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--♥ Heaven´s Postman Book ♥--

This info is super cool I´m very anxious
to buy This book for Us ,
Yes for Us I hope to scan It for Us ok ???
The price looks good ne ???

Price : USD13.625
Release : 2009-12-03
This is availiable at DVDHeaven

Credits: DVDHeaven
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Officially Confirmed
! Xiah Junsu is Casted in “Musical Mozart!"

The musical which is scheduled to open in 2010 “Musical Mozart!” casts TVXQ member Xiah Junsu (real name: Kim Junsu) as one of the character.

Xiah Junsu is planned to role as the genius musician who’s aspiring for a freedom, Mozart.

A representative from EMK Musical Company, Um Hong-hyun said, “When the original author Sylvester Levay visited both the director and Xiah Junsu the first time for a meeting, he’s attracted by Xiah Junsu’s commitment and passion in his musical performance.” he added, “He has an excellent ability and meets the expectation of Mozart character the original author tries to reflect, thus he’s decided as the final cast.”

Xiah Junsu will make alternate appearance as Mozart on stage with another casts namely Kim Tae-kyung, Park Gun-hyung, and Park Eun-tae. (T/N: yes, there are 4 musical actors that will be roled as Wolfgang Mozart)

and see.. JUNSU oppa on MOZART website.. ^,^
He is awesome.. LOVE Junsu oppa!!!

For more infoSss.. cLick on TheSe Pic.. ^,^

And... Ladies This is Junsu MusiCaL... ^,^

sources: yahoo.kr.com
trans: SYC
credits: xiah-sshi (cast caps) + withyoonho (video)
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So Damn Hot and tall they are Giants haha!

credit: naver
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Credit: NeverEnd+ personalyoonho+uknowbaidu
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--♥ Heaven´s Postman Book ♥--

Ahhh !!! I´ll buy it !!!
I Love Eriko Kitagawa´s literature and
I LOVE more and more Heaven´s Postman♥ too !!!
I´m very happy coz JaeJoong♥ and Han Hyo Joo♥
made a goos job really !!!
So I´m sure that JaeJoong♥ will starring
in a new drama soon ne ???
I LOVED all Heaven´s Postman♥ pics Coz
I LOVE the atmosphere of drama !!!
LOL Look at JaeJoong♥´s face hauhauhaua!!!
credit: K-blog + tvxqbaidu
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--♥ Tele Cinema Project ♥--
--♥ A New Business Model ♥--

Korea-Japan movie project Tele Cinema
is presented as new shape of business
model that is likely to have great settlement.
Samhwa Networks project “Tele Cinema
is created by collaboration of Japan famous
writer and Korea actors and directors whose
movies and dramas are pulled into theaters and
TV in both nations.
Vice president Park said, “Currently Tele Cinema 7
has been obtaining results which is above
expectation in 4 sides of local movie theaters.
Tele Cinema produces movies that is in “short movie”
scale and for TV, it’s categorized as “TV movie” segment.
Out of 50,000 – 100,000 target audiences,
‘Heaven’s Postman’ starring Youngwoong Jaejoong
and Han Hyo-joo is approaching 100.000, Lee Ji Ah’s
‘Love is Blind’ is exceeded 50,000, Big Bang’s TOP
and Seung Ri who appeared together with In
Jae-heo in ‘19-Nineteen’ are recording 30,000.”
“Through the broadcasting circle and movie rights,
we have already covered up 80% of initial production costs.
This is somehow due to the simple movie structure
we have thus it’s easier for us to achieve surplus.”
Vice President Park continued, “Also, since
One Source Multi-Use is going to publish the cartoons of
Tele Cinema characters as additional content
in the upcoming tour event soon, there’s even
brighter earning outlook we’re achieving.”
Vice President Park ended, “Ever since ‘Winter Sonata’
and ‘Yi San’, we never can get through
Japanese TV prime time. However, with the Japanese
top script writers we have as the base, in April next year,
Tele Cinema will be getting good hours broadcast in TV Asahi.”

source: heraldbiz.com
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