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Oh My giants *faint* everytime i see new pictures from airport
my heart melts *v* they´re so tall and so manly i love them...
in these last times my heart is in love with HOMIN *v*

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Hey ladies here is our Leader sshi Yunho!!
Whoa he looks manly and gorgeous as usual
can you notice the little bear in his mobile ?

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[NEWS] 091225
Another lead Actor for Paradise Ranch
(He has recently appeared in Queen Seon Duk – MBC, 2009 )
Actor Joo Sangwook becomes a caring gentleman.
Joo Sangwook already decided to take the role as the lead actor along side DBSK member Choikang Changmin and Actress Lee Yeonhee to appear in drama “Paradise Ranch”.

On the 23rd Joo sangwook has already began filming with Choikang Changmin and Lee Yeonhee in Jeju for the first filming.

“Paradise Ranch” will mainly be filmed in Jeju because of its beautiful scenery, portraying the younger generation’s work and love stories, in Asia there are already numerous fans for DBSK member Choikang Changmin and the new generation actress Lee Yeonhee, they are already aware of them appearing in this drama, and have kept close watch for news.

In this drama, Joo Sangwook, Choikang Changmin, and Lee Yeonhee will have a love triangle. For this drama Joo Sangwook’s will act as the boy that immigrated to America when he was little, and then incorporating a company and becoming the international head.

After an unexpected meeting with Lee Yeonhee, he becomes a caring man in love.

In Joo Sangwook’s previous acting career he appears as a charismatic man, in this drama he will have to portray an attentive and caring character, hoping to use this chance to change his screen appearance.

Someone revealed on the 25th: Joo Sangwook have expressed that for “Paradise Ranch”, he will have a better appearance to face the audience, promising to give it his all to film this drama.

“Paradise Ranch” will broadcast by March of next year, it is predicted that this drama will have 16 episodes.

Other than Joo Sangwook, Choikang Changmin, and Lee Yeonhee, the recent broadcasting KBS 2TV drama “IRIS” actor Park Su Cheo will be in this drama as Joo Sangwook’s secretary.

credit: Neverend
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♥Changmin at Gimpo Airport ♥

Ganbatte Changmin I know it´s been hard for you to travel
all the time for "there and here" !

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Kboom Magazine Feb Issue !!!

--♥ KBOOM Magazine Feb Issue ♥--

He´s very sexy ne ???
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--♥ Bigeast's New Project ♥--
--♥ BREAK OUT! ♥--
--♥ 500,000 Copies Breakthrough Project ♥--

Dear Tohoshinki's Japanese fans,
In order for Japanese and Korean
newspapers and mass media to pay attention to us,
we have created a big movement called
"For the Continuance of Tohoshinki".
In Korea, the number [of copies sold and ranking]
is very important to the music and business industry.
This would be another
"Persuasion Tool" that we'll use to
raise our voice to their company.
Let the whole Asia know the love and
the strength of the world's second
biggest music market.

500,000 Copies Breakthrough Project
Subtitle: Don't think that Japanese
fans are just going to be quiet and obedient!
Please give Tohoshinki's new single "BREAK OUT!"
as presents to your precious ones, your
important ones, your loved ones,
and even to your Cassiopeia friends.
It's a song that contains a lot of energy and courage.
We believe that the ones who receive them would definitely be happy!
Let's reach the goal of having 500,000 copies of this single sold!

(Please join this project with with your
free will and don't need force yourselves.)***************************************
Get acknowledged by Japanese and
Korean mass media.
(In Korea, achievements in Japan are considered tremendous)

Besides having to tip out some
money from our pockets, this is a very peaceful movement.

The people who receive the CDs would be happy too.

Letting your friends and acquaintances
listen to Tohoshinki is also a way to promote them.

Tohoshinki and their staffs would
definitely be happy at the new record.

Your supports would also
become avex's president
Matsuura's strength

is a tie-up with a NHK's drama.
This is a chance to say thank to Ishihara PD
who always support us and Tohoshinki!

This is pretty unbelievable,
but if the single is sold more than 1 million copies,
it will definitely write a new page in history
♪What is counted on Oricon chart is mu-mo limited edition,
CD+DVD edition, and CD edition.
When you purchase the single, please
make sure that it will count in the chart.

The number of pre-orders is important!
Usually the number of shipments is
decided by the pre-orders and the sales
of their previous works.
Let's have a new number of pre-orders
that exceed their old ones.avex would
definitely be happy to see the great gap in the pre-order numbers!!

In case you purchase this single at a shop,
there are cases that multiple products purchased at
a time are only counted as one item.
If you want to purchase more items, please go
to another shop to buy them.This project is an idea that has been discussed and decided on by many famous
blogs of Tohoshinki's fans.
Let us Japanese fans come together to protect Tohoshinki.
From "500K Project"

mass project by Bigeast after the postcard one.
Please, if you have extra pocket money that
are not going to spend for Christmas and
New Year's shopping, support this project
by purchasing this single.
Any purchase from Amazon.jp,
CDJapan, HMV and YesAsia is counted to
wards the Oricon chart.
And if people are willing to support this project,
I'll contact the project team to let them know
that international fans are going to participate too (:
For your record, Tohoshinki's best sale number is
from "COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~" ,
with an approximate number of
250,000 downloads before the single was released,
and 180,000 pre-orders
for the first shipment. It is estimated that
300,000 copies of this single have been
sold up until now. 500,000 is hard to achieve in the
first week and first month, but since the
sale number will continue to be counted,
it might reach 500K soon in the future (:

Source: mixi & 500K project's blog
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com
{ One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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--♥ Junsu♥´s Mom And Her Treasure [Junsu ] ♥--

Ahhh maybe U´re noticing something in this post ne ???
Our FiFFy JunJun♥ is travelling for her studies
And Powerfull Team Is supporting all her studies ,sure !!!
Today Junsu♥ Is MINE [Sayuri JaeJoong♥]LOL!!!
Ah!!! Junsu♥´s mom is beautifull ne ???
And Junsu♥´s is beautifull as her !!!
They are so beautifull...

Ahhh!!! Once in mylife I´d like to be Junsu♥´s mom !!!

She will Kiss him T^T ...
I want too LOL !!!

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[TRANS] 091225
Synopsis of ‘Dating On Earth’

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s new drama will be included in the up coming Mirotic Live Concert DVD.Dong Bang Shin Ki’s
new drama titled
‘Dating On Earth’ is a story about the school
and married life between a high school student
who's also a husband (Micky YooChun)
and his form teacher
(Seo HyeonJin); the other 4 has been casted as
YooChun’s classmates whereby
JaeJoong is a transfer student. JaeJoong has lost his parents when he was young and has grown up in a lonely environment.
In the drama, he will fall in love with his form teacher;
whereby he will end up being in a love triangle
with YooChun and his wife.
On top of that, there will be a kiss scene between
YooChun and the female lead.

Characters Introduction:

Micky YooChun:
A high schooler who falls in love with
his form teacher and got married to her.

Hero JaeJoong:
Falls in love with his form teacher
and ends up in a love triangle.

UKnow YunHo:
A handsome head councillor but was always
harsh with his words, and who bullies YooChun.

Xiah JunSu:
A friend of YooChun, who is innocent, smart but immodest.

Max ChangMin:
A buddy of JunSu, heir of a big successful organization.

Seo HyeonJin: Yoochun's Form Teacher.

Source: BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Special Thanks: ミ♥ Lovedust @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com
{ One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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