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JunSu's Engrish Video

his engrish was so cute ne???
"tired, hungry, headache" hahahah..
i love this phrase....
also... "oh my God Sun"...
onLy Chunnie can understand that... LOL...
Junsu is a FUNNY n CUTE guy...

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JaeMon Restaurant In Seoul!!!

--♥ Jae´s Mommy Restaurant In Seoul ♥--

Oh so cute ne???
I wish to Mrs.Seyoung every lucky in her
Business life !!!
She now has a restaurant in Seoul♥ !!!
Let´s check it ???
So cool salon ne???
I LOVED the door haha \0/ !!!
She did put JaeJoong♥´s pic in her restaurant -!!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong

Yunh Filming HTTG Pics !!!

--♥ Yunho Filming HTTG Pics ♥--

Did U noticed on thing in HTTG settings???
Everytime We see our Yunho♥ acting
in settings he´s always wet or close of water ne???
haha \0/!!!
Noooo!!!Heyyyy Hold On our Leader !!!
If U d´hold on I´ll kill You u.U" !!!
Oh so cute !!!
I love to see Yunho♥ with red color !!!
I think Red is very beautifull for him♥ !!!
Ara and Yunho♥ s cute couple ne???
I want a hold to T^T ...
Excuse me ne haha\0/ !!!
Yunho♥ is calling me LOL !!!
Yunho♥ is really tall ne???
Purple and yellow >.< "!!!
Look at his teeths O.O !!!
What fatal look !!!
Ara wake Up !!!LOL!!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong

--♥ DBSK's Expected 2 Months Break ♥--
Dong Bang Shin Ki outdoor concert,
a-nation that is pre-scheduled to be
held on August 29th in
Osaka, Japan will keep going on.
After the provisional disposition facing
DBSK’s agent SM Entertainment to stop exclusive contract
effect from part of DBSK members, it’s been
a difficult environment for
DBSK to continue their activities,
therefore the continuance of DBSK future
activities has been gathered lot of fans’ attention ever since.
Recently DBSK’s Korea label SM Entertainment
and Japanese label AVEX don’t catch any
additional schedules other than ones have been pre-arranged.
Except Yunho who will debut in MBC drama
Heading to The Ground”, the remaining
members are said to be having break naturally
(T/N: I’m not sure why the reporter
doesn’t mention Changmin as well)
Members activities will be stopped at least
for 2 months is being certain,
but members’ concert in Shanghai that
has been planned to proceed
on October 2nd is expected to be executed.The provisional
disposition againts SM Entertainment
filed by 3 DBSK members
Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu has
received its first hearing on August 21st in the morning.
The judge at that time said, “For the sake of public responsible to
DBSK biggest fans and also the members internal relationship,
I hope the two sides to consider settlement
of this dispute amicably.” advising for a consensus.
Next hearing will be held on September 11th.

My Opnion:
I really hope our boys win!!!
I´m really nervous abut this facts...
So I want to say that In My Country
[Japan♥] everybody are at Tohoshinki♥´side !!!
And God´s always at Justice Side !!!
Who can with God???
Nobody ^-^ !!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong

•[MORE PICS] Yunho Filming Heading To The Ground•
Whoa !!! I think Yunho´s Girls must be happy
there´s lot of pics about him filming with No shirt
hahahah Then Dozo Ladies ^-^v

credits: as tagged♥


Kawaiiiii my second Husband is charming
for sure no doubts !!!!
He Looks like a little boy in these pics


AADBSK3 Wrong Number
caps JUNSU only

WHoAAA~~~ exPensiVe car.... shock feint Pictures, Images and Photos

Junsu : "yeee???"
I Love his LookS here... Kawai!!

JunSu trying so Hard~~~
and YunHo thumb down??? LOL..
I'm making a Joke here... sorry2!!

Junsu & YunHo beGinninG.. set is PerFect!! thumbs up Pictures, Images and Photos

JunSU Car Scene

CharismatiC Junsu

Junsu, are u in Pain?? Let me heLp u...

chuuu~~ ^,^

Previously he "chuuu~~" now he is "weeekkk~~"
LOL... Lol smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

Junsu's Lips movement was so cuteeee~~

i Think his Lips is cute... lorh.. silly me..

and his eyes...

We are Finish!!!

Smile of Happiness evenThough they are tired...
They filmed this MV at almost 3am Korea...
huhuhu.. believe it???

I wanted to tell you something...
come come... hehe...

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