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Tokyo Friends ParkII Parts !!!

--♥ Tokyo Friends Park 2 Parts ♥--
--♥ Intro ♥--

--♥ Arcade Game ♥--

I´ll explain ok???
For our readers ne...
I´ll resume ^-^
5 games and each game with rules ok???
Zarabatana game _Xiah♥ U must to strike the balls faster.
Bingo_Yunho♥ U must to hit on 3 targets.
Football Banana_Yoochun♥U can Use 30 bananas and try
to make more goals if possible.
Shuriken Game_JaeJoong♥ hit the targets
faster and mark points for your team.
Pitch of hamburgers_Changmin♥ hit the targets
with hamburgers.

Sharing By:
Sayuri JaeJoong

JaeJoong In Kimpo Pics !!!

--♥ JaeJoong Kimpo Pics ♥--

JaeJoong♥ !!! Are U using the same
Smile Jacket again my love???
No problem... I know You just want confort my love...
Ah!!! I love when JaeJoong♥ use this
jacket this way!!!
So misterious!!!
JaeJoong♥ so charming using
His singlasses ne???
Aw so cute ne look this pretty and
So perfect little lips ^.~ !!!
JaeJoong♥ really loves black ne???
I love his Sexy Back !!!
He has large shoulders giving us
A protection sensation ne???
JaeJoong♥ on the hall and
His CAT WALK haha \0/ !!!
Look for JaeJoong♥ ne???
He really is very similar with his Bio mom ne???
Ah!!! JaeJoong♥ has so beautifull skin!!!
JaeJoong♥ is all ne???
Shared By:
Sayuri JaeJoong


Awn ... >_<" my baby is gone again ... how sad ...
Heyyy O__O" look this perfect and strong arms !!!!
Warning!!!Changmin´s pic airport SEXY!!!!!!
あなたがいなくて寂しい ...
I noticed that Changmin loves this shirt hahaha
I have old pics about him wearing this same shirt

credits: as tagged ♥


Xiah♥ In Kimpo Airport!!!

--♥ Xiah♥ Kimpo Pics ♥--

Aw so cute My little Dolphin♥ !!!
I think he´sleeping ne???
I love to see Xiah♥´s hairs in natura !!!
And look his sexy backs ladies !!!
He did put some marrom color
In his front hair???Now what every Xiah♥ Girl like to see [ LOL]!!!
Xiah♥´s Butt !!!
LOL !!!
Shared By:

Sayuri JaeJoong

CreBeau Bèlle !!!

--♥ Xiah CreBeau Bèlle ♥--

Xiah♥´s Papa so cute ne???
Xiah♥ have the large face as your father ne???
A thousand cheeks >.< !!!
Ah!!! Xiah♥´s mom so cute and beautifull ne???
She has a gentle smile ne???
As our Dolphin♥ !!!
Ah!!! Xiah♥ mom I want a hug too T^T ...
Someday I´ll visit Korea
[YukariiChangmin♥ let´s talk about it??? LOL]
Xiah♥ has another dog called...
Ritchie♥ haha \0/ But to be honest I thinl that
Ritchie♥ is from Xiah♥ Mama ne???
Shared By:
Sayuri JaeJoong
Ok ladies Ok ... I´m trying to control myself
take a look in this man ..he´s hot even when
he´s wearing some simply clothes
Whoa and look his white and soft skin ....(perv Thoughts) haha.Enjoy Honeys ^.~

credits: MyPartnerMicky