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[TRANS]110717 Choi Kanghee Describes Jaejoong on Her Radio Show

Choi Kanghee, the female lead of Protect the Boss, also has her radio show. The below is a clip in which she is reading a message/request by a fan who mentions Jaejoong. She laughs and then gives her short impression about Jaejoong. ^^


(A message from) Text # 8883-nim.
Kang Unni, are you preparing well for the drama?
(Choi Kanghee answers:) No, I am now filming it.
Please do so relaxed, watching your health! It will be horrible if you fall sick. I am expecting (lots)! I ask for JYJ’s “Found You.” You know, right? Jaejoong-kun.
(Laugh) Yes I know. JYJ’s Jaejoong-kun. We are filming the drama together, you know. Yes, he is extremely nice. He also has good manners. He’s cool/wonderful.

Source: @Ceskjj
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Yunho and Claudia! Fighting!
Yunho sooo handsome wow!!!

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Changmin Focus

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[TRANS] 110715 TVXQ’s Changmin Performs With Wrist Injury

Although TVXQ’s Changmin had a wrist injury, he still continued with his stage appearance.

Changmin attended the “K-POP FESTIVAL -MUSIC BANK in TOKYO” concert held at the Tokyo Dome on 13 July. Before he had left for Japan, and when he was resting backstage, his right bandaged wrist caused many fans to worry. However, Changmin gave a splendid performance on stage, as if he had not been injured.

According to SM Entertainment, Changmin had injured his right wrist while having dance practice, hence having to bandage his right wrist. A related personnel revealed, “Changmin had injured his wrist while having dance practice. However, he will still be performing as his injury is not that serious as to affect his performance. He is currently recouping. His injury is not very serious, and it will not affect his activities.”

In addition, TVXQ will be releasing a new single in Japan on 20 July. Yunho is currently challenging figure skating in “Kiss & Cry”.

Source: [baidutvxq]
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[TRANS] 110717 Zhuo Qi Bo’s Official Statement : Clarifications With Regards To The Song “Excess”

Good afternoon everyone, I am Zhuo Qi Bo. Please give me some time to clarify the whole matter.

The leaked pre-release of the song “Duo Yu (Excess)” that surfaced online, causing a great dissatisfaction among the TVXQ fans about the fact that this song is a remake of Korean singer as well as original composer of its lyrics and tune, Kim Jaejoong’s “Wasurenaide.” I would like to express my sincere apologies. I understand fully that this song carries a lot of stories and memories for all of you, and believe that I will join your big family bound together by friendship because I, like you, like Kim Jaejoong, his talents and voice. Kim Jaejoong is also the role model and idol that encourages me to work hard and improve myself. Therefore, we will handle all the problems related to “Excess” with diligence, and actively speak with and reach an agreement with Kim Jaejoong himself.

Cassies, please do not worry! Currently, the relevant song has been halted, and will not be released or performed before an agreement has been reached.

Also, we would like to clarify (the details for) “Excess”
Composer : Kim Jaejoong
Rearranged Lyrics : Zhuo Qi Bo / Wei Su
OT : Wasurenaide

This incident is not something that I predicted would happen, and did not consider the feelings of the TVXQ fans. Once again, I would like to say sorry!! I hope for your forgiveness!!!

Also, this incident is not related to Tian Yu Media, Avex Music (Avex China), or SM Entertainment, and it’s not as everyone said, which is that Avex sold Jaejoong’s composition.

I hope for your understanding, and do not erroneously blame unrelated companies. If there is anything, you can blame me, because I chose to sing this song, so I should step out and shoulder all the blame.

We will guarantee the rights of the composer, and protect the copyrights!

I am very sorry for creating trouble and dissatisfaction among everyone! I did not put enough thought into my actions! I’m sorry!

Thank you! I hope that everyone will give me a chance! Please do not pursue this matter any further!

(T/N : This update is in relation to the fact that Zhuo Qi Bo’s new song “Excess” is actually a remake of Jaejoong’s Wasurenaide. It was leaked onto the internet earlier and caught the attention of the fans – and eventually led to this statement.)

Source : [Zhuo Qi Bo’s Weibo]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

[TRANS] 110716 Japan Oricon: TVXQ And K-POP Groups Liven Japanese Market

Japanese music charts Oricon reported the sales of music software (singles, albums and DVDs) of the first half of 2011 on 14 July.

Oricon expressed, “Judging from the overall sales of music software, despite it being a smaller size of the market as compared to last year, Japanese Girl group AKB48 who became talk of the town because of the general elections, as well as KPOP groups such as TVXQ, Girls Generation, Kara that played the part as catalysts, the sales of singles for the first half of this year has exceeded sales of past years of the same period since 2005.”

In addition, Oricon revealed, “The sales of Music DVD had broken past sales records with a total of 34.9 billion yen. "

Most popular group in Japan TVXQ, Girls Generation, Kara and Jang Gun Suk, were among the many artistes that were on charts. These Korean artistes have contributed much to the sales of the different type of music softwares such as singles and albums music DVDs.

The sale of singles by KPOP artistes increased to 151% over the same period, while the album sales increased 161.9%. Although the music industry was not doing well due to the Japan earthquake, the sales of singles in the first half of the year exceeded the same period of past years.

Oricon revealed that there may be more outstanding KPOP groups debuting in Japan, and predicts that sales will continue to maintain for the second half of the year.

Source: [baidutvxq]
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[TRANS] 110715 Jung Jae Hyung’s ‘Holey’ T-shirt Was Also Worn By Kim Jaejoong

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong has been caught wearing the same t-shirt as Jung Jae Hyung.

Recently, a photo of Kim Jaejoong that showcased his chic character was posted on an online community.

Kim Jaejoong is seen staring at the camera with an impassive expression and many rings on his fingers; what drew the attention of many was the t-shirt he was wearing.

Kim Jaejoong wore a t-shirt filled with holes. This t-shirt was similar to the one that Jung Jae Hyung wore on MBC TV’s ‘Infinite Challenge’ that Jung Hyung Don criticized. Kim Jaejoong added more style to his look by wearing a leather jacket with his t-shirt.

At the time, Jung Hyung Don saw Jung Jae Hyung’s t-shirt and said, “Come to Gaehwa-dong on Tuesdays because that’s when people throw away their old clothes in our neighborhood. There are about 400 t-shirts like yours on those days.” To this, Jung Jae Hyung made many laugh by saying, “Really? I see that Gaehwa-dong is different.”

Netizens who saw the photo said, “Is that really the same t-shirt? It looks so different”, “It doesn’t matter what Kim Jaejoong wears, he looks like a fashionista all the time”, “Everyone wears Jung Jae Hyung’s t-shirt”, “Jung Jae Hyung, Lee Minho and now Kim Jaejoong? It must be a hit fashion item.”

It was found that Jung Jae Hyung’s t-shirt is an expensive piece of clothing, selling at 450,000 Won from a French clothing brand.

Lee Minho garnered attention when he wore the same shirt.

Source: [enews24]
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[TRANS] 110715 We Open Kim Jaejoong’s Bag To Find A Pack Of Hwatu Cards?

A corner that can’t be avoided in our interviews is the ‘bag opening’ corner.

We ask stars to open their bags without prior notice in order to get one step closer to these famous faces.

Some interesting items were caught on camera in the first half of this year.

What stuck out most were Gong Hyo Jin’s pink tumbler, Kim Jaejoong’s blue pack of Hwatu cards, Yesung’s two pairs of jeans and Kim Ah Joong’s ID card from her drama.

Idol Kim Jaejoong made those around him laugh when he brought out an item that was unexpected. What he pulled out was a pack of Hwatu cards; what was most interesting about the pack was that the backs of the cards were blue. He said that he uses them to pass time when JYJ are performing overseas, adding that he usually wins most of the time when he plays with the other two members.


Source: [isplus joins]
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