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Latest Update of Number of Fan at MIXI Japan
Top 10 of Tohoshinki
1.Tohoshinki(1) 50,637
2.Yuchun(1) 17,680
3.Jaejung 13,997
4.Tohoshinki(2) 13,232
5.Junsu 12,310
6.Yunho 10,511
7.Changmin 9,952
8.Tohoshinki(3) 8,462
9.Yuchun(2) 5,920
10.Tohoshinki(4) 4,667
Credit to mixi.jp, mickyfan.com

JaeChun In Music Japan!!!

--♥ JaeChun In Music Japan ♥--

I can´t wait to watch them in Music Japan♥ !!!
It will be a great emotion to hear Colors live
for second time !!!

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Sayuri JaeJoong

Such a Cute couple huh O_O
Please don´t kill me Yunho´s Fans (Catching my pillows to
protect myself hahahahah )
credits: as tagged +mbc

Yunho from Manddang official site!!!

--♥ Yunho from Manddang official site ♥--

Yunho♥ Yunho♥ !!!
Yunho♥ so cute in this pics !!!
Yunho♥ in blue clothes- !!!
I love BLUE♥ I love clothes
I love Yunho♥ LOL !!!
I´m falling in Love for Him♥
In this pics !!!
Yunho♥ Perfect smile !!!
Yunho♥ What do U thinking huh???
LOL !!! I love when Yunho♥ make this
funny faces !!!
Ok Yunho♥ is waiting for???
Yunho♥ and HTTG director !!!
LOL Yunho♥ Big Eyes !!!
I love Yunho♥´s hair !!!
Oh...Poor Yunho♥ ...I´ll help U!!!
[Opening arms and Jumping on the Leader♥ LOL]
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Sayuri JaeJoong

Let´s pray to see this drama as soon as possible right ladies ? ^.~
I´m crazy to see Yunho acting beside Go-Ara
I was wondering why Yunho is in Mental Hospital with a "Bachan"

in his back hahaha Go Yunho!!!!!! hahahaha!

WHOA!! Long Legs O¬O
Go Yunho!!! Ganbatte ne !
Bachan in his Back i_i poor Yunho

Such beautiful expression Leader Sshi♥
haha Kawaiii Expression >_<"
credit: chubee+uknowbaidu

--♥ Endlessly Sweet Full Version ♥--

I thought this song beautifull !!!
This is a pure japanese style of song!!!
So nice to see them again!!!
Ah the lyric is beautifull and full of
Love - !!!

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Sayuri JaeJoong

090907 TVXQ's 3 Members VS SM ENT.
Busy Writing up Statement for The 11th

SM Entertainment (SME) and TVXQ's YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, who are currently in a dispute regarding the group's exclusive contract, are busy writing up statements of the offense and defense for the pending trial.

This is because at the first hearing on the 21st, the Seoul District Courts ruled that all documents related to the trial must be submitted by the 11th of September. Therefore, both sides are busy writing their positions on the issue by the deadline so that they will be able to submit these documents on time.

The three members' representing lawyer from Sejong Law Firm submitted a prepatory document on the 2nd that included the statements he wished to give during the court proceedings. This document was then forwarded to SME on the 3rd. On that day, SME's representing law firm, Taepyungyang Law Firm, fought back by submitting a letter appointing an assigned lawyer to deal with the case.

A person related to the trial stated, "Since the courts ruled that they would listen to more of the two sides' positions before coming to a decision, both sides are busy writing up documents to submit."

Let us pray for this thing to settle in the
peace way n hope TVXQ oppa will win!!!!

Source: [star news+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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JaeJoong´s Quarter Bag!!!

--♥ JaeJoong´s Quarter´s bag ♥--

Everybody knows about the true passion
of JaeJoong♥ for his bags ne???
He loves luxurious bags and he has really
beautifull bags from
Louis Vuitton, and another trade Famous marks...
Now he solved to choose one of Quarter♥ !!!
I LOVED this !!!

Let´s Check this???

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Sayuri JaeJoong