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--♥ Jung Yunho ♥--
HTTG Filming
--♥ Stops Due To Facial ♥--

My Comment
[Sayuri JaeJoong♥]
I really hope our Leader Yunho♥
Get well soon and I hope he takes
a rest too he needs it !!!
Yunho♥ We´ll always support U !!!
It has been belatedly revealed that actor
Jung Yunho fainted during a shooting.
On the 12th, Jung Yunho's facial muscles contracted
during the shooting and he was rushed to the hospital.
On the 15th, one official from
'Heading To The Ground' told Money Today Star News that,
"As we approached the 70% mark of the drama's filming,
it became apparent that stamina plays a big part."
The official also said that Jung Yunho,
despite being told to rest up after
treatment at the hospital, returned to
shooting the drama on the 13th.
The official went on to say that on top
of the weeks of all-night shootings and
the stress of the lead role, the controversy
of his acting and the mental
stress weighed down on
Jung Yunho's state/condition.On the other hand,
BongGoon (Jung Yunho) and SeungWoo's (Lee SangYoon)
conflict in 'Heading To The Ground' is making things interesting.

Source: [Star News+DNBN]
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Sayuri JaeJoong
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Everyone... Stare at this pic..
and do u agree that, Junsu is the cutest one in doing that kind of act??
If u dont agree with me... I will cry..
LOL.. I'm kidding...^,^
Junsu is the cutest...

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More, More & More

LOL... i dont know what kind of title i have to use..
hehehe... a lot of Junsu pic.. huhuhu..
i believe the other also have soo many pic..
hope u enjoy... or i was too late?? T_T

Believe me.. i really jealous..

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Sorry for the delay everyone...
my internet is a bit crazy these days..
well.. take a good look to these photos...^,^

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