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小百合 平川

I´m Sayuri JaeJoong♥ and I´m really crazy for My JaeJoong♥
I´m 小百合 平川 But everybody knows me like Sayuri JaeJoong♥

I´m from Japan♥ Hokkaido and I hope U like here ok???
I love some things let´s know about me ???

Sayuri JaeJoong♥Profile

JaeJoong´s Author♥:Author,Official TPG Video Maker
Real Name: Sayuri
Nick Name Here: ♥ Sayuri JaeJoong ♥
Height:154cm [ LOL ]
Birthdate:March ,18

I love my author job here on TPG!
Sometimes it´s hard for me Coz I work 14 hours per day
Currently I´m trying to improve my English using this language

On Blogger and On Twitter with my friends too!
So my english is still very limited...
This is the 2 reasons that I don´t do my won japanese trans
Coz My english is very limited and that I work 14 hours per day
On my Office [I am psychologist and I have my own office]
So when I arrive in home I "fly" to begin my job on TPG haha\0/
Ah There´s a thousand things U can to know about me:

•My Daughter[Yes , I am mom haha \0/, I do Everything for Her,She is my LIFE!]
•JeJung[He is my ALL]
•My 5 angels[JeJung,Yuchun,Junsu,Yunho and Changmin]They are my life
•My Job[Yes , I am workholic]
•To do videos
•To do Fanarts
•To fo updates
•Vampires,zoombies,mermaids,all legendary creatures haha \0/
But my favorite are my so beloved Vampires
•Blue,yellow,black,white colors[Yes T^T my world isn´t pink as the mostly girls :( ]
•Cars[Oh my God...It´s my passionnnn!I love cars a lotttt , I´m crazy for cars...]
•Silence[It´s one special thing...The silence is sacred for me]
•Simple people with education
•Samurais[My family have Samurai´s Blood]
•Geishas[Every japanese women has a Geisha into ourselves]

•People without education
•People which hate me
[Don´t envy me please...Admire me haha \0/, coz I know , deeper on U, U admire me a lot LOL]
[Yes,I´m very realistic person, that´s why I don´t have no one friend in my real life]
•Noise[I hate noise coz I love silence a lot]
•Anti fans[Honestly think about it...U need a treatment...]

I love to do videos !
I like to do videos coz it´s a way to realize my dreams!
When I do videos I create my own world !
It´s a wonderful experience!
I am the official Video maker from TPG so I hope people like my videos here

More about me???
Ah...Let me see here...[Thinking]...
I really LOVE to do videos BUT my videos isn´t as yours
I´m sure about it Coz usually people don´t like my videos
Coz I Love to do Vampires Videos @w@
So the people be scared I think T^T...
But I love to do this type of videos
Coz I have a true obssession for vampires since I was a child @w@
So a thousand people send me e-mails asking me :
"Are U Gothic? Why Do U like Vampire?
Are U from evil side? " [Haha \0/ This last I thought soOoOo cute :3]
No No, I´m a good girl Ok ???
And as I always said...
Vampires is just a romance not a terror movie...
They´re cute with that cute teeths ♥v♥ ne ???
Well... I really love to do it ok?
Don´t be afraid JaeJoong♥ is always a Sexy and Perfect Vampire for me
My accounts if you want to follow me :


  1. how come i never found this blog before? too awesome!!

  2. Thank you for your gentle words ^^
    Be welcome here ~♥