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[SCAN]110909 東方神起 in Frau Magazine October issue

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[SCAN]110909 東方神起 in PatiPati Magazine

Credits: ameblo.jo/soulmate
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Hiiii , long time I don´t share some wallpapers for our dear readers,right?
I made this so I hope U like/share/use it ok?


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Junsu is soOoOo manlyyyy

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[TRANS] 110908 Actress Kim Jung Eun Narrates For JYJ’s Title Song ‘In Heaven’

Actress Kim Jung Eun narrated for ‘In heaven’, the title song of JYJ’s first Korean album. Written by JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, ‘In heaven’ will feature a short narration by Kim Jung Eun at the beginning of the song in which she says, ‘I love you’. Kim Jaejoong wanted the short but emotional narration to be included in the song and expressed to his agency that he wanted an actress with a nice voice for the job. In a phone conversation with 10Asia, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “After hearing Kim Jaejoong’s opinion, we began searching for the appropriate actress and luckily, Kim Jung Eun readily agreed to narrate. The members of JYJ were happy with the end product and they were grateful towards the actress.“

Also, it was revealed that it was the decision of the three members to have Kim Junsu appear in the ‘In heaven’ music video. JYJ’s agency stated, “Kim Jaejoong said that he’d rather have Park Yoochun or Kim Junsu appear in the music video because they were already using a song that he had written. The three members agreed that Kim Junsu best fit the character of the synopsis so the decision was made.” Kim Junsu hasn’t made an official debut as an actor through a movie or drama, but he has been continuously working hard on his acting skills through the musicals ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’. Kim Junsu acted alongside Song Ji Hyo as lovers and it was stated that they received a positive response while filming for the music video. The full version of JYJ’s ‘In heaven’ music video will be released on the 15th.

Source: [10Asia]
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[TRANS] 110908 Viewer Ratings Of ‘Protect The Boss’ Are At A Standstill.. ‘The Princess’ Man’ Shoots Ahead

The viewer ratings of SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’ are at a standstill.

According to AGB Nielsen, the viewer ratings of the 11th episode, which aired on the 7th, were 15.4% (nationwide). This is 0.1% higher than the previous episode’s ratings.

On this day’s episode, CEO Cha was seen accepting his son Ji Hun (Ji Sung) and No Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee)’s relationship. Also, Ji Hun was able to complete his presentation with no problems thanks to Eun Seol’s hard work.

Meanwhile, KBS2′s ‘The Princess’ Man’ had viewer ratings of 21.8%, solidifying its position as the most watched Wednesday-Thursday drama out of the three competing dramas, while MBC’s ‘Can’t Live With Losing’ stopped at viewer ratings of 6.3%.

Source: [TV Daily]
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[NEWS]110909 Free NYC Concert moves to New Jersey!

We’ve just received some amazing news — the Free NYC K-Pop Concert has been confirmed once again!

A concert organizer revealed exclusively to allkpop today that they had finally secured Overpeck Park in New Jersey for their venue. The free concert was on the verge of cancellation due to capacity issues, but it seems that’s blown over for now.

Organized by KBS, the Free NYC K-Pop Concert will be part of ‘The 29th Korean Festival’, ‘The 15th Agro Exhibition’, and ‘The 20th Anniversary UN Admission New York Korea Festival’. This two-day event will focus on Korean culture on the first day, and be entirely dedicated to K-Pop on the second day.

Not only will the concert see performances from the hottest K-Pop stars, but there’ll also be a special mystery guest who’s only going by ‘Mister K-Pop Idol’ for now!

allkpop would like to emphasize that fans refrain from contacting Overpeck Park for additional information. Again, please do not contact the park for additional information. The park will not have enough resources to handle the huge surge of interest from K-Pop fans, and it could aggravate another venue cancellation. Also, there will be no overnight camping at the park for this two-day event. If you have a burning question that you absolutely must ask, please hit up @eunduklee on Twitter.

allkpop will be there for both October 8th and 9th, so stay tuned for another surprise announcement!

Exact details and information about admissions and everything else you have questions about will be revealed soon through allkpop, who will be the first to update on this exciting event. Be sure to check back for exclusive updates, only on allkpop.

Credits: allkpop
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[VIDEO]110909 Shinee Minho mention Changmin on Music station

Minho said that Changmin tell him :
"Korea and Japan are very similar, so always do your best"!

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[TRANS] 110908 Tohoshinki, New Music Video Revealed. ChakuUta® To Be Released Continously For 7 Days

Tohoshinki, who are releasing their new album “TONE” on 28 September, have revealed a spot MV for the song 「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」which will be recorded in their new album.

The theme for the music video of 「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」is a battle in an underground street fight club, a manly Tohoshinki. Therefore, when shooting the scene in the fight club, many scary looking men were gathered, and even the staff were pressured by their presence.

Dealing with these intimidating men, were the two members of Tohoshinki. Yunho was previously a Aikido practitioner, and for the action scenes he could “draw from the past” and perform well. Without any special instructions from the director, the kicking scene was done in one take. This music video includes Tohoshinki’s powerful choreography, and as scene after scene was shot, the members checked the shots repeatedly, showing their full commitment as the video was completed.

Also, the first TV performance for 「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」 will be on 16 September on Asahi TV’s “Music Station 25th Anniversary Special.” As “Music Station” is going to be the first live broadcast (featuring Tohoshinki, of course), fans cannot miss this program.

Also, we have another piece of good news for the fans. Before the release of the albums, starting from 14 September, the new songs from “TONE” will be released via Recochoku, distributed as ChakuUta® for 7 days in a row. The distribution schedule is as follows:

14 September : 「Back to Tomorrow」
15 September : 「Duet」
16 September : 「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」
17 September : 「Weep」
18 September : 「Shiawase-Iro No Hana」
19 September : 「Telephone」
20 September : 「Easy Mind」

Source : [Barks]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net