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--♥ Heaven´s Postman Little Doll ♥--

Oh Just pay attention in this cuteness !!!
Look the little fingers v !!!
Oh So cute ne???
I really LOVED this dolls !!!
I think this person who made it
So talentous !!!


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--♥ 東方神起 Break through artist #1 ♥--

I´m so proud of them !!!
They´re winning all this week !!!
I´m super happy !!!
They deserve it !!!
And we´ll keep doing our part ne ???
Voting,promoting,do pre -orders ne ???
東方神起 FIGHTO !!!
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[INFO] How to Vote:
The White Team Artist You Want to Support The Most

As Kouhaku is around the block,
big globe holds a voting to decide :
Whom is The Artist You Want to Support The Most?

There are two voting boxes, one for the Red Team (on the left - the female artists) and one for the White Team (on the right - the male artists). You don't have to vote for both to make your vote count though.To learn how to vote, please read on ^_^

2. Choose Tohoshinki (as in red box on picture)
3. After clicking the button beside the boys name, scroll down,
and you’ll see a comment box. Write whatever on it. English is okay.

4. They will ask you:
a) Gender (choose the most bottom for femaleb)
Age (choose your range of age)
c) Location (choose whatever)
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[NEWS] 091216
‘Not Attending’ TVXQ at Melon Music Awards
Winning Two Gold Medals for Mania and Star Awards

TVXQ is awarded as 2009 Star and Mania at Melon Music Awards.On December 16th afternoon, TVXQ won two gold medals for ‘Mania’ and ‘Star’ awards at this year Melon Music Award which is opened at Olympic Hall, Seoul Olympic Park.With ‘Mania Awards’, fans showed their love to the song from TVXQ 4th album which was released last year, ‘Jumun – MIROTIC’.Unfortunately, TVXQ members were absent from the event.

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They've won with Jumon (2008), even the others is always have new single...
huhuhu.. This is the power of TVXQ.. and this is the powerful FANS!!!
When we combine.. No one can win over TVXQ!!! ^,^

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Talented Pianist Aimi Kobayashi
Likes Tohosinki

Speaking about most popular Japanese pianist which has attracted attention from the whole world, we couldn’t forget the 14th years old Aimi Kobayashi. She played Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 26 in Youtube and the video has been viewed by over 1.15 million viewers ever since it’s uploaded. Little Aimi proceed to have three performances at New York Carnegie Hall, and also performed Chopin at Warsaw in last August this year, the events’ tickets were sold out very soon.

Therefore despite her only 14 years old, her presence has been definitely becoming a hot topic in the world!
This December 14th, Aimi held a concert to celebrate her major debut decision entitled “Aimi Kobayashi Japan
Premier Concert Debut” at Suntory Hall in Akasaka, Tokyo.

At the current interview being carried out before her concert, other than revealing her passion of classical music, she also mentioned her likings to Amuro Namie and Tohoshinki, her favorite school subjects Mathematics and Social, and her hobbies other than music which are eating and sleeping. Afterall she showed herself as an ordinary 14 years old girl.
She also added, “Sometimes I hate practicing piano, but I’m scared… (of the teacher)” which brought out a comical dialogue between her and her teacher Ninomiya Hiroko that gives a glimpse of the strong bond between them as teacher and student, and also creates laughter among the audiences.

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東方神起 is Number 1 in Avex Ranking!In 13 December they´re in 2nd source:avex
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[Part 2]

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[Part 1]

Junsu fans in China were so UNITED ne??
remember how they manage their own concert??
They are UNITED.. I love this... ^,^
U must be very happy when u see this in DNBN..
i know u fave site is DNBN.. >.<

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