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[VOTE]101206 JYJ And JaeJoong Vote

JYJ And JaeJoong Vote

Our boys are on ALLKPOP Vote site
So please let´support them !
U just need to have a facebook account ot Twitter Account

JYJ Best male Group CLICK HERE


Best Social Network Personality CLICK HERE
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[INFO]101206 Korean Radio Station FM 21 Broadcasted JYJ Songs

Korean Radio Station FM 21
Broadcasted JYJ Songs

Radio FM 21 announced that they will be broadcasting JYJ songs which cannot be heard on TV on the loop from 1420 to 2200 yesterday. Which JaeJoong tweeted a word of thanks to the radio station as shown above, "Radio 21, thanks".

Source: Kim JaeJoong Twitter + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 101201
JYJ's Seoul Concert's Enormous
Economic Ripple Effect

Attracted over 3000 fans from Japan, China etc... Creates added value of tens of billions of Won

Over 3000 foreigners from all over the world, such as Japan, China and the US, came to Korea to attend JYJ's concert that was held in Jamshil's Olympic Stadium

JYJ (Jaejoong-Yoochun-Junsu) showed off their strong ticket power amongst international fans and proved once more that they are the core of the Hallyu Wave.

JYJ, who released their global album 'The Beginning', held their large-scale concert 'JYJ Worldwide concert in Seoul' on the 27th and 28th at the Jamshil Olympic Stadium.

Over 3000 foreigners visited Korea from the Americas, Europe and Asia, from countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan and Malaysia, to attend the concert. Thanks to this, the domestic travel industry was set alight though November is usually considered off-season.

Before the JYJ concert happened, a technical journal in the field stated, "20,143 Japanese tourists are planning to visit Korea, the most in November, and JYJ's Korean concert, which is to be held on the 27th and 28th, greatly influenced these statistics." A representative of the tourism industry proved the group's popularity once more by stating, "Of the 4,113 tourists our company manages who are coming to Korea this month, 2500 of them are Hallyu tourists coming to attend the JYJ concert."

During the concert period, the surroundings of Jamshil Olympic Stadium were filled with fans from all over the world five hours before the concert began. It quickly turned into a global festival as fans who had flown in from countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, Philippines, USA, UK, and Germany were spotted. It was like watching an international festival as all announcements were done in Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

A tourist agency representative on location explained that, "The number of tourists visiting Korea has risen dramatically as people are flooding in to see this concert," and "JYJ proved their power as Hallyu stars and their worth as 'dutiful sons' to their nation."

He also added, "The influx of tourists is so big that it's hard to make reservations at hotels in Seoul right now," and "This concert will cause an economic ripple effect and create an added value of billions, possibly tens of billions, of Won."

JYJ's immense success has put the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI) in an embarrassing situation as just over a month ago, it called for broadcasting and cable companies to refrain from allowing JYJ to appear on their shows as "JYJ's activities will have a negative impact on the Hallyu Wave".

In the official document sent on October 11th to various broadcasting companies, the KFPCAI stated, "Allowing JYJ to appear on shows will be pouring cold water onto Korea's pop culture industry and the nation's image that has been built up by the Hallyu Wave," and "JYJ will lead pop culture and the Hallyu Wave to a road of regression."

However, JYJ was able to attract tens of thousands of international fans to their showcases that were held in three US cities and six Asian cities (in Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China) and promptly proved that the KFPCAI's argument was weak with their amazing ticket power.

Source: [Today Korea News+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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[Inbound Statistics] 101122
Hallyu Singers' Concert Has
Japanese Tourists 'Flooding In'


The upcoming JYJ concert on the 27th and 28th has Japanese tourists headed to Korea.

JYJ is a Hallyu group comprised of former TVXQ members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu who have garnered great popularity in Japan.

Acoording to a Rook Korea representative in charge of selling JYJ concert related goods, the number of Japanese tourists traveling to Korea in groups has multiplied eightfold. This is due to the JYJ worldwide Concert in Seoul that will be held at the Jamshil Olympic Stadium.

According to the company who provides inbound statistics,the number of Japanese tourists has increased to 37,209 people, 8,000 more than last week and most since August.


[Inbound Statistics] 101129 The Winter Wind and YeonPyeongDo Attacks Show Drop In Tourism

The Japanese inbound, which totaled at 37,209 people as a result of the JYJ concert, sharply decreased to 29,166 people when the concert was over.


Source: [Travel Times-1+Travel Times-2+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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