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--♥ Cute FanArt ♥--

I found this and I thought it soOoOoO
cute !!!So talentous fans made it ad I really
Wanted to know how to do it !!!
Anyway... This FanArt is totally Cute !!!

Yoochun♥ is thinking in his life...
He looks happy on teh phone talking with...
Changmin♥ LOL wo´s filling his stomach with
a thousand number of foods
[LOL pay attenion in the number of foods around Changmin♥]
Yunho♥´s enjoying in his own adventure LOL !!!
Junsu♥´s having fun with his games...
Totally hipnotyzed LOL !!!
The phone´s calling...Is Yoochun♥ !!!
Junsu♥ don´t heard it and Yoochun got
so sad in his own...Poor Yoochun♥ ...
JaeJoong♥ arrived in home he was in
Super market but..Yoochun♥´s sad...
Aw so cute !!! JaeJoong♥ tries to talk with Yoochun♥ ...
A idea is a great !!!
Yoochun♥ sent a message for Junsu♥ !!!
Aw so cute !!!
LOL JaeJoong♥ prepring the dinner and
Yoochun´s♥ now so happy coz he received
a Junsu´s♥ message v !!!
Shared By:
Sayuri JaeJoong

--♥ Tohoshinki Goods ♥--

They´re super cute in this
Goods pics and I thought this
Totally funny ne???
Not in bad intension of my words no no...
But it´s funny pics ne???
So happy and I love to see them happy,
Coz If they are happy I´m happy too !!!

JaeJoong♥ always so free ne???
Changmin♥ strikes Powww LOL !!!
Junsu♥ always smiling s cute !!!
Yunho♥ he looks a child here ne???
Yoochun♥ In Lolita´s mode so cute !!!
I LOVE this pose !!!
Shared By:
Sayuri JaeJoong

Changmin Participates in Lotte’s
Thermometer of Love Event
The magnae of Dong Bang Shin Ki, Shim Changmin participates in Lotte’s Thermometer of Love event together will fellow artists such as Super Junior’s Lee Teuk, Rain, Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye and Yoobin, Yoon Eun-hye, T-ara, 2PM’s Nichkhun, Lee Jun-ki, and many others.
Lotte’s Thermometer of Love is an event coordinating with
a Korea’s animal protection association to give proper foods for the neglected animals

The stars will put their treasured used goods in auction and the amount will be donated to fromcare.org from Lotte.com. There are 4 auction seasons running for Thermometer of Love and today is the start of the second season (first season ended last October 15th).
So what is the good that is up from Changmin for the auction? A dork smart guy he is, he put a Japanese learning book entitled “Minna No Nihonggo Shokyu” 2nd level for his auction good.

Changmin is readin... ^-^
Someone wanna learn Japanese with him?haha
Hey Prince Shim I can Teach you ^.~ hahahaha (Perv Laugh)
credits:Lotte Shared by: www.tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com

Please read this Readers ^-^
It´s not a competition , we just wanna give you all

a chance to show your talent^-^.
If you have a beautiful wallpaper made by you ,
or a cute-beautiful draw you can send us by e-mail .
*All Fanarts will be share here in
with your properly credits because he respect your hard work.
We´ll be waiting for your art!
Kissus to Everyone *muah*