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JaeChunSu In MAMA!!!

--♥ JaeChunSu In MAMA ♥--

They won the Best Asian Star Award
But I don´t know If it´s my impression
But Our boys look sad ne ???
Maybe coz HoMin wasn´t there ne???
But I´d like to say Congrats for all Members !!!
Includes Our HoMin♥ Too !!!

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--♥ Power of JaeJoong ♥--
--♥ All Tickets Sold Within 5 Min ♥--

According to the movie production company,
the moment JaeJoong was confirmed to make
an appearance on the November 22nd screening,
all tickets at all cinemas for ‘Heaven's Postman’
were sold within 5 minutes.Although ‘Heaven's Postman’
had reached its second stage of broadcasting schedule,
there were still much support from the viewers
and the number of audiences was still high.
‘Heaven's Postman’ is the debut movie of Hero JaeJoong.
With such good ratings and excellent ticket sales,
he had once again proven his popularity and charm.

Source: RockJJ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 091120 Xiah Junsu's Fans Donate Money For The Hearing Impaired

The fans of TVXQ's Xiah Junsu and Hwangbo have donated money for surgery fees and verbal remediation fees for hearing-impaired children and once again showed the warm love of fans.

According to the Snails of Love foundation, Xiah Junsu's fan community 'Xiah Soul' and Hwangbo's fan community 'Estella' showed their deep love and interest for the hearing impaired by donating money to cover fees for surgery and verbal remediation for children and teenagers.

To celebrate Xiah Junsu's birthday last year on December 15th, Xiah Soul decided that they would help a good cause rather than give their celebrity materialistic items and donated 8 million Won for the surgery and verbal remediation of Kim Dan Hee (6th Grade) to help her find her lost hearing.

Although Dan Hee's sister Dan Ah (9th Grade) was also hearing impaired, she gave up the chance to get her hearing back and let her sister be treated first. When Xiah Soul heard of this, they decided to donate money to sponsor the surgery and verbal remediation of Dan Ah for Xiah Junsu's birthday this year.

'Xiah Soul' donated 10 million Won to the Snails of Love foundation and showed their warm hearts by helping those in need.


Xiah Soul's Master Ahui (nickname) said, "We hope that Xiah Junsu's contract problems are solved well, and continue to be remembered as a singer who the hearing impaired can listen to once they are treated," and "Dan Ah, and Dan Hee are so pretty and lovable, we wanted to give Dan Ah a chance to hear as well and we are so happy that she is able to go through with the surgery."

Source: [Star news+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
picX credits: FiFFyMin@blogspot
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Cassies's ‘Love Melody’ is stolen?

Cassiopeia is the official fan club of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki and the biggest in the world according to the Guinness book of world records.

Around late October, some Cassiopeia members in Korea released a song titled “Love Melody” The song was made for members of TVXQ who are going through tough times. The fans apparently wrote the song, the lyrics and sang it themselves. The song had impressive quality for something done by amateurs, so much so that a Digital album was released and the song began selling on various websites / portals. Cassies said that all the proceeds would go to charities.

So basically, Fans make a song for their beloved oppas to cheer them on during their hard times and they donate money the money from the song to charity, what can possibly go wrong with that?

The problem is the fact that Love Melody is accused of plagiarizing another person’s song. A person named Shin, who writes songs / music for a hobby, had posted a song titled “Cause I want you” on a song writing community on the web and was contacted by Soh, a Cassie who was involved in Love Melody project. Soh told Shin, “I came across this song and I love it. Do you mind if I use this song so I can give a little gift to TVXQ? We’re not doing it to make money."

Shin happily agreed to this, but a month later he found out that the song which copied the melody of his song was being sold online. What enraged him further was the fact that Cassies posted the songwriter as “Eun Hyun,” not giving any credit to Shin.

Shin contacted the Cassies who led this project, and said that he doesn’t care whether they sell the song for money or not, he just wanted himself listed as the songwriter. He contacted Soh and Soh responded by telling him not to falsely accuse Cassies, and even said “We revised the melody and it’s just sampling, why are you making such a big deal out of this” and “Go ahead and sue us, lets see who gets hurt.”

Love Melody has already been advertised as a song written and sung by Cassies and Shin has no doubt suffered damage from this situation. Will he be able to hear any word of apologies from the Bigeast and most powerful fan club in Korea? We’ll see but the song writer seems to want justice. With TVXQ going through so much drama, it seems their fan club can’t escape it as well.
Another bad NewS from ALLKPOP... T_T
Please stop hurting our DONG BANG boys... T_T
Seems like u guys saying that our DONG BANG only act innocent for all these days...
(the sentences "TVXQ going through so much DRAMA" ---> I HATE THIS SENTENCE!!!)
credit: allkpop
shared by: SYC + www.tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com

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