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TVXQ Secret of the Day !!!

--♥ TVXQ Secret of the Day ♥--

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TVXQ In Hiroshima !!!

--♥ TVXQ In Hiroshima BackStage ♥--

After the performance, everyone ordered and ate
Bomb House's (T/N: Shop's name ) cold ramen.
The spicy sauce that you see in the picture,
is JaeJoong's, level 50!
Yuchun's is level 40,
and the
other members' are level 30
As for Sam-san... his is level... 4 (laugh)
JaeJoong♥ says he wants to challenge level 80 next time (^o^)
JaeJoong♥ SMEXY as always !!!
The most delicious in this pic is He haha \0/ !!!
I think that JaeJoong♥ eating Kimchi♥ or Curry♥ !!! Xiah♥ Cute ating gaufrette! [ waffle ]
Look this so thin hands ne???
I think his hands so cute!!!
Yunho♥ always working ne???
Poor Leader T^T...
Let´s Go Yunho♥ let´s relaxing now ne???
Poor Yunho♥ T^T ... Hummm It´s a true deliciousss !!!

Hiroshima !!!
Rehearsals Start

JaeJoong In Sapporo Talk Show !!!

--♥ JaeJoong In Sapporo Talk Show ♥--

JaeJoong♥ What´s look is That???
This Way You can To kill someone haha \0/ !!!
Ahhh JaeJoong♥ smiling !!!
His smile is the same as Your Bio Mom ne???
JaeJoong♥ Dork !!!
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Tvxq In Music Japan !!!

--♥ TVXQ In Music Japan ♥--

They´re sang Stand By U and I´m anxious to watch
this performance !!!
JaeJoong♥ Music Japan Pics !!!
JaeJoong♥ and his beautifull hair !!!
JaeJoong♥ in grey Outfits...
JaeJoong♥ perfect and beautifull as always !!!
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JaeHoChun Tohomobile

--♥ JaeHoChun Tohomobile ♥--

They´re my favorite members♥
I´m Sayuri JaeJoong♥ haha \0/ !!!
The Most Impish boys from TVXQ♥ haha \0/ !!!
So cute >.< "!!!
I love JaeHoChun♥ ´cause they´re always very happy
and they´re most mature too ^-^ !!!
But I love all members ´cause they´re my life!!!
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