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Thanks Message from Tohoshinki
We had a blast! Osaka!
It was the best!As expected, it was hot!
The last a-nation stage for this year,
everyone was the best~We love a-nation!
Thank you!

JaeJoong♥ always so hapy in pics ne???
Oh so cue he did cut his nails >.< "!!!
Junsu♥ U looks so tied my Honey ...
I´ll tke care U LOL !!!
Oh my cute Yoochun♥ DORK ne???
Changmin♥ always so cute ne???
Ok Leader Sshi ♥ !!!
Draw time !!!
Junsu♥ what U doing here???
LOL Looks JaeJoong♥´s draw !!!
Tohoshinki♥ FIGHTO !!!
If GOD want...Tohoshinki♥ will keep this way !!!
I´m praying everyday !!!
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Pinky CM Song – Endlessly sweet

--♥ Pinky CM SongEndlessly sweet ♥--

I thought this new song so sweet as the name ne???
Sweet ,very sweet !!!
I ´m happy to see they´re have still a thousand
projects ne???

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Sayuri JaeJoong

Yunho’s Growing Pains: “‘HTTG’ The Challenge to Do The Best”!!!

--♥ Yunho’s Growing Pains: ♥--
--♥ HTTG’ The Challenge to Do The Best ♥--

TVXQ U-Know Yunho (real name Jung Yunho)
is ahead to debut as actor, called the
debut work itself is likened a “growing pains’.
U-Know Yunho is challenging to be an

actor in MBC new drama series “Heading The Ground
(written by Kim Sol-ji, directing by Park Sung-soo)
that will reach its first
broadcast on September 9th.
From the official staff, “He treats the staffs

just like his own brothers and sisters,
to the point that we forget that
he’s actually a Korean pop stars, yet
the round enthusiasts and cheers from fans
all around Asia somehow realized us to the fact
(that he’s indeed a hallyu star).
Yunho explained about his drama shoot experience,

“I went back home after ended a very late night shooting,
but magically by that time somehow I already wanted to go back
to the shooting set again real soon.”
he said. “Right now I’m almost certain
that am already immersed in the character
of Cha Bong-gun. When the character of
Cha Bong-gun who is unlike my ordinary
features repeatedly comes out of me, I get startled.”
All staffs are really kind and the

shooting set is good. I can’t ask for more.
The staffs are really great help. I feel like
just acting in front of some
people that I’ve known so well.
Yunho said, revealing the modest
appearance of him as a rookie.
The most memorable scene was ‘5 hours
filming falling into Han river’, “I was sitting
at the side of Han river,
hit a ball with my head and when the
ball fell into the Han river, I instinctively
jumped in and as a result, fell into the water.
At my first attempt,
due to my body mass, I fell quite deep
in the water, and it was extremely cold.
But to respect the staffs who had been
suffering many difficulties for the shooting,
therefore I tried to execute the scene with all my best.”
he recalled the experience.
“Heading to The Ground’ shooting for me

is like a growing pains. I’m growing
to like this passage I’ve been
going through. When the drama ends,
I feel like I have grown up together
with the character Cha Bong-gun.” he said clearly.
In meantime, talking about the reactions

of his fellow friends about his debut,
Yunho said, “My friends haven’t yet
showed their response, but they speculated
the drama to be a big hit.
My parents told me to enjoy this experience.
While fellow artist friends wished and
encouraged me to perform my best.”
At the end of the interview,

Yunho said,
I just want to say that I’ve tried to make
a decent appearance and acting in this drama.
Please looking forward to the passionate
heart guy Cha Bong-gun.”
Heading to The Ground” starring Yunho,

Ara, Lee Yoon-ji, and Sang Yoon will hit
its first broadcast on September 9th.

Let´s wait for September 09 ne???
I´m anxious to watch Heading to the Ground !!!

Some Wallies too:
Look how´s beautifull Yunho♥ is ne???
I LOVED it!!!

source: Newsen
Wallies credits:dnbn.
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Secret Code Tour Gifs!!!

--♥ Secret Code Gifs ♥--

I made this Secret Codes For U my readers !!!
It´s a form to Thank You always
For U´re been here everyday !!!
Domo Arigato Gozaimasu !!!

Large Size Gifs
Yunho Changmin

Secret Code Cop Gifs
YoochunJaeJoong Yunho Junsu FIGHTO Gifs
MinSu Fighters ♥
JaeHo Fighters ♥
Yoochun Fighter ♥

--♥ Secret Code Tour Tokyo Dome ♥--

I was there with YukariiChangmin♥
in Tokyo Dome T^T...
For me it was a great emotion and Now
See this video is more emotion in my
Heart coz I saw our JaeJoong♥ so close of me...
I hope U enjoy ne???
Kissu for all coz I´m rememebering of this
wonderfull moments !!!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

If U want see more click at Side
from Uploader channel ok???

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Sayuri JaeJoong
Tokyo Dome Part 1

Tokyo Dome Part 2

Tokyo Dome Part 3

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Yunho Filming ♥

Yunho Filming HTTG
Oh Incredible !! Lot of Info about Yunho´s drama right ?
I'm anxious to watch the premiere of HTTG!!!
But I´m still waiting too for Heaven´s Postman (JaeJoong♥)
and waiting for the news about Paradise meadow!!
Look so cute Ara´s taking care of Yunho´s visual haha

Credits: chubee

Yoochun´s Cyworld today

YO~!! AMIGO~MAMBO haha What does this mean
My Honey Chunnie ?
Anyway it doesn´t matter ...
The most important point in this is that Chunnie
seems to be happier and If he´s happy I´m Happy too!

credits: Yoochun cyworld.
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