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SM Official Photos !!!

--♥ SM Offcial Photos ♥--

Let´s combine here jut between us Women...
This men are perfect !!!

Leader Yunho♥ Elegantas Always !!!
Top Model Changmin♥ !!!
No need to describe Do I need ???
Yoochun♥ Charming as always !!!
Junsu♥ Pure killer look !!!
He can kill his fans LOL !!!
JaeJoong♥ Sexy as Always !!!
He´sexy and elegant in all poses
and all clothes !!!
I really don´t need to describe...
My JaeJoong♥ is a perfect man !!!
My God 5 delicious men !!!
Yunho♥ Long legs !!!
Changmin♥ Long legs too LOL !!!
[MinHo♥ is Long Legs Buddies haha \0/]
JaeJoong♥ Sexy and Pure Beauty !!!
Yoochun♥ He´s always as a camaleon ...
A thousand styles and always sexy !!!
Junsu♥ elegance always !!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong
--♥ Jaejoong with the OSAN football players ♥--

Jaejoong met with the OSAN football players
(OSAN is the name of one school in Korea).
The moment when the gold medal is decided
upon in the national games, TVXQ Jaejoong
made a surprise appearance and the football
players were encouraged due to the moment.
Jaejoong had promised that he would come
if the team got gold, so he appeared in
the school’s stadium to keep his promise.
Because Jaejoong’s popularity, there was
a big riot broke out when he appeared,
however he did really encourage
the players and finally calmly left the place.

JaeJoong♥ never desappoit ne ???
He always appear and he is a guy who
do his promisses ...
Proud of Him always !!!

Credits: dnbn
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Sayuri JaeJoong



I know Junsu´s fans has been missing him
so much Enjoy this stalk ok dear readers ?
Credit : Sandalphon+Junsoogoo3
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♥Cassies Gifts for Heading To The Ground♥

Cassies Gifts for Heading To The Ground
Yummy Yummy Moment!
Yunho Is a Lucky Leader right ?
Look for these Delicious foods O¬O

credits: as tagged