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I Love to do Fanarts about my favorite
couple _YooMin_ I think there´s nothing more
beautiful ...nothing more perfect and surreal
than them both together ...
All Min´s fans has a special way to be..
Usually we love ALL "Min´s Couple" Right?
But YooMin has a special place into my heart
Then if you love them as me , Enjoy .
If you do not love them as a couple
DO NOT BASH my art nor my perfect YooMin

Perfect YooMin Sleeping
Version In The Silence of Night
Perfect YooMin Sleeping
Version Deep Red Japanese
Perfect Min Sleeping
Version Sacred Poem
Perfect Min Sleeping
Version Green Dimension

武士 チャンミン
My "Samurai Changmin" 1
My "Samurai Changmin" 2 credits: YukariiChangmin
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keep with full Credits Please

Heaven´s Postman New Pics !!!

--♥ Heaven´s Postman New Pics ♥--

I´m loving this Heaven´s Postman♥ Pics !!!
Look this man oh God if he looks for me
This way LOL !!!
Han Hyo Joo♥ is writting a letter for her lover ???
.¬)" With a man like JaeJoong♥ she really miss
the another guy ??? LOL !!!
Haha \0/ I really love Han Hyo Joo♥ coz she´s
always smiling as JaeJoong♥ Oh My God...
I wanted they´re be a real couple T^T ..
Oh...In Heaven´s Postman♥ Saki [HanHyooo♥]
Is the Only one who gets to see Yu [JaeJoong♥]...
Imagine O¬O Just U have the pleasure to see
a man like JaeJoong♥ T^T ...
I LOVED this pic !!!
They Look children ne ???
Ahhh!!! I have a beannie equal as Han Hyo Joo♥ !!!
I Loved this place !!!
Letter ???From Heaven♥ deivered from an Angel...
My JaeJoong♥ ...
The Kissssss !!!
Credits:telecinema + astagged.
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--♥ Heaven´s Postman Official Trailer 15 sec ♥--

Credits:telecinema7 + Uploader.
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--♥ 東方神起 時を止めて ♥--

I thought this song so beautifull and sweet !!!
So passionate !!!

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