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--♥ Yunho Back To Japan ♥--

Finally Yunho♥ com bck to my Japan♥ !!!
Yunho♥ Be Welcome Always ^-^ !!!

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Sayuri JaeJoong

Yunho Stalk Going Film!!!

--♥ Yunho Stalk Going to Film ♥--

I wish to Yunho♥ all lucky !!!
JaeJoong♥ made this beforeand JaeJoong♥
really work hard in tis age...
Now it´s Yunho♥´s time ne???

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Sayuri JaeJoong

Yunho and Han Gain In a Drama?

--♥ Yunho & HanGain In Drama ♥--

This days our Yunho♥ was in Korea

As I said before
To filming ‘Heading to the Ground’ the
name of his 1st drama ne...
I was reading in sites and I think
the actress will filming with our leader
is Go AhRa & Lee Yun Ji.
I remember that once I heard Changmin♥ saying
about Han Gain He said he likes Han Gain
So think Changmin♥ will be jealous
About Han Gain LOL !!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong

Yunho On Cafe!!!

--♥ Yunho On Caffe In Korea ♥--

Well...Our Yunho♥´s Author is with some

Internet problems but U our readers Don´t need
to Worry ok???
I´ll try always make Yunho♥´s posts as
Our so Beloved Yunki Yunho♥ ok???
But in monday Our Yunki♥ is back again ^.~ !!!

Yunho♥ was in Korea everybody knows this...
But our leader isn´t of iron LOL !!!
He needs to perambulate for Korea
places kkk!
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Sayuri JaeJoong
•pants were really falling off•

People on soompi forum was discussing about this vid of SMconcert
then everybody noticed that Changmin´s pants were falling down
He didn´t realized that it happens with him poor Prince Shim♥
But the show must Go ON and he knows how to be professional LOL!
After the SECOND High scream in Rising Sun you can see
his pants falling and we can see the Black Undie (SEXY)huhuh!
Dozo! ^_____^ v

My Caps from this moment



Ok ..Ok The stalkers are incredible ((O_O))

I don´t know if Chunnie is saying something like
"Hey guys I´ll be back at 2 Am"or
"Hey It´s V (Victory)LOL

credits: as tagged♥

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090725 Yunho - Gimpo Airport + To Filming

Credits: leebbeuni
Shared by: TVXQpowerfullGods

he really seems smiley and bright xD
I hope filming goes well and we all support you in anything you do

~Yunki Yunho~

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flower Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucketflower Pictures, Images and Photos

Shinaewon: A celebrity came to our house!

A celebrity came to our house!

You guys know TVXQ's U-Know Yunho, right? ^^

A celebrity visited our house!!

Even has a famous name "U-Know Yunho"

Right now he's going through the house, and here is the sandtray therapy room.

Everyone showed much interest!!

The moment U-Know Yunho entered! Wow~~

He went into each child's room...

The U-Know Yunho who said hi with our house's friends!!

Wonderful feeling...Our family who couldn't open our own eyes..^^

Our Hyun Woo must be lucky!!

Taking pictures with each child, the one who didn't scowl when demanded a request and had a smiling face

So, our friends' smiles felt more bright (Note: very bright, like the sun is shining a white light) ^^

In the middle of cleaning!

After going here and there at Shinaewon, he's volunteering right now~

For the sake of Shinaewon's varying programs progression, several big and small places have been prepared.

Exactly that place there's one taking place!!!

He's using his complete best strength while cleaning~

Sizzle sizzle ^^

He's cleaning the stairway that goes down to the dining area!!!

Together with the 85 Club friends, it was a very fun and noisy cleaning time period~

I have one question.

"Does U-Know Yunho use his Junlado satoori accent with his friends? Or no? Keke"

Of course he uses it!!~~

Because of that, it was a more intimate feeling time.

Right now is dining time!!

Passing out food during dinner time!!

While giving out the food to each child one by one, he looked at them in the eyes and told them to eat deliciously~

The children had an expression that controlled their hearts said they didn't want to swallow their kimchi and wanted to eat it forever~^^

The children that ate the food were all happy.

Having one recreation together

Together with the 85 Club members, they started delightful recreations!

U-Know Yunho hyung and Jae-hyun's dance parade-^^

After viewing Shinaewon's dance friends' performance

The dance time together with Yunho!!

Together with Kim Jae-hyun, dancing Shinaewon's dance~~keke

It was really a fun time..

Even thinking about it now, it was a time where there was a lot of laughter.

U-know with shinaewon family

Finishing a day's program by shooting a group picture to remember the day!

"U-Know Yunho hyung, please sign over here!"

Yunho who is smiling while signing~

Because of his next schedule, many people couldn't get his signature immediately, he used his ample heart when he said that he'd send out as many signatures for the children as needed to Shinaewon.

Working hard when volunteering even though it was a short time.

Saying goodbye to each child one by one.

Playing enthusiastically and passionately smiling while playing together with others.

We have had a close look at these appearances while standing in your place.

Thank you. Thank you.

Please come back on the promise made with our children to visit again!! We believe that you will fulfill your promise^^

credit: shinaewon + dnbn.org+ translation by squeaky
shared by:http://tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com/

~Yunki Yunho~

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