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Our pics of Tokyo Dome Day #1 and Day#2
(FANCAMS LATER sorry ^^;;)
It was hard for us to choose many pics to share here
But we choose few of our collection of pics in Tokyo Dome ne
Hope you all enjoy it ^.~
Ahh When i saw this I had to take a pic


Ahhh Yoosu together even in the poster outside Tokyo Dome haha
Ohhhhh My Giants of Tohoshinki ne >.<" Beautifullll Hey ! This is Changmin in big screen of Tokyo Dome Ahhh Changmin in screen and the lights turns blue now! When Lights turned Blue in this moment of the show
I thought I can´t take a picture about him on screen of the show
But in the end this is one of my favorites Pictures of the showAHHH I creamed so loud when I saw Junsu on Screen of Tokyo Dome!!!
Hi SuSu♥ You´re really Hot live! Ohhh Really was born to sing Baby Su♥ Leader!!! You ´re full of energy on stage!

Whoa! That´s why You´re a Leader! JaeJoong on big screen of Tokyo Dome♥!!! My sister screamed

and my Ears still hurted by her LOL
JaeJoonggg!!!! Screaming LOL
Sing baby sing u_U"
Lot of JaeJoongs pics on Screen of Tokyo Dome !♥

Chunnieee!!! You´re Hot man!!!
This pic I did take from Screen of Tokyo Dome is Pink Shock !!!
JaeJoong!!!! Eletricccc!!!
Well Group Pics♥
I was seat so far away of the stage
(that´s why My pictures in most part
is about big screen of Tokyo Dome) .
But I was in the center of Tokyo Dome and I can use Zoom
of my Camera
The Lights Turns RED
They´re awesome dancing!!!!!
The Lights Turns BLUE!
One of my favorites picsture of the show!!!
Ah my favorite Picture of the Show!!!!!
Pinkkk ...purpleee and Changmin in center Purfect blublubluLOL
The Lights Turns YELLOW
The Lights Turns BLUE
Million hearts just one beat
Green Lights♥!!!!!
Amazing this Red Ocean!!!!
Ahhh fans need to eat too ! LOL
Looking through our window in
Tokyo Dome Hotel ♥
credits: YukariiChangmin and Sayuri jaeJoong +

JaeJoong Tokyo Dome Pics!!!

--♥ JaeJoong Tokyo Dome Pics ♥--

LOL !!! Did U noticed something
ANIMATED in this pic??? No???
Look better and U´ll see...
Look for JaeJoong♥´s PANTS LOL !!!
Oh my GOD !!! JaeJoong♥ was very, very
ANIMATED in Tokyo Dome ne??? LOL !!!
Access of Laugh !!!
JaeJoong♥ how´s manly U are just your true
fans [ AS ME LOL ]knows about that !!!
He´s ALWAYS sexy ne???
JaeJoong♥ with Melody and Harmony
Clothes ♥ !!!
I LOVED JaeJoong♥´s pants !!!
I love this rebel style from JaeJoong♥ !!! He´s very energic boy ne???
Ah!!! Look this cute pics- !!!
Some JaeChun♥ pics !!!
Shared By:
Sayuri JaeJoong

Ahhh When I saw this pic have no words to describe him
He´s perfect each day more handsome and more
beautiful Superrrr Maximus ! hahaha
He´s drop Dead Gorgeous for sure!!!!!Dozo^_^
Credits: DNBN