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Once again i did attend to sm town live concert ! for this time in Tokyo!
And what can I say ?
It was awesome !!!
Everytime I see them live I get satisfied and happy!
They are getting better and better !
For this time the higher point of my fanacount is the highlight to B.U.T

My comments about each songs isn´t in the correct order because I begin to
Write about the moment I like the most .


Whoa! At the 1st sounds of the intro my heart begins to
Beat faster and faster!
It ´s always a great emotion.. then finally they say :TOHOSHINKI!!!
We start to shake our Bigeast big red towels!!!!
To see them flying above is something amazing.
They look Gods in the sky!


Oh~I feel so honored to be part of 50,000 people who was able to hear BUT
For the 1st time live!
The song is GREAT, energetic and the choreograph is amazing!
The HoMin aura is something unbelievable.
Changmin´s hair is so soflt and silk for this night ! I love his style!
So natural .
They were wearing different outfits but I can highlight the same outfit they wore
In dream concert. (they sang BUT wearing this clothes)

The way U are /Mirotic

They are using the same outfits they wore befor in dream concert.
It´s always a happiness to hear the old songs.
Mirotic rules haha and Changmin´s high notes are super!


WOW! When they star to sing superstar we were ready
To sing along our parts with Homin haha.
WOW! They're sweating a lot (too much energy on stage) !
Their dance skills always amaze me.
On the climax of the song in that part that Changmin sings a super high note
He cannot reach thisone for this time .The high note isn´t perfect but it was really loud O.O omg my ears haha …No problem Changmin you always do it perfectly

Rising Sun

When they start to sing rising sun the dome get crazy!
The high notes are perfect and it ´s always a big emotion to hear them
Singing this old song.
For Rising Sun they wore white outfits with small details in black on the inside.
They finish Rising sun and next is kanta.

Summer Dream and Somebody to Love

These 2 songs are Incredible at live.
Too much energy and the public seems to answer the call of Homin!
It´s amazing to see them singing so happy these songs.
My favorite is somebody to love as as usual they shake the towels to
Get up the public on dome!!!!

This is my short fanaccount for this time.
I tried my best to enjoy the show . And it was awesome!
Homin´s aura is something really unbelievable.

In the end of concert when all sm artists were on the stage
Together , Yunho looks sooo happy and he played with others
During all the time. So full of energy!

My fancam about B.U.T.

東方神起 B.U.T Live in SMTown Live Concert in Tokyo

東方神起 B.U.T Live in SMTown Live Concert in Tokyo from YukariiChangmin on Vimeo.

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  1. thank you ... i love your "fan-account"
    so happy for u,and i'm so proud of our boys.

    " Changmin´s hair is so soft and silk..I love his style!So natural. "..me too,me too,he looks so great soooooo hot.
    thank you again & again for this amazing fanaccount,domo arigatou my angel ,love u.

  2. BigEast are really REALLY lucky!!! TVXQ rarely go to Europe, I wish they know how many fans they've got here....