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New Heaven´s Postman Pic !!!

--♥ Heaven´s Postman New Pic ♥--

My God I really have to writte my letter
To Most beautifull Postman♥ tis world LOL !!!
Credits:cafenaver telecine7
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Sayuri JaeJoong


We don´t like to see our blog stopped for no news about them
Then I solved to do some caps (sorry for the LQ)
about History in Japan 4 Hope you all like it
Prince Shim and His Purple Spike Hair !
I Love it *u*
Changmin with specs @u@
Spike Purple Hair !
Changmin with Specs = SEXY MIN♥
Adorable my Tensai Min!
You can smile my Prince ^_^ 1 .... ^u^
2 ... ^-^
3 ^u^ahh soo beautiful Smile *v*
4 ... Weeeee ^o^The Most wonderful Smile
in Whole World Belongs to Him!!!! *v*

I love all JJ♥ expressionshe´sooo Cute
I really wanna squeeze his cheekshaha

Oh Baby Su I miss U so Much

Leader Yunho U-know you´re adorable

Oh Chunnie you´re so cute my angel

You´re Free to Re -Post this
I just ask you kindly keep the full Credits ^-^♥

[TRANS] 091029 Drama OST Tie Up -
To Be Released In CD

Tohoshinki's new song "BREAK OUT!" will be used as the theme song
for NHK Drama8's 『とめはねっ!鈴里高校書道部』
which will air from January onwards!

Programme title: NHK Drama8 『とめはねっ!鈴里高校書道部』
Broadcast time: 2010.01.07, Every Thursday, 8-8.43pm, 6 Episodes
OST: "BREAK OUT!" (To be released this Winter)

※The CD sale date of "BREAK OUT!" has not been decided.
We will inform you when the official release date has been confirmed.

Source: [toho-jp.net]T
ranslation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
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Movieweek Magazine !!!

--♥ Heaven´s Postman ♥--
--♥ Movie Weekend Magazine ♥--

I´m always searchig for some news about
Heaven´s Postman♥ so I found this magazine when
I was arriving in my home v !!!
So I bought and I made my scan for our Powerfull Readers !!!
I hope U like it !!!
In Move Weeled basically just saying about
Heaven´s Postman♥ will release in 12th November
As Everyone knows !!!
I´m really happy to see Heaven´s Postman♥
is realy now Official note for Us ,JJ♥´s fans ne???

This pic is simply AMAZING ne ???
Ahhh!!! I Love Han Hyo Joo♥ I confess u.U"
I think she´s totally compatible with JaeJoong♥ !!!
And Once again I Invite all HHJ♥´s fans to follow
our Blog in Heaven´s Postman♥ era ok ???
I´ll prepare a thousand surprises !!!
They´re abeautifull couple
But How do U think will be the End of Heaven´s Postman♥ ???
I think He dies and let her alone again T^T...
It´s tipical from Eriko Kitagawa´s LOL!!!

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Sayuri JaeJoong
You can repost it but
keep full credits Intacts Please !!!

Heading To The Ground
맨땅에 헤딩
--EPISODE 14--

Let´s support Yunho´s drama Girls!

credits: tvxqlover0

History In Japan 4!!!

--♥ History In Japan 4 ♥--

Credits: TVXQnights4misc
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•Tohoshinki Stalk Pictures•
It´s easy to see Junsu at Chunnie´s Goong.
But in others Pics people can see
Changmin , Yunho and Yoochun...
Nothing´s official till the moment
cause the pics are kind dark
and blured ... ^~^



credits: as tagged