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091221 The Third Round of
Xiah Junsu Mozart! Ticket Sales
is Sold Out... Again!!

Musical ‘Mozart!’ which is the first musical challenge for Xiah Junsu held its third round on-line ticket sales on December 21st which began at 9 am and once again shows its boasting power as it took only 3 hours for all the tickets to be sold out.

The whole 12,000 tickets for total 4 stages on the days where Kim Junsu will perform were sold out in only 3 hours thus added another stages of 11 stages which had been sold out.

Since during the second round ticket sales the reservation site was crashed, thus for this third round ticket sales the publisher placed Mozart advanced sales period to the less peak time on 9 am at both Interpark and Sejong Cultural Center website, however, still all servers supporting for both websites were down thus it was really difficult to access during the sales.

Representative from “Mozart!” publisher EMK Musical Company, Um Hong-hyun said, “The power of one idol to draw whole attention to the ticket sales was not a concern among us before, we really didn’t see it coming.” and, “We hope through Kim Junsu, the fans will learn more about the many number works by Mozart and will also watch other actors’ performances so they’re getting to know more closer about what musical actually is.”

Um also said, “In current difficult economic situation, many publisher marketing targeted women in their 30th – 40th for musical performances, however, we now have the opportunity to improve to the next generation of musical market as the audiences will be on the 10th and mid-to late 20th. There’s hope to broaden the width of our female audiences.”

Meanwhile the 4th round of musical ‘Mozart!’ ticket sales will be announced later in January 2010 and the show itself is going to take the stage from January 20th to February 21st, 2010 in a large-scale venue at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul.

This is XIAHZART!!! ^.^

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Weeee!!! I´m so happy finally the stalk
pics of Paradise Meadow !!!
I´m crazy to see Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee on screen *v*!


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Changmin in Gimpo Airport
Heading to Jeju Island

He´s wonderful !!!
I love his perfect smile and look for his model
style huh ...so elegant ans sexy at the same time

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[TRANS] 091221 Exclusive:
(Super Junior) Files For
Termination Of Contract With SM

T/N: Translating this because it might turn out to be relevant to the TVXQ case in the long run.

According to Korean news sources, Sina reports that Hangeng from Super Junior, one of Asia's top idol groups, have applied with the Seoul Central District Court for the termination of his 'exclusive contract' with SM Entertainment. This is another bomb that dropped on SM Entertainment since the 3 members of TVXQ, Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu filed to terminate their contracts in July this year.

In 2001, Hangeng was chosen out of 3000 participants for the "H.O.T China" auditions held by SM Entertainment based on his looks and talent in dancing. After years of training in singing, dancing, acting, instruments and languages, Hangeng debuted as the only Chinese member of Super Junior in 2005, and became the first Chinese to officially debut in South Korea. In April 2008, he was appointed the leader of sub-group SJ-M and began activities in China. Due to his outstanding work, he played an important role in aiding SM in breaking into the China market.

Amongst the youth and media, Hangeng has very high EQ and speaking abilities, and his 'sunshine' and hardworking image left a deep impression. Before this, there were many speculations, and even expectations, that he might go solo. His lawyer has expressed that the full details of the case cannot be revealed yet. However, according to the informant, it might be because there are interference to his solo work progress, and thus resulted in his unhappiness with SM Entertainment.

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Yahooo!!! SM.. serve ur right now... But yet im so surprise ne... Because for all this time.. Hankyung seems like very enjoy to be with SM... They even have their new song, it is Sorry Sorry Answer..
(-_-') I dont care bout that... But i'm happy...
SM gonna sink deep inside the BERMUDA TRIANGLE \0/

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(part 2)

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