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JaeJoong Press Conference Part 14 !!!

--♥ JaeJoong Press Conference Part 14 ♥--

Uhu !!! This pics don´t stop to coming so
I´m just posting ad Posting more and more so now
I´ll get more for s ok Our Readers ???

More Delicious and HOT JaeJoong♥ !!!

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-Lee Yeon Hee Talk about DBSK-
[TRANS]GOT Part 1 Extract -
Talking about DBSK & SNSD

2004 TVXQ Music Video BTS (Yeon Hee Cut)
After debut, she has captured a lot of attention from
DBSK's music videos
YH: What I'm very curious about is, before this I've starred in Hee Jun sunbae and Kang Ta sunbae's music videos
Even though there were a few people who recognised me, a
t the time I was still new so (to me) there were still a lot
of people who didn't know me
But I gained a lot of attention through DBSK (friends)'s music videos
The response seemed very good
She talked about experiencing her trainee days with
her friends and sharing those memories.
YH: If I hadn't chose to walk down the path of an actress, and stayed together with SNSD (friends), I think we probably wouldn't have formed a group. We even talked about it before, I remember.
Q: Is it a pity?
YH: Rather than saying pity... we're still very close even until now
(when SNSD appear on TV) I always watch them and monitor because they are friends whom I really like.
I would chose being an actress over being a singer,
because I like it (acting) more.

credits: yhdiary.cjb.net
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JaeJoong Press Conference Part 13 !!!

--♥ JaeJoong Press Conference Part 13 ♥--

More and More JaeJoong♥´s pics from
Press Conference !!!
JaeJoong♥ was perfect as always ne???
And I´m preparing more Pics for Us ^.~ !!!

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JaeJoong Press Conference Part 12 !!!

--♥ JaeJoong Press Conference Part 12 ♥--

Ok ,Ok I was check more my all sources and look
that I have just for JaeJoong♥ +- 30 sources LOL !!!
And it´sure I have more pics for our readers !!!
Wait and see Powerfull Readers ^.~ !!!

More Jaelicious for Us LOL !!!

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