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[FANART] CHANGMIN (by Hanakousagi)

HanakoUsagi always so perfect!
Changmin in PEPSI NEX CF haha
image gif 676-137

Changmin so proud of Yunho♥
image jpg 676-138

And 2 fanarts about Changmin back to Korea♥ from Hawaii♥
image jpg 676-139
image jpg 676-140
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So handsome!!!!
image jpg 676-136

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image gif 676-133
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Credits:astagged+: DC + @enjoy_now
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I´m happy to share this pics coz Our dear readers are
Certainly completing their TIO folder !!!

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He´s gentle in every gesture♥

Credits:12p1a+onvideo +uploader
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[TRANS] 110525 Lyrics for "I Think U Know" Partial lyrics

Credits: odkuma

I Think U Know

Lyrics: Luna, Nermin Harambasic, Robin Jenssen, Ronny Svendsen, Anne Judith Wik
Composed by: Nermin Harambasic, Robin Jenssen, Ronny Svendsen, Anne Judith Wik

I think U know 欲望のままに I think U know I think U know
I think U know yokubouno mamani I think U know I think U know
I think U know, I’m living according to my desire, I think U know I think U know

I think U know 目が離せない I think U know I think U know
I think U know mega hanasenai I think U know I think U know
I think U know, I can’t take my eyes off of you, I think U know I think U know

I think U know think U do セルカのふりで
I think U know think U do serukanofuride
I think U know think U do, pretending to take a photo of myself

遠慮のないパパラッチ everybody knows 消えなよ
Enryo nonai paparazzi everybody knows kienayo
The unrestrained paparazzi, everybody knows, get lost!

I think U know think U do フラッシュを撒(ま)いて good bye
I think U know think U do flash wo maite good bye
I think U know think U do, escaping from the flashes, good bye

行き着いた先には I think U know I think U know
Ikitsuita sakiniha I think U know I think U know
There in the destination was, I think U know I think U know

Get it on, now 案外 見かけ倒しの shyなgirl
Get it on, now angai mikake daoshino shy na girl
Get it on, now, a surprisingly false impression, she’s a shy girl

こっちのペースに持って イケそう イケなきゃ埒(らち)もない
Kocchino pace ni motte ikesou ikenakya rachimonai
Bringing her to my own pace, I think I can, it’s foolish not to do so

Oh my god 派手に like it, like this oh yeah
Oh my god hadeni like it, like this oh yeah
Oh my god, showing off, like it, like this oh yeah

I think U know 欲望のままに I think U know I think U know
I think U know yokubouno mamani I think U know I think U know
I think U know, I’m living according to my desire, I think U know I think U know

I think U know 目が離せない I think U know I think U know
I think U know mega hanase nai I think U know I think U know
I think U know, I can’t take my eyes off of you, I think U know I think U know

I think U know I think U know
I think U know I think U know
I think U know I think U know

I think U know think U do キライじゃないでしょ?
I think U know think U do kirai janai desho?
I think U know think U do, you don’t hate me

君が思うよりも Lady に不自由ないし
Kimiga omou yorimo Lady ni fujiyuu naishi
I have a lot of women around me, Lady, more than you think

I think U know think U do 妬かせてみたいなんて
I think U know think U do yakasete mitainante
I think U know think U do, do you want me to be jealous?

僕を試さないで I think U know I think U know
Bokuwo tamesanaide I think U know I think U know
Don’t try me, I think U know I think U know

Be with you babe 周回遅れでぶっちぎりの guy
Be with you babe shuukai okurede bucchigirino
Be with you babe, being one step behind you, but this guy has gotten a head start

エコカーに乗り換えなよ 環境守って恋しよう
Echo car ni norikaenayo kankyou mamotte koishiyou
Let’s transfer to an echo car, let’s protect the environment and be in love

Oh baby アゲて like it, like this
Oh baby agete like it, like this
Oh baby, raise your spirits, like this

Oh make me crazy baby I wanna know your mind
Oh make me crazy baby I wanna know your mind
Oh make me crazy baby I wanna know your mind

このままfeel it 逃がさないよ Never let you go
Konomama feel it nigasanaiyo Never let you go
Feel it as it is, I won’t let you get away, never let you go

I think U know 欲望のままに I think U know I think U know
I think U know yokubou nomamani I think U know I think U know
I think U know, I’m living according to my desire, I think U know I think U know

I think U know 目が離せない I think U know I think U knowhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
I think U know mega hanasenai I think U know I think U know
I think U know, I can’t take my eyes off of you, I think U know I think U know

I think U know I think U know I think U know I think U know
I think U know I think U know I think U know I think U know
I think U know I think U know I think U know I think U know

Source: Source: odkuma @ YouTube & recochoku & kachikaja
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Special thanks: diana© @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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[VIDEO]110525 K Pop Artists With A Large Social Network

3rd is...JUNSU!!!

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Credits:elbowyeish twitter
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[NEWS]110525 JYJ Charity Live in Japan– Behind Story on Why the Location Is Not Announced

[Behind Story] Why is only the Date revealed for
JYJ’s Japan Charity Concert and the Venue undecided?

There is only a concert date and no location. It is not a guerilla concert either. It is a fee concert that can only be seen if one buys a ticket with money.

A situation that is not comprehended upon first glance is actually taking place. I am writing about JYJ, the team of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu, and Japan’s charity concert.

JYJ is holding a charity concert on the 7th of next month. This concert was planned in order to help the victims of the earthquakes that took place in last March in Japan. However, the agency C-JeS Entertainment has only revealed the date of the concert and is currently not revealing as to where it will be held.

The story is like this. JYJ, which was formedout of members who withdrew from TVXQ, had originally planned to hold this performance in Yokohama Arena and had sold tickets. However they received a sudden notification from Yokohama Arena that the rental of the venue was impossible. The agency changed the location to Saitama Arena, but this time too had to receive a notification of the cancellation of the rental contract from the venue.

This situation is related to Avex, which had been in charge of JYJ’s in-Japan activities. It has become known that Avex, which announced JYJ’s ban on Japanese activities last October, has sent official documents requesting that the venue not rent to JYJ upon hearing of the news of this charity concert. At this, JYJ’s agency, with the event organizer ZAK corporation, submitted a petition for injunction in Japan’s District Court last month, arguing that “Avex’s response to interfere with the proceeding of the concert is unjust.”

Although the situation has become such that the renting of the venue has been cancelled multiple times and the concert has become impossible to hold, the agency decided to push ahead with the concert.

An affiliate of JYJ revealed: “The new venue for the concert has been decided. The location will be notified soon to those audience members who purchased tickets through SNS. It is an outdoors venue and not an arena-style venue that we originally planned and so there may be problems with the sound but in thinking of the fans who wish to see (JYJ) we decided to push ahead.”

Director Paek Changjoo of C-JeS Entertainment entreated through its official Japanese website: “We ask that you think of the significance of this concert not as a one-time event but rather a signal that begins JYJ’s future Japanese activities. Even if the venue is lacking and weak, we wish that you will trust in our sincerity and support us.”

On the other hand, on the 7th of next month in Kyosera Dome of Osaka, a K-Pop collaborative concert is planned to be held and TVXQ made up of UKnow Yunho and Max Changmin will participate. As such, coincidentally enough a battle between the members of TVXQ will be taking place in Japan.

Source: Chosun
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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[INFO] 110525 Avex Again Profits from JYJ – Tokyo Dome to be Turned into Karaoke

JYJ’s Thanksgiving Live in 2010 will be shown through a Karaoke system.

[TRANS] The first live of JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN which was held in June of 2010 in the two Domes of Tokyo and Osaca and gathered an audience of 200,000. Delivering the live digest video. The images of the final day of the Dome performance that has set the wondrous record of 1,300,000 viewers—they will be delivered in Live Karaoke. On March 2nd, a Live CD of the performance was also released.

Avex suspends JYJ, blocks JYJ’s Japanese activities including a charity concert to help its own nation, slanders JYJ through Twitter and Jaejoong personally, releases defamatory press statements regarding JYJ, and is in a court battle with JYJ.
And Avex still feel that it has to sell JYJ.

Incredibly ugly… this desperation, this lack of all morals and shame.

Source: Daiichikosho Inc.
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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[NEWS] 110524 Love, ambitions & lies in ‘Miss Ripley’

By Kwon Mee-yoo

Liars are dominating the small screen in the Monday/Tuesday time slot. Gong A-jeong of “True Romance” on SBS is faking a marriage to defend her pride, while Lee So-yeong of “Baby-Faced Beauty” on KBS lies about her age to get a job.

Another impostor is joining the race for fake lives — actress Lee Da-hae stars as Jang Mi-ri in MBC’s new soap “Miss Ripley,” and this heroine is a woman of large caliber compared to other leading ladies.

Jang grew up in an orphanage and was adopted by a family in Japan. However, she had to survive on the streets before escaping to Korea. Life in Korea proves to be tough as well, as she finds employment difficult with just a high school degree, and she even gets sexually molested by an executive during a job interview.
Her breakthrough comes when she is hired at a top-class hotel after fabricating her academic record, making herself a graduate of the University of Tokyo. On her way up the social ladder, she takes advantage of two men in the hospitality business that fall for her.

As the title indicates, the drama is inspired by the Hollywood movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” a story of an underachiever who uses his talents to forge someone else’s life.

“I always thought it’d be better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody,” Ripley said in the movie and so does Jang in the drama.

Makers of the TV show vacillated between “Goodbye Miss Ripley” and “Ripley” in choosing the title but ruled out using the word “goodbye.” The director said there is a superstition about the word hindering the success of dramas.

Lee’s character is said to be have been inspired by Shin Jeong-ah, a former curator convicted for fabricating her academic credentials and embezzling funds. Lee said the role is a turning point in her acting career.

“I know she is a villain and unforgivable under common standards. However, I sympathized with her and want the viewers to understand why she made such extreme choices,” Lee said during a press event in Seoul on May 17.

“However, the motif is just a motif and Jang is not an onscreen version of Shin.”

The four principal actors of the drama are display distinct individualities.

“It is as if we’re at different points and finally meet at a crossroads. We are so dissimilar, but we create great harmony,” Lee said.

The two men that fall in love with Jang are played by veteran actor Kim Seung-woo and singer-turned-actor Park Yu-chun of JYJ.

Kim said he wanted to portray deep, profound love and was attracted to the drama for this reason. His character Jang Myeong-hun is the general manager of the hotel where Mi-ri works.

“He suddenly falls in love for the first time in his 40s. I think actors in my age would express such emotions well,” Kim said.

He also revealed that he sees a psychiatrist after filming a movie or drama.

“Actors are psychologically affected after playing someone else’s life. I’ve been going through counseling for about two-and-a-half years now and I think it is not something to hide,” Kim said. “I might go see my shrink after shooting this drama, as Jang will be wounded by this love.”

Park, who successfully transformed into an actor from a pop idol through “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” last year, plays the role of Song Yu-hyeon, the heir of a famed resort company.

He said he related to his character’s personality. “Song is very gentle and has good manners. He is not arrogant like other rich people,” Park said. “This is first time for me to act in a drama set in modern times and it feels great to work with such great actors and actresses.”

Despite the burden of a sophomore complex, Park showed confidence in his character and the soap, emphasizing the classic, serious aspect of the drama.

Actress Kang Hae-jung takes the role of Na Hui-ju, a friend of Mi-ri from the orphanage. Her character work at the same hotel as Mi-ri, and risks danger if she reveals the truth about this Miss Ripley.

She has returned to the small screen after four years. “Na was not a big character at first, but she is growing up throughout the drama,” Kang said.

The drama kicks off next Monday at 9:55 p.m. on MBC.

Credits: KoreaTimes
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[TRANS] 110525 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ.
A time will be added with each tweet as our translators
will not always be able to provide instant translations
This post includes tweets from 6am KST, May 25th to 5:59am KST, May 26th.

Wait… Junsu’s English is really good. And this is the kid who used to say ‘Oh My God Sun’..
(Junsu, 10:40am KST/English Tweet) What up friends!
Can’t wait to see you guys on Friday night!! I miss you guys!
I love LA. . . Hehe ^^
(Jae Eun, 10:44am KST/English Tweet) @0101xiahtic wow! Cool!!!!! So excited!!!
(Junsu, 10:46am KST/English Tweet) @beyondmonica Don’t be so suprised. I’ve got skillz yo! keke

Total favoritism for these two, I just know it!!
(Junsu, 1:50pm KST) Meow~

Source: [Junsu+Other's Twitter]
Translated + Shared by: dongbangdata.net

[TRANS] 110525 C-JeS Announcement – Busan Concert Ticket Information

110524 Busan Concert Ticet Sales Notice

Good afternoon.

This is C-JeS Entertainment.

The North American leg of the “JYJ World Tour 2011” is currently underway.

We would like to provide some information on the long anticipated World Tour Busan concert ticket sales information.

JYJ World Tour 2011 Busan Stop

Location : Busan Sajik Stadium
Time : 11-12 June (Starting at 7pm for both days)
Ticket sales start : 25 May 2011
Ticket sales agent : Interpark

When the ticket sales time has been confirmed, we will be updating the notice again.
We thank you for your continuous support for JYJ.
Please look forward to the World Tour Busan Concert.
110525 Notice about JYJ World Tour in Busan ticket sales postponement
Good Afternoon.
This is C-JeS Entertainment.

We would like to apologize to the numerous fans who have been giving the Busan concert great support.

With regards to the earlier news that ticket sales were scheduled to start on 25 May, we would like to inform you that there will be a one day delay.

The date has been pushed back one day as Jeri Slaughter, who will be directing the Busan concerts, has suggested the rearrangement for certain seating areas in order to provide a better performance. Therefore, we would like to ask for the understanding from fans.

The postponed date for ticket sales is as stated below.
Also, please take note of the seat categories and price information which is written below as well.

**Please note that the date has been updated from 26 May to 27 May

We apologize for the late notice, as this postponement was due to the need to accurately communicate the concert location and ticket sales information, and we seek your understanding.

Ticket sales start : 27 May 2011, 8pm KST
Ticket sales agent : Interpark

Seat Class / Ticket Price in Won (Tax Inclusive)
VIP Seats / 143,000
“R” Seats / 132,000
“S” Seats / 110,000
“A” Seats / 88,000
“B” Seats / 55,000
“C” Seats / 33,000

(Interpark’s information is scheduled to be released before noon on 25 May. Please check for it)
We once again apologize for the confusion, and seek your understanding.
Thank you.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + C-JeS]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

[PHOTO]110524 Cobu3D Tweets ´s Twitter Update

Photo of COBU creator Yako Miyamoto with Yunho
image jpg 675-180
Credits: Cobu3D Tweets
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[VIDEO+AUDIO]110524 東方神起_I THINK U KNOW(Ringtones)

Video Maker:


As usual ♥ Domo arigatou
sweet soratomaxwe love you!!!
image jpg 674-259
image jpg 674-261
image jpg 674-262

image jpg 674-260 image jpg 674-263
image jpg 674-264

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[TRANS] 110521 Jung Chanwoo Says, “Kim Junsu, Who’s Suffering Because Of TV Appearance Restrictions, Be Strong!”

image jpg 674-246

We asked Jung Chanwoo, who now has over 50,000 followers, to pick a special connection that he has.

In reply, Jung Chanwoo talked about Kim Junsu, who he recently followed and was followed back by.

May 19th was buzzing with KBS’ TV appearance restrictions on JYJ, and Kim Junsu soothed his fans worried by tweeting, “I woke up this morning and saw that some articles have been released on this and that..! Let’s just be a little stronger^^ Okay!? Don’t be upset.. because they’ll eventually recognize us and believe in us^^ Until then, as long as we don’t let go of the thread that connects us to each other, we’ll be happy~ I’m always thankful!”

Following this, Jung Chanwoo followed the idol star on Twitter and left him a message of support that read, “Be strong, Junsu. It’s Cultwo’s Chanwoo hyung. Hwaiting.” Kim Junsu replied by following him back.

Jung Chanwoo laughed and said, “Though I know many stars on Twitter, I end up talking to my fans more. I’m happy that I’ve become Twitter friends with Kim Junsu, but I’m a little sad because I’m sure my tweets get buried under all the tweets he receives from fans.“

Source: [donga]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

[TRANS] 110520 Will KBS Be Able To Keep Their Promise To JYJ?

image jpg 674-239
It is ironic that Park Yoochun will be appearing in MBC’s drama ‘Miss Ripley’ though he is being barred from appearing on MBC’s variety programs at the same time. Add on the controversy surrounding KBS’s restrictions on JYJ’s televised appearances and one can easily conclude that there are no Korean idols swept up in as much controversy and rumors as JYJ are.

Not a single music program will put JYJ on their stage and though they say that there are no restrictions placed on the group, there isn’t a single broadcasting company that is willing to allow them to appear on its shows.

There isn’t a single piece of physical evidence that shows that SM Entertainment, JYJ’s former agency, is applying external pressure on the broadcasting industry. It is also true that it would be hard for broadcasting companies to place JYJ on stage without a hint of hesitation as the group is currently swept up in controversy.

But some say that JYJ have brought forth a new type of idol groups. Contrary to other idols who place importance upon good looks and beauty, JYJ have grounded vocal talent as their foundation and are advancing as they have found the perfect balance between songs and their performances. Also, as the musical talents of each member are extraordinary, they are showcasing their talents by composing and writing lyrics while Kim Jaejoong was even chosen to direct JYJ’s world tour. Nowadays, they are being recognized, not as idol singers, but as true artistes.

Recently, Kim Junsu’s version of ‘That Man’ became a hot topic due to the unique color that only Kim Junsu has, which differentiated him from the original singer Baek Ji Young and actor Hyun Bin from ‘Secret Garden’, regardless of the fact that he was using the instrumental from a karaoke machine.
image jpg 674-243
But strangely, we can’t see these singers, some of Korea’s most vocally talented idols, on music programs and the only people who are hurt by this are the viewers. The viewers believe that JYJ should at least be given the chance to compete on music programs.

Just in time, however, came KBS’ official statement regarding the controversy surrounding JYJ’s lack of appearances on ‘Music Bank’. KBS stated, “According to the regulations and guidelines set by the staff of ‘Music Bank’, which state that singers are given the opportunity to appear only when they have released an album, JYJ did not meet the given requirements as they have not released an album since February 17th,” and “The choice to allow a singer to appear on the show is solely up to the staff and JYJ’s appearance on the show will be determined by their future activities and album releases.”

This means that JYJ have won an opportunity to silence the controversies surrounding the restrictions placed upon them. JYJ are currently touring the North American continent with four new songs, and will be ending their world tour in Busan in June. If JYJ release a new album with new songs around that time, KBS will have to decide on whether to allow JYJ to appear on the show or not, based on the guidelines they have just stated.
image jpg 674-244
It is difficult to determine whether JYJ have succeeded or failed, based only on the activities they have pursued till now since leaving their former agency, SM Entertainment. It would be ludicrous to say that JYJ have failed, when they have not even been given the opportunity to stand on stage.

If JYJ’s music is sub par, there will be no need to place special restrictions on their TV appearances. The strongest restrictions that can be placed on any singer is the public turning their back on the singer’s music.

Therefore, the public should not be stripped of their right to judge the quality and worth of JYJ’s songs. And the broadcasting industry should realize that the impediment on the growth of the cultural industry does not come from JYJ’s televised appearances, but from the unjust practices being exercised against JYJ.

Source: [my daily]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

[TRANS] 110520 A South American Group Has Plagiarized TVXQ?

It has been found that a South American male group has plagiarized one of TVXQ’s songs, and this news is expected to cause an uproar.

Venezuelan group Zivao’s song ‘Dentro de tu piel’ is stirring up a controversy online as it sounds extremely similar to TVXQ’s ‘Mirotic’. The melody of the song resembles that of ‘Mirotic’ so much that it sounds as if the group merely switched the lyrics, sparking arguments back and forth between TVXQ fans.

Netizens have been criticizing Zivao, stating that the group has also plagiarized the album covers of 2PM and Big Bang. Zivao can actually be seen posing similarly to the members of 2PM in their photos. Regarding this, a representative of TVXQ’s agency stated, “We’ve never heard of a group called Zivao before. We will look into the problem.”

With the Hallyu Wave spreading further out and into the global community, there has been an increasing number of cases where people are plagiarizing K-Pop or using it for commercial purposes with no permission to do so. A representative of the K-Pop industry stated, “It shows just how much the influence of K-Pop has grown. However, the singers and agencies incur great damages from such acts. It is pertinent that a solution is created to stop illegal plagiarism.”

Source: [hankooki+sukiya19@youtube]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

[TRANS] 110520 JYJ’s Fandom Donates Blood Donor Cards To Children With Cancer

image jpg 674-234
JYJ fans’ warm acts of charity are continuing on.

On the 18th, Daum Telzone’s ‘JYJ Gallery’ donated 180 blood donor cards to the Korean Children with Leukemia Foundation.

In their News of Hope thread, the Korean Children with Leukemia Foundation uploaded a post that read, “Daum Telzone’s ‘JYJ Gallery’ donated 180 blood donor cards that were collected for the blood donation campaign for children with cancer.”

They continued to state, “We will deliver the blood donor cards to children who are in much need of them. We would like to thank the people of Daum Telzone’s JYJ Gallery for participating in our blood donation campaign.”

Not only this, but JYJ’s fans have also donated 1.86 tons of rice to children suffering from malnutrition to support Park Yoochun’s drama ‘Miss Ripley’ and they have been continuously donating to children suffering from rare diseases.

A representative stated, “Fans continue to carry out various acts of charity work and donation drives under JYJ’s name in the hopes that more people will follow their lead and give back to the community.“

Source: [tv daily]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

T/N: A blood donor card is a card you receive after making a blood donation. It states the amount of blood you have donated and in Korea, if this card is given to those who need blood transfusions (such as people with leukemia, cancer, liver problems etc), they can receive the amount of blood you’ve donated for free.

[TRANS] 110520 The Reason Why JYJ Have Become ‘Sports-dols’?

image jpg 674-230
They have become some of Korea’s greatest ‘Sports Idols’. One member is flying across the soccer pitch, throwing in the occasional hat trick, while another member is directing a rhythmic gymnastics gala show. These are active steps they are taking that surpass mere hobbies or deals made with friends. Idol group JYJ, originally from TVXQ, are garnering attention for their active crossover into sports.

▶JYJ’s Dabble in the Sports World
JYJ will be participating in Park Ji Sung’s charity soccer match, the Asian Dream Cup, on June 15th in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. After participating in the youth clinic as part of the coaching staff on the 14th, they will be performing at half-time on the day of the match on the 15th. JYJ, who are avid fans of soccer and Park Ji Sung, volunteered to participate in the event, moving around their schedule to accommodate to the match.
image jpg 674-231
JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has recently made a surprise transformation into the director of Sohn Yeon Jae’s rhythmic gymnastics gala show. Kim Jaejoong, who showcased his talents as a director in JYJ’s Asia tour, will be participating in the ‘LG Whisen Rhythmic All Stars 2011′ as the director on June 11th and 12th at the Hwajung Gymnastics Stadium in Korea University. It has been found that as the director, he will be in charge of all areas such as music selection, stage effects, costumes and choreography.

Studying off of rhythmic gymnastics videos online, he is showing a passion for his work as he thinks of ways to intertwine artistry with popular appeal. Sohn Yeon Jae recently returned to Korea on the 17th after her third consecutive performance at the World Cup Series but as Kim Jaejoong is in Canada for JYJ’s North American tour, the two have not met yet. Kim Jaejoong and Sohn Yeon Jae have been sharing ideas with each other to create the perfect performance through e-mail correspondences.

▶The reason why JYJ have become Sports-dols?
What is the reasoning behind JYJ’s active participation in the sports industry through soccer and rhythmic gymnastics? First of all, it’s because the members are all avid sports maniacs. JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun are members of FC MEN, Suwon Samsung Blue Wing’s fifth club. As the captain of FC MEN, Kim Junsu boasts skills that are good enough for him to play at a professional level; he even performed a hat trick on April 24th when his team went up against the Incheon Design All Girls School’s soccer team.

The reason why JYJ are eager to participate in Park Ji Sung’s charity soccer match is because of their endless love for soccer. Of course, the sponsor’s belief that JYJ’s explosive popularity all across Asia would help promote the event probably played a role in recruiting them as well.

On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong’s connection with Sohn Yeon Jae, in a field which none would have guessed Jaejoong would participate in, is a different story. Both JYJ and Sohn Yeon Jae have the same advertising agency. Kim Jaejoong naturally became a participant in the show when the staff began asking for advice on directing it. Kim Jaejoong, who had a great deal of interest for stage directing in general, was interested in the new project and his participation in the rhythmic gymnastics gala show, a genre that not many people are familiar with, created a giant ripple effect in the industry and beyond.

Recently, JYJ’s appearance in KBS’ ‘Music Bank’ was barred because of their legal dispute with TVXQ’s agency. Though KBS later stated, “When they release a new song, they will be allowed to appear on the show,” the group’s involvement in a legal dispute with one of Korea’s biggest agencies can’t help but put additional pressure on broadcasting companies. TV programs such as ‘Start! Dream Team’(KBS) and ‘Kidol Star Track and Field Competition’(MBC) have already proved that a ‘sports idol’ image helps boost one’s popularity.

The detour JYJ have chosen, amidst their silent fence-sitting battle with broadcasting companies, is to meet with fans directly through their world tour, to meet with fans in an interesting manner through dramas and musicals and to meet fans in a new way through sports.

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[TRANS] 110522 Ji Yeon And Yoo In Na Fall Head Over Heels Watching U-Know Yunho Skate

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Women watching the figure skating performance of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho could not take their eyes off of him.

On the 22nd, U-Know Yunho figure skated perfectly to the music of his ‘Homage to Michael Jackson’ on SBS’ ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry’.

Yoo In Na and T-ara’s Ji Yeon, who had come to show support for IU, were seen with their mouths agape as they watched U-Know Yunho perform Michael Jackson’s signature moves.

Even Kim Yuna, an MC and judge of the show, was seen shaking her head with a look of disbelief as U-Know Yunho performed. She gave him a positive critique and said, “Your jump and spin made your performance beyond my expectations. It was a great idea to use sparkling lights on your outfit.”

U-Know Yunho received the highest total mark of 35.3 amongst the six contestants who performed that episode.

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[TRANS] 110521 Jin Ji Hui Says There Is Only One Idol Star She Calls ‘Oppa’ Instead Of ‘Uncle’

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“U-Know Yunho Oppa is the only ‘Oppa’ for me.”

Jin Ji Hui(12), who is debuting in the movie industry with the film ‘Whip’, showed her strong affection for TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho(25), who she appears on SBS TV’s ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry’ with.

Jin Ji Hui showed off her daring nature as she said, “Age doesn’t matter to me. I call all guys ‘Uncle’ and I call all girls ‘Unnie’,” and “I told myself that I would make an exception to handsome, single men and call them ‘Oppa’, but the only person I’ve made that exception for, till now, is U-Know Yunho.” This means that Choi Daniel(25), who acted as her uncle in ‘High Kick Through the Roof’, falls under the category of ‘Uncle’ as well.

There is one more ‘Oppa’ in her life though and he is none other than Yoon Shi Yoon(25), who acted as her older brother in ‘High Kick Through the Roof’. Ironically, U-Know Yunho, Yoon Shi Yoon and Choi Daniel were all born in 1986.
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“Calling Yoon Shi Yoon ‘Oppa’ came naturally because he played the role of my older brother in our drama. But there is a difference between Yoon Shi Yoon’s ‘Oppa’ and U-Know Yunho’s ‘Oppa’.”

Jin Ji Hui began acting at the age of four in 2003 in the KBS daily drama ‘Yellow Handkerchief’ and rose to fame as the greedy and mischievous ‘Haeri’ in the 2009 MBC TV sitcom ‘High Kick Through the Roof’.

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[TRANS] 110516 Bonobono’s Writer Talks About Tohoshinki

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I’m writing this on 11 May. It has been exactly 2 months since the Tohoku Earthquake. The surprising thing is, I can hardly remember anything that happened before the earthquake. I don’t remember if my daughter came back during the new year, but my wife said that she brought crab and it seems like we all ate it together. After that was said, I seem to have some recollection of it.

On 11 March, I woke up in the morning as usual, and went to work as usual, and worked as usual. When the shaking started, I wasn’t really concerned, just thinking,“Is it another earthquake?” but then it just kept shaking. Although Miyagi prefecture is a place where a lot of earthquakes happen, but due to the fact that in the recent 5 to 6 years, there were always tremors, I kind of hated it. As there were rumours that there would be a big earthquake happening again in Miyagi prefecture, I had been prepared, thinking, “In my lifetime, there will probably another earthquake of that degree,” but this earthquake shouldn’t be it. The earth was rumbling, and the buildings were screaming, everything was falling and came crashing down. This was far beyond the scope of anything that has happened to me before, to the extent that it felt somewhat malicious.

In the workplace, it became a situation where we couldn’t even tell what had been damaged, and because there were intense aftershocks, so what we did was to go home using the assistant’s car for now. While on the way back and being stuck in a traffic jam, we watched the news on our mobile phones, and images of the tsunami taken from the Self Defence Forces helicopters came on. These were images of the waves one after another rushing towards Sendai, and we (finally) understood what was happening.

With the mobile phone mail systems down, we tried to go home, and although I felt a little discouraged when I saw my wife standing along the road and talking to the tea shop owner, the house wouldn’t be as badly damaged as I had thought. Stupidly when I received the first mail from my wife at night, the title was “The house is destroyed,” and thinking about how anyone who saw a title like that would probably be shocked, it probably meant “The interior of the house is damaged” or something. When I actually tried to open the main door, (the house) was in a condition where that was all I could do, and I couldn’t even step in.

Electricity was cut, water and gas had been stopped, as it became dark, we momentarily cleared the items, to ensure that we could move about on the first floor. While not really knowing what to do, we started worrying about food, but we had rice. If we had rice, we could probably do something so we were temporarily relieved. However, in the middle of the night, every time an intense aftershock came and without knowing when it will end, the concrete pieces from the side of the broken window in the living room flew. It was scary so we tried to go outside, and gathered with the neighbours. While talking, we heard that there was an elementary school nearby that was converted into a shelter. We didn’t even have water, so my wife and I decided to leave the house for the shelter, and went to seek refuge for the first time in our lives.

Once inside, we managed to get water, crackers and towels, and although there were three kerosene stoves burning, there was nothing they could do against the chill of the snow in March in the Tohoku night, at a gymnasium. Sleep was impossible with the cold and the intense aftershocks, and we watched images of the (destructive) fires burning in the middle of the night in some other place on the mobile phone, which would soon run out of battery.

The next day, as my wife was constantly concerned about a parcel which was due to arrive on the afternoon of 11 March, the two of us walked on the cracked and uneven roads and went to the workplace, and as expected, there had been no signs of a delivery. With regards to the contents of this parcel, before the earthquake a friend of my wife had discovered an image of Tohoshinki wearing the “Bonobono” hat on the internet, and as word got passed around, somehow “it seems like we can request for Tohoshinki’s signature” was the result of it. Following that she really got the signed CD, and it was arranged to be sent, due to reach her on the day of the earthquake.

I knew that my wife and daughter were crazy about the hallyu wave lately, and were fans of Tohoshinki, but with regards to this parcel with the signed cd, the dispatch office had been destroyed, the roads were impassable, with no gasoline, and telephone lines could not be connected, and since we didn’t even know where the parcel itself was, we left it as that. During this time, my wife kept worrying about the whereabouts of the package, and even though we checked with the people at the publishing company a few times, until the actual dispatch company resumed working, there was nothing that could be done. Even while looking at videos of all the affected areas, my wife kept worrying about the parcel. After that, the line for the dispatch company got connected, and identified which office the parcel was at. As the dispatch person had no company car, we would have to go all the way to collect it in our own car or such, so my wife took a bicycle and pedaled her way to the office.

Finally receiving the parcel, it contained once CD each for my wife and daughter, they each had both Tohoshinki members’ signatures as well as a polite message written in Japanese. Just like how the world was impressed with the way the disaster victims had carried themselves, I was impressed by the sincerity of the two members of Tohoshinki, and my wife, who kept crying whenever she saw videos of the disaster, started crying again.

For me, from the day electricity had been connected, I did not move from in front of the television, and watched videos of the disaster areas from my bed. Among this, the local television continuously broadcasted a program about “Messages from the victims” in the middle of the night. In there, while all the victims faced the camera and pleaded into the microphone, there was a woman who kept nodding vigorously. I’m not sure if she is a female announcer, or staff but with her long messy hair tied up in and using a large mask, she sits at the side of the frame and is often half-hidden, repeatedly nodding. Every night, as I watch the recording of this program, I always see this woman simply nodding. This picture is representative of how I was at that time.

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