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--♥ Jaejoong's Dating Rumors with Abiru Yuu ♥--
♥(False Obviously)♥

Hum...Everybody knows JaeJoong♥
loves to perambulate during nights ne ???
So I watched this tv show here in japan♥
So I´d like to post here for Our readers too !!!
They´re talking about the "possible" meet between
JaeJoong♥ and Abiru Yuu San
So I think it´s a speculation ne ???

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Posted By:Sayuri JaeJoong
--♥ JaeJoong Replies to Dating Rumours ♥--

A Japanese womens magazine reported on the
26th that Tohoshinki's member Jejung
was dating with a certain Japanese actress,
talking about their date during the late night.
This magazine reported:
"witnessing the two dating at 3am."
Jejung's reply to this:
"This report has no evidence, and we've never met before,
and i do not have the heart to date anyone at the moment."

One of Jejung's friend has stated:
This report has no proof and Jejung has been in
Korea after finishing the Shanghai concert in
China on the 2nd of October, and has been
there right up till arriving in Japan on the 24th.
As well as that, Jejung has never gone out by
himself at night, this is all a rumour.

Source: [artsnews + tvxq-yard]
Translation Credits: tvxq_luv@tohosomnia.net
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--♥ Heaven´s Postman Is First For Telecinema ♥--

"Heaven's Postman" has moved tens
of thousands of people to watch it at the cinemas,
and has now the glory of first place
in the tele-cinemas viewership ratings.
There has been information released that
"Heaven's Postman" will be broadcasted
around April in Japan on Asahi TV,
during prime time.-omitted-

Translation Credits:
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Heaven´s Postman Book !!!

--♥ Heaven´s Postman BOOK ♥--

I´m really proud of JaeJoong♥ !!!
Now I understand Why we[JaeJoong♥´s fans]
had to wait for so long time till
Heaven´s Postman♥ release ne ???
A thousand goodies and surprises from
Heaven´s Postman♥ ne ???
They organized Theater entries,
Books, commercials,publicity...
Good Job from Heaven´s Postman♥ Team !!!

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Posted By:Sayuri JaeJoong

Best Hits Gifs !!!


I made this gifs for Our Readers !!!
I made this gifs coz I think Our boys are
true artists and they have been strong too ne ???
I pray for them everyday...Everynight...

♥Junsu♥ Credits:
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Posted By:Sayuri JaeJoong

--♥ Three Conditions Of ♥--
--♥ SME for The Return Of THSK ♥--

Avex needed Tohoshinki to return
Japan for activities urgently, and SME agreed under 3 conditions.Keeping a close watch through out the whole course.
There should not be any contact/conversation
between HoMin and JaeSuChun.
Only HoMin are allow to respond during an interview.
On top of that, JaeSuChun were not
told of these conditions before and
were merely informed of the activities.

Source: DNBN + HeyJJ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.
Credits: OneTVXQ.com
{ One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
My Comment
[Sayuri JaeJoong♥]
I really MUST to tell our readers my
opinion about it !!!
This is a mafia and not a company !!!
I´ll alert all Tohoshinki♥ fans that SM acts as a
MAFIA !!!Look and read better the total absurd !!!
Prohibit Our Boys having any contact with each other !!!
But I still tell U more !!!
I think they [Tohoshinki members]
Still alive just because they are famous ...
Because look better this action from SM...
It´s a MAFIA Action ...Imagine the terrors
what pass into there ...
Anyway It´s MY opnion ne ???
For my Boys...
There´s an old chinese phrase that says:
" As much as the wind blow the mountain will never bow "
That´s It !!!
Tohoshinki♥ is the "MOUNTAIN" !!!

[東方神起]080721 KBS2
異國佳麗話韓國 - 外國姐姐也愛昌珉
Ethiopian Woman fan of Changmin

Awn so cute
She loves Changmin>.< Everytime i see a new
fan of Changmin my heart feels so happy!
I usually say that I´m Not jealous !
I think that All Changmin´s Fans has the RIGHT to love him!

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JunSu & Soccer Before Debut

Omo... SomeOne pLease stop me.. LOL...
hahahaha.. Now i'm coming with Junsu PassioN in Soccer...
I was wandering in My loveLy site (not to mention here) LOL..
My intention is to "dis-wash" my boring.. Because i'm not sleepy
and Dont know what to do... Silly FiFFy.. LOL

Can u see Junsu and Eunhyuk oppa playing soccer??
Whaooo~~ he is so fast.. I mean My Junsu oppa.. ^,^

credits: uploaders
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東方神起 "My Snow Dream Project"

Hello Dear Readers ♥ Is YukariiChangmin who´s talking
I would Like to Thank you all Readers who Joined in
our 1st Project and I´m here too to remember that our Deadline is in
22 december then Please Keep sending your messages for us !
My Sister(Sayuri JaeJoong)did a Video to Disclose
Our 1st Major Project Please Watch to feel the Essence
of this wonderful and magic project

Credits: Banner by : FiFFY JunJun@tvxqpowerfullgods
Video by : Sayuri JaeJoong@tvxqpowerfullgods
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Junsu's Old Diary Entries

Let us together read Junsu's Old Entries..
Huhuhu... I must be crazy already...
I really dont have any works.. I cant stop posting!!!
Silly me!!!

thurs. june.9

i played dodge ball today
our team was losing
several times i passed the ball to my brother
anyway he was our team leader
suddenly our team was losing with the score 1 to 4
(junsu you said that your team was losing..then suddenly again your team was losing? cute!)
we got so angry that we outed 3 and then 1 more.
Why do i play both dodge ball and soccer so well?

What a cute diary and what a cute angry u have...
U r so pure...

sun, june, 19

other moms do only house work but my mom runs a store and and does house work, too
when i asked her why she works outside home she replied that she works hard to buy us delicious foods,shoes, clothes etc.
i love her. of course i am thankful for my dad because he works hard for us too
thank you mom and dad

so sweet Junsu Oppa... I want to be ur beloved one too.. Can i??

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25th March Monday

Title: Oh yeah

Today, after school ended, I went to the store to get the equipments for the baseball game. After we carried out all the equipment, we ate some snacks before starting the game.

We did gymnastics, then running, short distance, catch-ball-toss. We also did batting. And after doing a little more of that, coach told called it a day. Originally it should end at 7.30pm but now that I look at the time, it is 4pm.

I’m feeling really good. Oh yeah!!

Such pure kid... till now he is still pure..
Junsu is love-able...
Everyone loved Junsu.. i know... ^,^

credits: kbites + heroojeje@soompi
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