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:::: [TRANS] 100130 :::
::: Mozart OST To Be Released :::
Mozart!, which is being hailed as one of the
best productions of the first half of 2010 that
has captivated musical lovers, is set to be released through OST.
was the center of attention from the
start as the Vienna, Austrian musical that infused
classical and rock music was to be performed in
Korea for the first time. The music was created
by the hands of world renown lyricist
Michael Kunze and Grammy Award winning composer Sylvester Levay.

Mozart!, which began showing on the 20th,
garnered the attention of fans by bringing top
notch musical actors such as Lim Tae Gyung, Park Gun Hyung,
Park Eun Tae, Min Young Gi, Yoon Hyung Ryeol,
Seo Bun Seok, Bae Hae Sun and Jung Sun Ah together on one stage.

Also, as news spread that TVXQ's Xiah Junsu
was cast as the lead role of Mozart and would be
debuting as a musical actor, ticket reservation
sites crashed and presented the musical with an
explosive popularity. Xiah Junsu set the record for
'All performances sold out' and showed his enormous ticket power.

After the first performance, viewers didn't hold
back with their praises and said, "The large scale
stage and amazing harmonies that perfectly portray
the life of a genius musician left a lasting
impression in our hearts and moved us deeply,"
and "They did not let us down."

In fact, the musical holds music of a great
variation of colors ranging from an operatic
aria to a majestic and overpowering orchestra piece,
a powerful solo of the main character attempting to
find his true self, a ballroom piece that portrays
the jealousy and envy that pervades in Vienna,
and a chorus that transitions from being bright
and light to calm and sedated.

The 28-man live orchestra's deep choruses create a sturdy
foundation for the plot and bring a richer
atmosphere to the performance.

After the performance, many said, "The ensemble and individual
voices are extremely charming," and "We want a Korean OST
and DVD of the musical
." However, only the German version
of the musical is available domestically and only slight
previews of Park Eun Tae's rehearsals give a glimpse into
the Korean version of the songs.

A representative of the production company Ttaeyaruteu
said on the 29th that, "We are currently preparing a Mozart OST,
and we are making slight changes in the actors'
schedules to do so," and "It will take around
two weeks till it is released." This means that
we may be able to get the Korean version of the OST
before or after the Lunar New Year.

However, the representative said,
"Because this is a licensed performance,
we have no plans to create a DVD as
of now due to copyright issues."

On the other hand, 's composer Sylvester Levay
will be leaving Korea on the 30th. During his stay,
he watched the performances at the Sejong Arts and Culture Center,
and took pictures with his Korean fans.

He showed his content by saying,
"I could not contain my amazement at how much passion
and talent each of the characters have in Korean
and "Each one of their voices tug at the heartstrings."

The musical depicts Mozart's longings
for love and freedom through a blend of Rock's passion,
Pop's sweetness and Jazz's smoothness.
It will be showing until February 21st in Seoul
and then will be performing in Daegu, Changwon and Pusan.

Source: [ohmynews+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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There´s lot of pictures still about Them heading to Japan
then I solve to post more for us here ok ?
YooSu is love right?

Chunnie my Love __ you´re so perfect *v*

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--♥ Break Out No.1 on MS Single Chart ♥--

They are true champions ne ???
Let´s think with me here ???
They´re half active mode ,right ???
And they´re Number One !!!
Now imagine if they were in active mode full-time...
No offense but imagine the feeling of another
artists in active mode ...
Thought ???
This is the Why They are Powerful...
PowerfullGods haha \0/ !!!

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Tohomobile Break Out Pics !!!

--♥ Tohomobile Break Out Pics ♥--

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Tohomobile JaeSu!!!

--♥ Tohomobile JaeSu ♥--

Oh so cute them v !!!
They are the most discret Couple ne ???
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--♥ JaeJoong Boots ♥--

JaeJoong♥ has a true passion
for Boots ,so let´s check what type of boots he´s
Using this last time !!!
He´s using a UGG Boots model !!!
It´s a women model called
Women Classic Tall !!!
Yes ,Women he´s always surprising Us !!!
UGG is a famous boots store
from Australia and New Zealand !!!

Women Classic Tall


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--♥ JaeJoong Airport Pics Part 6 ♥--

Let´s look his silky hairs closer???
Look this pic !!!
He´s amazing ne ???

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Such a wonderful place so bucolic
I wanna see Changmin horseback riding^-^

You cannot see Changmin in this pics i just
Shared here for you all check Paradise Meadow new location

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