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東方神起 Merry Christmas!!!

--♥ 東方神起 Merry Christmas ♥--

Ahhh!!! One more video for Our Readers !!!
Gomen my delay but I was thinking in
what better hour to post this video !!!
Coz Orient and ocident there´s a very different
hour ne ???
So I thought in this but now
Please our Readers Watch our video for
Merry Xmas it´s for U!!!
U´re here with Us everyday...
We´d like to thank U always !!!
Domo Arigato !!!
U are the reason of our existence !!!

Video Maker:
小百合 ジェジュン [Sayuri JaeJoong]
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Posted By:Sayuri JaeJoong


Ahhh.. just a simple post this time.. ^,^
Enjoy Junsu cuteness.. He is so cute..
I wish i could see him wake up for all my life..
Really cute... I wanna kiss his cheek... LOL..
totally a dream... ^,^

Lazy Junsu oppa... Muahh~~

Wake up wake up!!!

credits: www.txvqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com
+ used video
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posted by: FiFFyJunJun

---IS IT TRUE?---

Mina-san... First of all.. this is maybe my last post...
FiFFyJunJun will be off for 3 days..
Well tomorrow night i will be on my way to my CAMPUS..
then... I will arrive at the morning..
After that, i need to go to a village... for my study..
the village has no connection... T_T if there is some connection i also may bot be able to online because i'm busy.. T_T my schedule is full
I promise you that i will be back at 28th Dec 2009
(maybe morning, afternoon, night or late night)

OMO.. my TVXQ day.. i cant celebrate it.. T_T
I dont like this... I hate this.. But i cant escape...
Enough with that.. Hope u guys will understand..

Okay!!! Why dont we have some fun... with my post??
Please see these picX.. LOL.. I'm really laugh out loud..
Poor Junsu oppa.. Come to me if no one love u...
I'm ur LOVER... ^,^ U always stay in my heart
.. [LOL]

Junsu pic cannot be seen...
While the others is okay... ^,^

Everyone is bullying Junsu... hahaha...
If im there, i will be on Changmin side.. LOL..
no no no.. i will help my Junsu oppa.. Replacing Junsu..
I'm sure Changmin would not hit me.. ^,^
(get brutal kicked by YukariiChangmin) T_T

Everyone is enjoying... And leave Junsu alone..
Junsu oppa.. Come~~ I'll embrace u.. LOL..

Even in desktop wallpaper??? T_T
poor Junsu oppa.. LOL...

Junsu oppa face is covered by the tiny square
uhhh i dont know what is it called... T_T
but the other perfectly can be seen..
Why u must treat Junsu oppa like this???

Now... Look!! They leave Junsu there..
So far from them...
Junsu please come to me..
I'm here for you!!!!

Once again.. Junsu face is covered... T_T

Now.. Jaejoong oppa is mad at Junsu..
Junsu oppa run~~~ Hurry!!
before Changmin oppa get up and punch u.. LOL

Woooo~~ Look at Changmin oppa angry face...
Ahhh my Junsu is innocent...
Changmin oppa.. We love each other..
Dont mad at Junsu oppa.. U can punch me, U can slap me..
I'm the one who being unfaithful to u.. \0/
(get bricked by TVXQPOWERFULLGODS team)

~This is photoshopped~
Junsu is neglected... T_T

He is Junsu (Xiah).. Not Jejung (Hero)

HAH!!! Junsu oppa face again...

Yunho oppa.. dont do that to Junsu oppa..
Onegai~~ Please... *kneeling to Yunho oppa*

...Some candid PicX...

Omo~~ Who want to be the microphone??
yeahhh U can feel Junsu oppa lips... Why not..
ohh!! Sorry... perv FiFFy... (slap my cheek)

Why??? Doushitte??? hehehe
i'm just LAUGH OUT LOUD seeing this picX...

Junsu is an Eagle!!!

credit: as tagged (TVXQbaidu)
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Previously, i came with
now is...
Changmin oppa..
He is my true obsession... (other than Junsu oppa)
okay.. here are some of my
Changmin wallpaper.. ^,^

another version... heavenly changmin oppa o(^,^)o


These are some of the sample...^,^
The picture is not mine.. But the icons is...
Please do not claim it as yours...^,^


did i make u loved him??? LOL...
I'm not... I'm just thinking that his DRAMA filming
make Changmin get the attention... ^,^
I love Paradise Meadow pictures... HQ and just like a dream..
He is a prince... Agree???

credits: www.tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com
+ Getbrushes.com (tools that i used)
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Kimpo Airport going to Japan

credit : simmax2
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[TRANS] 091224
Teddy Bear Reproduction
of TVXQ on Display
On the 24th, a teddy bear reproduction of group TVXQ
was on display at the '2009 Seoul Doll Fair' at
Samsungdong Coex TaePyoungyang Hall.The '2009 Seoul Doll Fair,'
hosted by Money Today and MTN, will be held/opened
until the 4th of January 2010.
Source: Money Today
Translation: 2MY @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!
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