh all girls
scream loud when he begun to dance
Just with Lights in his hands !!!
Xiahtic was a HOT performance!!!
He danced with a girl [Lucky girl LOL]

Duet JaeChun♥ → The combined voices of Soulmate
did melt my heart hahahah
lovely! almost cried!
The first time we can hear Colors !!!
They´re sang so full of hope waiting for the public like the song!
And they´re singing "lalalalalalalala♫" and
We´re can sing to
gether them !!!
Beautifull song !!!

Checkmate → Whoa! Leader Yunho has a Incredible energy on stage!
About Red Ocean ? I already seen this in Hiroshima Green Arena♥
But nothing equals Tokyo Dome♥ is nice too see the red lights are
animating the audience.
No Words to Describe the emotion ?
but this time Yunho´s using the Blue suit different
from another Secret Code´s Shows before.
Yunho danced with energy and he shows
all Yunho sexy dance LOL !!!

Some Pics !!!
LOL !!! Sayuri JaeJoong♥ [Blue cute face] and
YukariiChangmin[Pink cute Face] !!!
Outside A big Poster About them !!!
It as in second day of Tokyo Dome !!!

Show Pics !!!

Photo by :YukariiChangmin♥ and Sayuri JaeJoong♥

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