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Tvxq The Third Asian Tour Concert
Mirotic in Thailand
Price: ¥1,889
Release Date: September 19th
You can Pre -Order Here
credits: SYC
Yunnie Smile *__*!
You can see his WHITE teeths ? haha
Impossible do not notice it haha So perfect smile Yunnie !!!
Let´s begin Countdown to HTTG release !!!!

credits: imbc
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I did a fanart just for illustrate the Info about Paradise Meadow ♥
Please read this note about Changmin´s Drama
It was confirmed by YeonHee's manager .
QUOTE "welcome you all .our soompi friends... F; Shangrila 1. Yani will begin to shoot in the middle ten days of Sep. or so. A meetiing is needed ,to confirm the exact date. 2. She is now really busy making some preparations for the "Paradise Meadow". The message above is confirmed by Yani's manager. BTW,we have got that maybe the staff (and Changmin?)will go to Chejudao this weekend. So let's just keep waiting!"
Shangrila is the name of YeonHee's fanclub
Yani is YeonHee's nickname
Translation credit: 炫橙@YeonHee's baidu bar
Credit: YeonHee's baidu bar
Credit Fanart:

Colors Pv Caps!!!

--♥ Colors PV Caps ♥--

Ahhh!!! I´m crazy to watch this !!!
JaeChun♥ totally freaking hot !!!
JaeJoong♥ Cold Look !!!
They´re super cute ne???
YooChun♥ u looks JaeJoong♥´s twin with your
New hairstyle !!! Gosh...
What man ne???
Sayuri JaeJoong

JaeHo Stalk FanCam !!!

--♥ JaeHo Stalk FanCam ♥--

Oh My SoOoOo perfect Couple JaeHo♥ !!!
I think they´re perfect as a couple !!!
I think this and 100% of Tohoshinki♥ fans too, right ???

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Sayuri JaeJoong

JaeHo Stalk Pics !!!

--♥ JaeHo Stalk Pics ♥--

Oh My Perfect couple always together - !!!
JaeHo♥ Forever Love ´♥ . ♥`
Yunho´s♥ hand in the glass !!!
Yunho♥ saying...
"Wait for me JaeJoong♥ !!! "

JaeJoong♥ maybe is thinking...
"C´mon my love I need U here " LOL !!!
JaeHo♥ Did U see ???
Yunho♥´s stalk pics !!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong

--♥ U-Know Yunho Says ♥--

"Do Not Believe The Malicious Rumors About TVXQ"

U-Know Yunho, who is acting under his real name,
Jung Yunho, came out in public for the first time since the
lawsuit of his members. At MBC's
"Heading To The Ground"
opening ceremony at the Hyatt Hotel on September 2nd,
U-Know Yunho said that he would like
the lawsuit issue with TVXQ to be resolved peacefully.
Ever since TVXQ three members,
Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong,
and Xiah Junsu filed a lawsuit
against SM Entertainment concerning
their contracts, it is the first appearance
of their members in public.
U-Know Yunho said, "Even though
I don't know what TVXQ should do right now,
I can't say anything
(T/N: as in, no comment).
This is something I hope the
members can reasonably resolve.
" U-Know Yunho also said, "It seems that
many people are having negative thoughts. There are lots of
malicious rumors on the internet.
Things that need to be resolved can't
be resolved because of the rumors.
I would like it if people didn't believe
the malicious rumors. I hope it
can be resolved smoothly.
" U-Know Yunho also showed his friendship with the members.
U-Know Yunho says, " Lately, there
have been lots of night shootings so
the members send me lots of text. I get texts like,
'If you don't do well, you're in trouble!',
'How was today?'. When he got a text that said,
'Even though it's hard since it's your first time,
make a good image/impression',
U-Know Yunho replied with,
'I'll make a good image/impression.'
"Heading To The Ground" is
U-Know Yunho's first acting endeavor.
"Heading To The Ground" is a romantic story filled
with misunderstandings and
confusion between a soccer player, who embraces
the sport with all his heart, and a girl who has it
all but wants
to make her dream come true on her own.
Jung Yunho, Go Ara, Lee YoonJi,
and Lee SangYoon will be in the drama,
"Heading To The Ground",
following "Hon", and first airs on the ninth.

Now My comments...
I really hate negative people and
I´m very happy to know Yunho♥ has hope in
his heart!!! When he said this words
My heart smiled again coz Our Leader shows
for everybody he believes in Tohoshinki♥ !!!
Yunho♥ is a positive guy and I am a super
positive person too!!!
So I´m praying everyday for Tohoshinki♥
and I know they´ll win once again!!!
Our boys has warrior´s blood !!!

Translation credits: zhuuzhuusoba @ tohosomnia.net
Source: DNBN
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Sayuri JaeJoong

Yunho Filming HTTG!!!

--♥ Yunho Shy Filming HTTG ♥--

LOL !!! Yunho♥ so cute always ne???
The luky girl calling him♥ for touch his hairs
It was ALL LOL !!!
And look the soccers laughing LOL !!!
Everybody thought it was a serious thing and the girl
Just touching his hairs hauauhaa!!!
But... Leader Yunho♥ can ALL [screaming]!!!
Soccers shut UP!!!

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Hey Stalkers and paparazzi please you can
take pics about Chunnie but please do not
disturb him(angry Yukarii haha)
credit: as tagged

Chunnie you´re a such beautiful thing ,man!

Looking your picture I noticed that has a sweat in
your faceI wanna wipe it haha so sexy Chunnie uhuhu
But people saying that this sweat seems a tear ....
so poetic but it´s true ...

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BiGeaStation 127: Tohoshinki Psychology Test

Listen n read this... hihihi...
Junsu is annoying... hahahaha...
i love when this three guys combine in a show...

credits: uploader
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Yunho In HTTG Conference!!!

--♥ Yunho In HTTG Conference ♥--

O.O A thousand pics ne???
My God !!! Poor Yunho ♥ T^T
Maybe He leave this conference
totally blind LOL !!!
Flash´s and flash´s
Anyway I´m happy to see him♥
in this conference
Coz He looks very ,very happy!!!

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Sayuri JaeJoong