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JaeJoong In Vancouver...

--♥ JaeJoong In Vancouver ♥--

It was CONFIRMED that Jaejoong has landed
at the Vancouver airport today.
My mom's friend was on the same flight with him
and her newphew personally got 3 autographs from him.
So, all Cassies in Vancouver-
if you have any updates on this,
feel free to share it with the rest of us here!
I just had a chance to talk to them today.
Apparently, Jae was getting his luggage out just like everyone else.
This probably means he's either
staying in Vancouver or not going anywhere at least for today.
Also apparently he looked very tired.
He had dark circles and was "skinny as death."
I hope he takes it easy from now on at least.

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Posted By:Sayuri JaeJoong

100 Best Selling Albuns in Korea !!!

--♥ 100 Best Selling Albuns in Korea ♥--

source: hottracks.co.kr
shared: Qi Lou @ soompi
Please don’t remove any credits.

Yunho Visiting His HomeTown Part 5 !!!

--♥Yunho Visiting His HomeTown Part 5♥--

Our Yunho♥ smiling looks a true kid ne ???
He´s always so happy in this pics
So I´m happy for Him !!!

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JaeJoong In Sydney Stalk Pics !!!

--♥ JaeJoong In Sydney Stalk Pics ♥--

I´m getting crazy searching for JaeJoong♥´s
Pics in Canada for Our Readers
But There´s nothing about it STILL !!!
But I´ll found sure ^.~ !!!
Anyway This is from Sydney
He looks very at ease in Sydney streets ne ???
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Break Out Pv Caps !!!

--♥ Break Out PV More Caps ♥--

JaeJoong♥ This look can kill someone ne ???
I think this PV will be HOT !!!
He´sOoOoOo charming !!!
Haiii JaeJoong♥ is the most beautifull !!!


Credits:Tumpa 36693
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Sincerity in Singing

Okay.. i found this in baidu and want to share with u..
But i dont know what is the song that he sing..
Hmmm.. Do u know bout this?? tell me please.. T_T
he looks so handsome ne?? Sincere and Innocent as always.. ^,^

credit: XiuXiu (caps), MR.TVXQ (source)
shared by: www.tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com
posted by: FiFFyJunJun