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--♥ The Best Blonde Hair Korean Artist ♥--

#1 Kim JaeJoong JaeJoong won with
9833 votes (45.5%)

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OMG!!!!! My "Giants" (HoMin) are
awesome and Handsome!!!
AHhh Prince Shim new Hairstyle is FANTASTIC!!!
He´s Drop Dead Gorgeous !!!!

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^,^ JUNSU-san GIFS ^,^

Cute LaugTher (",)v

Pampered JunSu ^,^

YoO!! Junsu rock!

He makes me CaLm~~

So in Love WiTh Junsu-san

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..JunSu ChiNese FanBoy..

seemS Like he is CraZy bouT Junsu.. LOL...^,^

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JaeChunSu In Airport !!!

--♥ JaeChunSu In Airport ♥--

Amu JaeJoongie♥ did Put this fanca in Our youtube channel
So Ipd like to Thank U ,the owner from this fancam and
Thank U our Amu JaeJoongie♥ For daily Updates in Our channel !!!
I´m very happy for Our boys be in our country again !!!
Be Welcome My Angels♥ U´re always be welcome here !!!

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ChunJaeSu at Kimpo Airport
Heading to Japan

JaeJoong sleeping boy ^-^
Chunnie wearing beanie
JaeJoong Super Ultra Maxi Plus WHITE ((O_O))haha Chunnie sexy Lips again (faint)! LOL
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[Trans] 091124
TVXQ Three Members State “China Shenzhen Concert Note
Of Confirmation Signatures Were Forged”-Note of Confirmation--

-Personal Number:
-Phone Number:

I, the writer of this note of confirmation, followed orders from ooo of SM Entertainment in March of 2009 and signed the documents for the Shenzhen concert instead of the three members. In signing these documents, neither the writer of this note nor SM Entertainment received permission beforehand and afterwards from the three members to use their signatures. The Shenzhen concert was completely unknown to the three members at the time of the lawsuit and it was confirmed after the lawsuit began.

Written date: November 15, 2009 SundayWriter:

Three members of group ‘TVXQ’, Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun, who are locked in a legal dispute with SM Entertainment, has stated that their signatures were forged on the note of confirmation for the Shenzhen concert and this is expected to cause major ripples in the case.

Regarding SM Entertainment’s stance that ‘The three members suddenly notified SM of their nonattendance two weeks before the Shenzhen concert which was to be held on November 21st and there are no legal problems with our ticket sales,’ the three members’ side stated on the 24th that, “The China Shenzhen Concert note of confirmation holds signatures of the three members that we are attempting to prove were forged.”

They also stated, “Some Chinese and Korean fans notified us that the signatures used on the note of confirmation looked forged, and after thorough examination, we were able to know that the signatures were indeed false,” and “SM Entertainment stated that there were no legal problems regarding their ticket sales of TVXQ’s Shenzhen Concert, yet they forged the members’ signatures for this.”

The note of confirmation for Chinese performances is a document that proves that the musician will be attending the event through their signature. This document is placed where tickets are sold so that the consumers will know that the singer will be attending.

The three members’ side also stated, “In the case of the Shenzhen concert, the three did not sign the documents saying that they would attend but SM had someone forge the signatures,” and “The person who forged the signatures submitted a hand-written note stating that he was ordered by a representative of SM to forge the signatures.”
The fake signatures (left) and the real signatures (right)

They also stated that, “SM added this Shenzhen concert into the members’ schedule after the agreement they made with the three members that all pre-planned activities would be performed. They are trying to distort the facts to make it seem like it was an event planned from before the trial,” and “The three members have asked SM to tell them of the 배경 of the forgery of the signatures as well as to reveal the full contents of the Shenzhen concert contract. The three hope to dispel any misunderstandings the fans may have felt from this happening.”

They also released the real signatures of the three members along with the fake signatures on the note of confirmation.

Before this, SM stated that the three members knew of the Shenzhen Concert before the exclusive contract suspension request was submitted and that they pulled out of the event suddenly two weeks before the concert which was why the event was canceled. SM also stated that the three members never asked to see the details of the Shenzhen concert contract.

source: [nocut news+DNBN]

translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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