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[INFO] Mnet secret: “Proud of your Love”‏

Proud of your Love” Mnet Secret

2009 was a turbulence year for everybody.
December has begun and it is time for a counting down.
Toward the end of the year, we can see five members together.

I think that everyone is having all kinds of feelings when you see their figures.
I heard various impressions from the ones who watched a stage after a long absence of five members.
And everyone has expressed various thoughts.

I personally wish that if the fans have an opportunity to see TVXQ on the stage,I wish everyone to accept them with your big smiles.When they see fans looking very happy, I think that surely would became source of their power to go on.Please send them powers to be assured that they have to be in five. In Korea, it is difficult situation now for them to stand in five.

I believe that it is a one of the biggest support Bigeast can do right now.(Weather you belong to the fan club or not.)Please remember the true figures of the members.
From the first page one that all of you had observed so far.

Remember the unforgettable double encore of the song, “PROUD”?
From all of you to the members, filled with your heart of, “Proud of your Love”.
Please show such smile to them.


source: Mnet+Chomin
trans: SYC
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--♥ Bigeastation 141 ♥--

I can´t believe Bigeastation will finish T^T...
Everyweek I laughed so much with theis stories !!!

Part 1

Part 2

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Another update bout Junsu Mozart Casting...

And for Bigeast.. maybe this schedule makes u feel worry..
Coz it is collide with Bigeast Fanclub Event

This is the statement from Junsu side..

Xiah Junsu's side stated, "We were thinking of a new change for him amidst his busy schedule so we looked through several good musical performances and we decided on 'Mozart!' that possessed the performance qualities and the audience attraction qualities of a perfect performance which required slight changes in his Japanese schedule"

But.. Let us wait for the update..
I hope this problem will be overcome.. ^,^
So that Junsu wont miss Bigeast..
but I believe, Junsu will attend the Bigeast..
Wait for the update... ^,^

credits: xiah-sshi
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Blowing CHUNJAE Ears

Something to share.. some gifs of TOHOSHINKI love..
hehehehe.. They love tease each other..
But this is what we call

gentlytouching jae2's ear..

Jae♥ looking at YunHo oppa..


ahah!!!! Junsu oppa.. U love Yoochun oppa huh~~~
Then how bout me??? (-_-') LOL \0/

Small VersioN

credits: www.tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com
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My sister YukariiChangmin♥ did cut the
palm of her hand with a glass so I had to go at hospital
with her and she had to do a minor surgery T^T...
My sister suffered so much with pain ne...
But she cannot do Changmn♥´s and Yoochun♥´s posts so
Our Leader will just check our daily posts
as True Leader She Is ...
Meanwhile FiFFYJunJun♥ is in a new
mission haha \0/ Our FiFFY JunJun♥ is in
total despair coz she now will be the Changmin♥´s,
Junsu♥´s and Yoochun♥´s author LOL !!!
But FiFFy JunJun♥ get all balls haha \0/ !!!

Meanwhile Amu Chan♥ now looks more calm with her
"new house" Now she´s doing hard
updates in Our New Youtube Account
please Check it !!!

So I KEEP my HARD work my Angels♥
Sayuri JaeJoong♥ always in Hard work LOL
[Look for Picture]
Sayuri JaeJoong♥ will keep doing
all JaeJoong♥´s and Yunho♥´s posts as always !!!
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--♥ JaeJoong♥´s Wallpapers ♥--

I´m so lucky coz I ask for my sister
does some JaeJoong♥´s wallpapers for me
And she as always does for me...
same as I am so I´m posting too...
My sister [YukariiChangmin♥] does it for me !!!
Domo Arigato !!!

This is my favorite super artistic !!!
This is a classical and soft wallpaper !!!
This is my sexy ¬
Ahhhh!!!I LOVED this too !!!
This is my little babies v !!!

Jaejoong’s Movie – Heaven’s Postman Novel Book will be Published

--♥ Jaejoong’s Movie ♥--
--♥ Heaven’s Postman Novel Book will be Published ♥--

Entertainment news】2009/12/04
Jeajoong (Hero) from the group TVXQ’s movie,
“Heaven’s Postman” will be published as a novel.
The story of the movie is written by
Eriko Kitagawa as a part of joy cinema,
Korea and Japan joint project.
The movie “19″ written by Yumiko Inoue
will be published as a novel as well.
(Staring Big Bang’s Top as a main character.)

source: innolife.net
translated by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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Ahhh~~ FiFFy is here...
I know this is not Prince Shim Changmin blog..
But he really looks like a prince.. LOL..
Doing some add-up for Our Prince♥ PiCx
Please accept me to do Prince post.. hakhak..
Crazy me.. Yukari-chan, Changmin is mine now.. LOL.. \0/
Enough.. I love dreaming.. Forgive my silliness. (-_-')..v
By the way.. one word to describe.. Handsome!!! (O_o)
But Changmin-oppa.. Please smile.. T_T Dont looks so cool..

credits: as tagged/on pic
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HoMin Back to Korea !!!

--♥ HoMin Back to Korea ♥--

They´re backing to Korea...
I am Sayuri JaeJoong♥ and this time I´m doind
HoMin♥ post coz my sister tore the hand...
So,I´ll try to do my best as YukariiChangmin♥ ok???
They´re so elegant ne???

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This caps is super ultra HQ...
So.. Please my friends..
please click on the pic to get the actual size..
It might be quite slow..
But i believe that u will satisfy with the quality..^,^
really.. Please do not hotlink..
I'm tired waiting for these pic done uploaded.. (-_-')

credits: DNBN
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