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Junsu´s Airport Pics !!!

--♥ Junsu´s Airport Pics ♥--

I´m so happy to see Junsu♥´s back
to Japan♥ !!! I think here in my Japan♥
the people leave them in peace !!!
Be Welcome again Junsu♥
Here is your "HOUSE" !!!

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Sayuri JaeJoong


Ohhhhh Changmin is so delicious hahaha
I wanna touch his Chest God Please he´s hot
even when he´s wearing simple clothes

credits: tvxqevent

HoSuMin Back To Japan

Oh God Thank You they´re back again ...

I´m so happy when they´re here in My Japan日本 ...
Keep Fighting Tohoshinki 東方神起...
You are The One Eternally !!!!!!

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--♥ JaeChun Rainy Blue Boy Pop Factory ♥--

I confess my sadness when I hear this song
Coz my JaeJoong♥ looks sad in this video...
I know he´s passing for bad moments...
I know JaeJoong♥´s expressions and can tell you
He wants to cry in video T^T ...

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Sayuri JaeJoong
Some Fanarts about
Paradise Meadow
So Beautiful this fanarts ne ?
It´s from DNBN...
Princess Lee Yeon Hee and Prince Shim Changmin
They´re both Gorgeous

credits: DNBN
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--♥ We Need Authors ♥--

Hi for everyone my Readers !!!
I´m posting here my request to
get news authors for our Blog ne???

We need Yunho´s author and Junsu´s author too!
If you´re interested please read this
scraps with all your love and attention , right ???

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu !!!
Yunho´s Author ♥
Junsu´s Author ♥
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SM Entertainment Trial Begins
Please read with attention Readers :
They would want to go to a different agency...
They don't just want some changes and their contract
and wants to move out of SME.
They want to move from SME and still keep all together as TVXQ..
Hope it can be finished as soon as possible with a GOOD SOLUTION
for them ...
I think they´re suffering ...
Please God Help them
----------------------------------------------------------- NEWS TVXQ vs. SM Entertainment Trial Begins

Three members of TVXQ Hero Jae-jung, Xia Jun-su, and

Micky Yu-cheon – want to part with their management agency SM Entertainment, but do not wish to break up the team.
In a hearing held at the Seoul District Court late Friday morning the three members’ legal representative from the law firm Shin & Kim (also known as Sejong Law Firm) spoke about how the group’s contract is unfair and how the profit has not been distributed properly.
SM Entertainment countered it by claiming that the agency incurred loss for four straight years while the members were in training and the profit payment was carried out fair and square.
[b]During the hearing the lawyer said that the three members want to move to another agency, but also want to continue on their careers as TVXQ. The Shin & Kim lawyer cited another

long-running K-pop group, Shinhwa, as an example
of group members belonging to different agencies, yet working together.
The hearing reportedly went on with

both sides fiercely arguing their positions.
The court said that a mediation period can be set aside, if the two parties agreed, and recommended that the
two parties settle the case to wrap up the proceeding quickly.
Meanwhile, 120 thousand of TVXQ fans have filed a petition against SM Entertainment’s unfair long-term contract to the Seoul District Court on Thursday.
Source: KBS World
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JaeMin Cute Gifs

JaeMin , The Famous Soulfighter Couple
has lot of Fans in all around the world ....
They´re funny and Cute together and
Who doesn´t love "One touch" couple ? haha
But Of course haha look at them ...
Aren´t them Lovable ?

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JaeChun Pop Boy Factory FanCam!!!

--♥ JaeChun Pop Boy Factory FanCam ♥--

Been So Long

Begin with Suzuki Audio ♥

I thought them so happy singing with another artists too!
JaeJoong♥ sang with high notes and
Yoochun♥ was perfect as always ne???
JaeJoong♥ sang rap so cute...

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Sayuri JaeJoong