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Heaven´s Postman More New Gifs !!!

--♥ New Heaven´s Postman Gifs ♥--

And U´re enlarging your
Powerfull Gifs Folder ne ???
LOL !!!
I always do new Gifs for our Readers and I really
Hope U like it !!!

My happy couple !!!
They´re very happy in scene ne ???

I really Love JaeJoo♥ couple !!!


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091022 Tohoshinki to resume
Japanese activities after 3 months
It was announced on 11/21 that popular Korean group Tohoshinki
is going to attend "Best Hits Song Festival 2009" (live broadcast on NTV at 7pm)
at Kobe World Memorial Hall on 11/26.
After their last a-nation performance in Osaka on 8/30,
Tohoshinki went back to Korea. It has been 3 months since the Tohoshinki
ad activities in Japan with full members.
It has also been decided that they would attend "FNS Music Festival 2009"
(live broadcast on Fuji TV at 7pm).
Their attendances in Japan Records Awards and NHK Kouhaku
are also under discussion, therefore, they are expected to be back to Japan soon.
After Seoul District Court ruled partial provisional disposition of
exclusive contract terms, Tohoshinki was forbidden by their Korean
company to perform activities as a group,
and the media has been flooded with break-up rumors.
However, in Japan, Tohoshinki will still follow the planned schedule and perform as a 5-member group.
Source: Daily SportsTranslation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 091120
BIGLOBE Annual Search Rankings
BIGLOBE, a Japanese searching service site,
has collected data from its regular
"Top Seasonal Ranking" from 2009/01/01 to 2009/10/31
to come up with its "2009 Annual Search Ranking."
General Category: [omitted]
Celebrity Category: Arashi snatched the top spot of "2009
Annual Search Ranking - Celebrity Category".
Celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2009, appearing on various dramas and CMs,
having their 10th anniversary live tour -
their non-stop activities in 2009 have earned them their
deserved top spot of the search ranking.
Standing at 2nd place in this ranking is Tohoshinki.
Not only their CD sales and Tokyo Dome tour, but their break-up
rumors also contributed to their ranking elevation.
This year's top 5 spots are all taken by artists, as 3rd to 5th places
are possessed by EXILE, GReeeeN, and AKB48.
Together with the 4th spot of "Sudden Rise of Search Ranking"
belongs to Michael Jackson, the year 2009 seems to be full of artists' news.
Source: RBB TODAYTranslation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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--♥ Heaven´s Postman Ost Love ♥--

I thought this scene soOoOo sweet ne ???
I love to see him at Han Hyo Joo♥´side !!!
They´re super perfect couple !!!

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--♥ MAMA Gifs ♥--

Oh...My 3 members deserve all our love ne ???
It was very hard for them ...
Be on stage and see missing HoMin♥
But in my heart all 5 members was there T^T ...
JaeJoong♥ almost cried poor angel T^T...

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[::]More JunSu PicX at MAMA[::]

i'm So exciteD (",)v So many JunSu picx
At leasT we can see JunSu.. huhu..
aFter a long time.. Have Fun everyOne..
But remember, Junsu is MinE.. LOL..\0/

DuckbuTt ^,^

...I admire at his boot...

SmiLe JunSu, I know HoMin will understand..

charisma Junsu...

His ouTfits is simpLe..
but yet looks so gorgeous..

He is soooo CUTE!!!!

And I love the most is this pic...
My Junsu is so beautiFuL and Pure..


credits: XiahKing + as tagged
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Heaven´s Postman 2nd FanMeeting !!!

--♥ Heaven´s Postman 2nd FanMeeting ♥--

Oh The fans are so sweet ne ???
I wanted to thank each little angel who was there
Doing it for JaeJoong♥ !!!
Domo Arigato !!!

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KBOOM Magazine January 2010 issue part 1

--♥ KBOOM Magazine Jan 2010 Issue ♥--

I know the most of this pic maybe
our readers knows already ne ???
But it´s a new magazine talking about
Heaven´s Postman♥
always with great comments !!!
It´s nice to see all JaeJoong♥´sucess ne ???
Congrats for JaeJoong♥ and for Han Hyo Joo♥ too !!!

Credits: cyonje
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:: Video ::
ChiNese CassiEs StanD by TVXQ ConCerT

I'm just Whaaaaa~~
How strong their faith towards TVXQ...
and why some of the fans didnt have this kind of faith??
Even SM canceled the concert...
They united & do their own concert..
Congrats Chinese Cassies...
I'm sure.. TVXQ must be happy & touched if they see this video..
and this makes me even more excited in TVXQ..
and we... TVXQPOWERFULLGODS squad is in ur side..^,^

credits: ChoCoPrinCezz@youtube
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.:JunSu's ChiNese FanS:.

Im So TouCh wiTh thEir Love toWards JunSu..
If u were there.. i was in Junsu's HeaVen.. *dreaming*
hihihi.. kidding...

Stand by TVXQ concert was held in ZhenShen by Chinese cassies...
Cassies in China was so GREAT...
TVXQ must know this..
and we must always keep in faith just like Chinese cassies...
Please do distribute in ur blog or whatever...

credits: MeetXiah/Baidu
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