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--♥ Tohoshinki Japan Record Awards ♥--

I´m so glad to see them on stage again together ne ???
Here in Japan♥ they´re together always v !!!
They sang Stand By U so cute !!!

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Have a nice reading... (^,^)..v
ermmm... i wanna know is this really happen between JAESU or not..
Readers.. dont think bout this too much..
Just read it and have fun in our blog.. ^,^ Love you!!

Source : Random tohomobile
Credits: As tagged + idolism.org
Translated by nellojnkeis

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[Info] Musical ‘Mozart!4th Round
Ticket Sales Starts!

Ticket Sales Schedule:
- January 5th, 2010 (Tue) @ 10:00 a.m. / Mozart: Im Tae-kyung, Park Gun-hyung, Park Eun-tae
- January 5th, 2010 (Tue) @ 9:00 p.m. / Mozart: Kim Junsu

Please check the performance schedule before reserving.

Junsu will perform on February 16th, 18th, 20th (2 segments).

Junsu performances in total is 15..
what?? 15??? (O_O) he is great!!!!
And.. Look.. they selling Junsu Ticket on different time.. hahaha..

credit: musical mozart
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The 51st Japan Record Award
Credits: ringo+ mr tvxq
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Ahhh I wanna see this!!!!
Major Nosebleed Chunnie half naked O¬O
Perv Thoughts Of course !!!! hahahaha

I love this pic *v*


Powerfull Team gonna do the narrative u_U": LOL
Junsu: Yochun I can´t believe you did this with me *cries*
Yoochun:" huh O.õ ?"

Junsu: "Look at me Yoochun -.-... "
Yoochun: " what´s up -.-"?"
Junsu: "No 'baby' i don´t wanna look at you "
Yoochun: " You´re so jealous my baby"!

Junsu: "I Love you ^O^"
Yoochun: " O_O" ? ^-^

Junsu: "Ahhh >.<" I´m so happy now ^O^!"
Yoochun : ""

JJ♥ What´s happens with you baby T^T ?*cries*
Junsu kawaii!!!
MinSu Sweeitie Kidding each other♥

My Favorite trio♥ *v*

What´s the problem with the Pic ?¬¬
Bah~ =___="""

Yunho got a Major Noseblled while he was
Looking for 1st half naked Picture of Chunnie! lol

credit: แจแรด&KOOK@yusooparadise+ as tagged

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