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--♥ Yunho Endorsement For Evisu ♥--

Yunho♥ don´t stop to work ne???
I´m very happy for him♥ !!!
This endorsing pics so cute !!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong

Evisu Winter Collection !!!

--♥ EVISU Winter Collection ♥--

I thought this pics soOoOo beautifull !!!
Yunho♥ is handsome and this EVISU´s
Pics is totally freaking HOT !!!
This is my favorite !!!
The colors is soOoOo audacious !!!
Ah so cute his little hair behindv !!!
Annoyed Yunho♥ ???
Yunho♥ in red color is perfect ne???
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Sayuri JaeJoong

He´s like a model!
Long legs and perfect skinny body!
Every outfit he wears matches with him!!!!


I´m so proud of him!
Once Again our Prince Shim was Fantastic *v*!

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--♥ My JaeJoong´s Vampire FanArts ♥--

In first place let me explain Why I´m posting
My Vampires FanArts ok ???
My So cute friend Called 재중♥재은
Here Goes to You My friend with
Properly Credits !!!
I saw U posted In your blog with no Trade mark coz U took
CAPS from My Love Vampire Video ne 재중♥재은 ???
So gomenasai ne...
But once I have some problems before
So I´d like my friend Get my
FanArts with Properly
Credits Ok ???
If U want to check my Vampire Love Video Please


Please always re-post with
Full and properly credits

Vampire JaeJoong♥ !!!
I LOVED this is my favorite !!!

I gave life to Survivor scene !!!
It´s very,very simple...

My sister made this for Mev !!!
YukariiChangmin♥ knows I love
JaeJoong♥´s as Vampire !!!
She made for me and I LOVED it !!!
Domo Arigato my sister♥ !!!
LOL His eyes so strange ne ???
But liked !!! I thought GQ Magazine pics
Matched with Vampire idea ne???
It´s very simple but I liked...Everybody knows

More Than Beatles !!!

--♥ More Than Beatles ♥--

Tohoshinki's The Secret Code DVD is number ONE
in Foreign Artist's DVD Sales in Japanese Music History!
TVXQ's new DVD,"4th LIVE TOUR 2009~
The Secret Code~Final in TOKYO DOME",

had marked 171000 in sales on October 12, 2009,
ranking number one on the [Oricon chart].
It is the first time ever in the past 20 years of music
history in Japan for an Asian artist to rank top in the DVD
image music work including the video sales.As a foreign artist,
TVXQ ranked top after an interval of six years and
three months since the release of the "Led Zeppelin DVD"
by Led Zeppelin which ranked top in the Oricon chart before.
It was placed on the market in June, 2003.
TVXQ is the the 3rd foreign artist to rank top at Oricon DVD ranking,
along with the Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.
"The Beatles Anthology"
sold in March, 2003 also ranked top in the market.
TVXQ ranked highest in the foreign artist's DVD sales in
Japan by selling 112,000 copies on the first day of the sales on
September 29, and selling 171,000 as of October 12, 2009.
Which marks the top sales by the foreign artist
(T/N: Not only in Asia) in the past 20 years of music history in Japan!

My Commet
[Sayuri JaeJoong ♥ ]
Hai, Hai...Soka ne...
Omoshiroiiiiiii SME is really DUMB !!!
Let me see some important facts after
30 July and let´s remind SME why
our Boys are Called GODS ok ???
Everybody who read my posts maybe noticed my
angry about this issue...
But I´ll never will shut my mouth !!!
Since 30 july after begin this "battle"

SME banned our boys to work
But SME Keeps using the image of Tohoshinki
They took our boys the Dream Concert
The stadium was empty and complete BORED.

Not provided the required documentation
to the Court telling this documents is very TOP SECRET LOL !!!

SME Used many times
Allkpop trying make Us real puppets ...

Let's see what will be the next
dirty deed of SME Since the launch of Colors,
has occupying Jaechun Number One ranking,
imagine if the 5 were together!
And now the DVD Tokyo Dome makes
history as the biggest selling more than beatles ...
It seems that the SME does
not have much to think LOL

SME...SoOoO desappoit You!!!
If U have some Brain You will
do another Contract as My Boys want !!!
So I see SME don´t have any brain there...
Maybe SME likes to lose money LOL !!!
Keep trying to replace our boys SME ...

But No one will fills stadiuns as Tohoshinki♥
No One will sells so as Tohoshinki♥
And No one Has the Magic Called...

Source: Oricon
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
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Sayuri JaeJoong

More Yunho Filming HTTG pics !!!

--♥ MORE Yunho´s Pics Filming HTTG ♥--

Ahhh!!! I´m happy for Cha Bon Goon♥
\0/ He get the hold of Boss LOL !!!
Ok, Ok I paralyzed You Yunho♥ u.U"
LOL !!! GOD today I´m soOoOo DORK !!!
Ok !!! Wait me in your room soon !!!
LOL !!!
Running for me Yunho♥ ???
Ohhh so cute come baby c´mon \0/ !!!
That´s It !!!
Everybody MUST to take care Yunho♥!!!
Ahhh!!! I´d like to change place
with this soccer (¬.¬)"
I love his sport style clothes !!!
Yunho♥ looks soOoOoOo happy !!!

His new hairstyle really looks from
Wrong Number ne ???
Yunho♥´s Legs really Beautifull ne???
More beautifull than a woman leg O.O !!!
My Goshhhh...
Yunho♥´s leg soOoOoO delicate O.o !!!
He looks a KING LOL !!!
I´d like to be the bottle LOL !!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong