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--♥ Tohoshinki Wallpapers ♥--

If U a Dog lover as I am U´ll love it !
I solved to do some wallpapers with the theme
Best Friends" for Us ne ???
Something different than usual
I hope U like it !!!


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--♥ [VIDEO]100717 ♥--
--♥ Yunho Playing Basketball ♥--

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Stand by Changmin
Changmin Support Project by Japanese fans

The following are the details of Changmin Support Project
“Stand by Changmin ~With max love and wish~”

First of all, the main purpose of this plan is:
“To support Changmin’s Activities!”

Ever since Tohoshinki’s activities were suspended and the drama shooting has finished,
Changmin’s activities are limited to SM concert and some magazines. There seems to be no concrete activities in the future.
We want to convey our messages that we Japanese fans are waiting so much for Changmin’s activities.
If possible, please be active in Japan!
Or, please be active in Korea!
Let’s put our feelings into words, and send them to Changmin.

We were very surprised to see the interview in ELLE girl!
It seems that our feelings that we were waiting here in Japan so much for Changmin to be active seemed not have reached Changmin himself.
We believe that the current timing is the best to convey our feelings!

This time, the project is not for requesting Tohoshinki’s activities to resume.
Of course, we wish for their activities from the bottom of our hearts.
But if we say those words, they may be a burden for Changmin.
So, we want to support him the best we can do now.

Please use the standard postcard ………… (other sentences omitted)
2010-07-14 04:52:51
Sorry to be late, the following are the updates of Changmin Support Project
Stand by Changmin ~With max love and wish~

I would like to inform you of the first posting of the postcards. (T/N: There will be total 3 posts, following at a later date.)
Please skip through the sentences, this is a long report.

I sent the package on July 12, 21:00, the date of the release of magazine ELLE girl.
I went to the post office, and sent the package by EMS (International Speed Post).

The outer package is like this. I used a paper bag.
Since there were many postcards, it would not fit in the EMS standard envelope. So I used a paper bag.

(picture of the package)

Inside, there is a letter to the staff, an album, and the postcards, wrapped together in the written order.

(picture of the contents)

The fans in Tokyo took pains to make the album!
Since this is the first time to send out our messages, the time period was short. I think they should have gone through a lot of difficulties.
Thank you very much♪

The design of the album itself is simple and chic, just the image of Changmin today.
I pasted the logo seal. (T/N: The logo was made by the blog author especially for this project.)
(Thank you, Fuchon-san and Nappa-san)

(picture of the album)

When you open the front cover, there is a map.
This map was made by Nappa-san♪
In the future, when we receive other albums for local areas, we will color the areas before sending.
This time, Tokyo, is very small, can the purple colored area be found ?

(picture of map)

The picture made by the Tokyo fans is of the Rainbow Bridge of Odaiba and the Statue of Liberty. And, Changmin.
(picture of Rainbow bridge, Statue of Liberty, and Changmin)

There were 16 pictures.
The words written below were creative, too.
(T/N: for this picture “Changmin of Liberty, shining in Odaiba”)

And on top of your cards and letters, I have placed an A5 size logo(lol)
Maybe too much, since I have pasted one on the album cover.
I put in “Part 1”, meaning that we will send more in the future.

(picture with big logo)

The following is the letter sent to the SM staff.
(I put it in an envelope, but I will just show you the letter itself.)

(picture of the letter in Korean)

This may be the most difficult part of the project.
Recently, I haven’t written handwritten letters (I am always using the mail).
And, it is in Korean, and I should not make a mistake.
I have written the sentences myself (with the help of the translation engines)
and my Korean friend checked it out for me♪

I will pick up a few sentences.

I wanted to convey our feelings that we are continuously supporting Changmin, so we have sent you the letters from the many fans living in Japan.
Can you please pass them to Changmin?
We are waiting for Changmin to be active in Japan, and also pray that his Korean activities will increase, too.
We have waited for a long time, and will also wait for his activities in the future.
To all the staffs, thank you for your continued supports.

(few sentences omitted)

The following are the 100 postcard sent out this time.
(few sentences omitted)
(20 pictures of the postcards)

There were letters from all generations, thank you very much!
(few sentences omitted)

Source: 東方神起★Changmin MAX-LOVE★
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!
--♥ [TRANS] 100716 ♥--
--♥ “M-ON! Countdown 100” ♥--
--♥ First Half Of 2010 Chart Decided! ♥--

Delivering to you the latest rankings of the newest JPOP music videos, music channel MUSIC ON! TV’s regular program “M-ON! Countdown 100.”

The Top 100 Chart for the first half of 2010 has been decided, and all 100 songs will be on air from 9.00 onwards!

The “M-ON! Countdown 100” Chart is calculated from the sales of singles from all the CD shops in the country, MUSIC ON! TV requests on various shows, and other factors . Arashi dominated the top 2, with AKB48’s 2 songs in close competiton. Tohoshinki, too had 2 songs, together with XIAH junsu’s solo which was also ranked, showing their popularity…. making for a interesting chart. The first half of this year’s representative 100 songs, enjoy it a lot!

2010 First Half M-ON! Countdown 100

First broadcast: 18 July (Sunday) 08:00 ~ 16:53
Repeat broadcast: 19 July (Monday) 10:00 ~

Check here for rankings from 21~100!

Other details omitted)

Source: [ CD Journal] + [m-on.jp]
Translation credits: ssunsett@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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--♥ [PHOTOS]100717 ♥--
--♥ Yunho In Switch Magazine ♥--

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--♥ [PHOTOS] 100717 ♥--
--♥ Complete Single Side A ♥--
--♥ Collection Book ♥--

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Credits: 韩BO +as tagged + baidu
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