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[FANACCOUNT]110806 東方神起 東方神起 福岡 8月6日 (a-nation in Fukuoka)

福岡 8月6日

For the simple reason that I am not from Fukuoka I faced some difficulties to find the venue. But nothing could make me lose the joy of being present once again at an event where HoMin was in ^^.
once again i notice that the venue is full of Bigeast as me and it´s fill my heart of happiness.
We bring our Jumbo´s Towel Bigeast to turn
the venue red when they start to perform ^^
They did the same tracklist as they used before
in A-Nation(愛媛 エイネ) ~



1.Rising Sun
4.Stand by U
5.Summer Dream
6.Somebody To Love
7.Why(Keep Your Head Down)

The Intro is always a big emotion!
Everybody start to scream the HoMin´s names louder !!
My heart start to beat faster and
I ´m excited to see them on stage.
They were wearing white outfits as previous performance in 愛媛 エイネ

Rising Sun
Once again one of the most powerful moments of A-Nation performances.
They performed the Japanese version of Rising Sun♥
The equalization of the sound seems much better this time.


Everybodys seems to know how to sing it very well!!
Superstar is a great summer hit and there´s no doubt about it.
The performance is great and the boys seems to be satisfied with it.
The backup dancers look always so cheerful !
Superstar was a success in a-nation!

(All Japanese versions)
Medley 3-5


When Changmin starts to sing Toki wo Tomete a tear rolled down on my face T__T…
I don´t know how to explain this feeling but when they sing old songs is like they ´re
Telling us ‘ hey listen, Tohoshinki is alive!..we keep Tohoshinki alive”
I thought Yunho improves so much the tone in Toki wo Tomete^^
A very touching song for sure… lot of bigeast was crying seeing them singing this~..
Changmin thanks us and they start to sing …

Stand by U

Another touching moment ~
When Yunho starts to sing I cried more (oh no )!
I can feel their efforts to keep this songs alive …
We start to swinging our red jumbo towels of Bigeast♥
Changmin thanks us again .

Summer Dream

To cheer up the modd now is a traditional summer song
Of Tohoshinki!!! Summer Dream is pure energy and happiness ^-^♥
We dry the tears and star to sing together!!!

Somebody to Love

Somebody to love is always a great song to make the venue get crazy! Haha
When the boys start to sing “jump jump jump” all the venue is in a magic and super powerful energy♥!
Changmin present us with lot of beautiful smiles during this performance!
Definitely one of the best performances of them
The Yunho´s energy on stage is something unbelievable!!!


As usual a POWERFUL performance!
Full of energy !
Everybody knows how to sing it properly and even those who not seems to be a bigeast look carefully for the stage watching their awesome
Step dances! The backup dancers are SUPER too!
Everytime I see them performing KYHD live I think the same thing~
WOW! How could them sing and dance at the same time so well ???

well that´s it .
Millions sorries for the terrible English
I just wrote this fanaccount to share with you all my happiness and
my proud to be a Bigeast and for to be a Tohoshinki ´s fan.

My I have some audios to share and one short fancam
^^ Hope you like it ne ^^
Ganbatte HoMin Fighting!

東方神起~A-Nation Fukuoka 福岡~Stand by U

東方神起~A-Nation Fukuoka 福岡~時ヲ止メテ
(cut audio)

東方神起~A-Nation Fukuoka 福岡 Somebody to Love (cut audio)

東方神起~A-Nation Fukuoka 福岡
★SUPERSTAR★(ending cut)

lol he looked at my cam at 14sec. it´s enough i´m happy xD

Sharing some pics ..goodies ...venue ..bigeast keychain ..

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  1. Wow!! You saw them a second time bb~*so jealous* Just hearing you describe Changmin smile, I saw him smiling too. It must have been so bright and beautiful.

    So happy to hear that the Bigeast red ocean was there with jumbo red towels. and your tears...*wipes them* T_T

    thanks so much for sharing with everyone <3.

  2. first of all i want to say THANK you to BIGEAST for not LEAVING TOHOSHINKI but you LIFT them UP instead... i SALUTE you BIGEAST!!.... YUKARII CHANGMIN> i envy you a lot bec you meet HOMIN once again WELL DONE!!! thank you for sharing with us its HIGHLY APPRECIATED:))

  3. thanks for the fan account.. i salute BIGEAST for their unwavering love towards HOMIN..

    and I salute you for you are one of them..

  4. by the camera angle i can tell you are close to the stage, how awesome is that?! you are one lucky fan, i would go to all of their concerts too if i was in japan. high five girl!!!

  5. Thank you all for the lovely and gentle comments .I really appreciate it (。◕◡◕。)♡

  6. Thanks for sharing your fan account! I love hearing UKnow & Max singing their old songs for the same reasons as yours. I'm loving these two more and more everyday. God ... my tears are pouring again ...

    Thanks BigEast for supporting Tohoshinki whether they were 5 or are 2 now! The red ocean was beautiful.

    Thanks Yunho & Changmin for keeping THSK alive!

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