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--♥ JaeMin Funny Video ♥--

Haha \0/ As there´s nohing new tro post
I was check our youtube channel and Amu JaeJoongie♥
Did put this and I found totally funny LOL !!!
JaeJoong♥ always so worried with another members ne ???
Did U notice in JaeJoong♥´s muscles???
LOL !!! I noticed \0/ !!!

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Missing Chunnie ?
here is the solution for all your problems u_U"
This caps are avaliable on baidumicky and I solved to do a post
using them cause
Chunnie is gorgeous in this ^-^♥
One of my Favorite hairtyles of Chunnie
He´s perfect with specs @u@♥

Credits:On the Road+baiduMicky
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--♥ Yunho Stalk Pic ♥--

When I saw this pic, honestly it gave me a
so sad sensation...
Look for Yunho♥ walking...I don´t want
he desappear of Us , Fans...
I have faith always but I really wanted they
shine again...I don´t wanted to see this so "normal"
Stalk pic...
C´mon girls♥ let do our part Break Out Pre Order !!!
I still want to see the future next Concert !!!
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Junsu in Suit??

How does my Junsu looks in suit??
He looks so fine and so handsome.. That's the answer.. ^,^
Sorry ne mina-san.. Lately there is no Junsu news..
So, i keep spamming Junsu pic.. Just wanna share it with u..
Maybe this can make u love him more?? hehe..

Perfect looks ne..

and SmiLe~~ @_@

I love this pic.. Walking, full of charisma!!!

Serious looks...

why is he looks so perfect in this pic?

Know something?? I fall in love with his nose.. hahaha

Waaa!!! help me...

Oh God~ He is so damn handsome!

That smile~~~ I wanted to see his smile...

Just forgive me if after this i dont post something here...
LOL.. Charming Junsu!

Cute and charisma???

OOOOOOO!! His nose again!

In white... So pure!

This is taken while they attend MAMA.. simple yet handsome!

Performing mirotic and wrong number right??
The one that they stripping their shirt/suit?? is it?

Born to sing.. Can u see the aura??

Junsu~ Smile please~~ hehehe

I'm so in love with this pic.. He looks pure and so white..
Omo~~ Junsu oppa you are perfect!

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[TRANS] 100105 - Eunhyuk: At that time,
Junsu & myself hit back at them together

100101 The 86 Line in the industry

EH: Today we had a meeting of the 86 line, about ten were there. Myself, 2AM's Changmin, Supreme Team's E-Sens, Jewelry's Eunjung & Juyeon, Ex After School member Soyoung, Seeya's Boram & Yeonji, & lastly Junsu. We got together & had a meal, we even went bowling - even right now they're still together. I said I have to go off for a program so they can stay here & wait for me, after the program ends I'll rush off & look for them.
ET: What about BoA? BoA & Junsu are very close, ask her along. (Note: Whenever Eunhyuk mentions people of the same age, Eeteuk will tease him about the awkward relationship with BoA.)
EH: Then, I'll try.
ET: Will BoA play with you?
EH: If she doesn't want to then it's fine. Next time I'll bring this group of friends into the studio. This is the first time I've ever gathered with so many other celebrity friends.
ET: I haven't met with other celebrities outside before. Before I become the nation's xx, I won't meet with anyone outside.

100105 Eunhyuk & Junsu stand up for H.O.T.

ET: Eunhyuk, when you were younger did you frequently discuss about celebrities with your friends & end up arguing?
EH: Yes, very frequently. Especially male celebrities.
ET: H.O.T., Sechskies?
EH: I'm a major H.O.T. fan, & my classmates would say bad things about H.O.T. on purpose, especially after I joined the company as a trainee. They would say awful things to provoke me on purpose. At that time, Junsu & myself hit back at them together, even the faces were scratched.

original; kimseohye @ cyworld.cn
translation credits; fragment @ sj-world.net
found & requested by; viragis @ sj-world.net

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Fan gifts for Changmin

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