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Kim Ah Joong Ideal Pair with Junsu!!!

--♥ Kim Ah Joong Ideal Pair is Junsu ♥--

The korean model and actress/singer yesterday
KimAhJoong answered that
" Who Is Your Ideal Partner for World Cup " ???
And KimAhJoong said immediattly :
“A man who features a fun laugh and good voice.”
And after was confirmed that her ideal pair is
Kim Junsu from Tohoshinki♥
She´s beautifull ne???
Junsu♥ was choose !!!
LOL !!! But I think Junsu♥
prefer YooChun♥ And to be honest...
Me too LOL !!!

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Sayuri JaeJoong

JaeJoong Stalk Pic!!!

--♥ JaeJoong Stalk Pic ♥--

JaeJoong♥ loves to LIVE ne???
He loves to drive too and everybody knows this !!!
But I noticed that He bought a black car ne???
Coz he has a Silver Audi R8 carbon
He has too a Bmw Z4 Silver too
And He has a dark blue Lexus ne???
Now he has a Black car ^-^!!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong

Xiah♥ Papa In Crebeau Press Conference!!!

Xiah Papa
--♥ Crebeau Press Conference ♥--

Xiah♥´s papa so Gentle and super Cute >.< "!!!
He looks be a great man and he´s very polite too!!!
Xiah♥ has a big and super cool Papa♥ ne???
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Sayuri JaeJoong

JaeJoong Aiprort FanCam !!!

--♥ JaeJoong Aiprort FanCam ♥--

He walks so fast O.O
Lucky girls close him♥ !!!

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Sayuri JaeJoong
--♥ JaeJoong Airport Pics ♥--

JaeJoong♥ Looks a wizard LOL !!!
Ah so beautifull and so Fashion too!!!
JaeJoong♥´s hairs- !!!
He looks a little tired ne???
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Sayuri JaeJoong