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Yunho Filming HTTG !!!

--♥ Yunho filming HTTG ♥--

I´m loving to see Cha Bon Goon [Yunho♥] in love for
Hae Bin [Go Ara♥] Oh so cute !!!
Yunho♥ and his script for there and for here LOL !!!
I Loved this clothes !!!
Yunho♥ looks happy ne ???
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Sayuri JaeJoong

--♥ HTTG to be Aired in Japan in December ♥--

It´s a good news !!! My X-mas GIFT !!!
I´ll watch Heading To The Ground in my House
With YukariiChangmin♥ eating popcorns ^-^ !!!

This piece of info is published in Japan on KNTV.
Apparently, MBC dramaHeading To The Ground
will be aired in Japan during December.

credit:车奉君の小脸@baidu.com +
日BO yunoyunofighter& daum.kr
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Sayuri JaeJoong
My beloved DBSK!!!

What can I say to Amu Chan?
Amu Chan is our japanese reader
(as me -YukariiChangmin- and Sayuri JaeJoong)
Arigato Gosaimashita ne Amu
You came in our lives bringing happiness and
is very happy to have so Great and lovable friend as you
Million Thanks you know we love you too

Credits: Amu991
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•29/10/09 DBSK and Other SM Artists'•
•Contract Details Released!•
Please Readers read this and tell us what you think...
My heart is in pain after read this ... I don´t how our so beloved
boys can smile during the shows and keep working so hard ...
They´re True WINNERS in lifepoor boys ...
They´re Facing so many injustices ... but We keep on support them !!!!!
Cause We Love Tohoshinki!!!!!
Ganbatte Tohoshinki let´s Keep Fighting!!!!
Never Give Up!!!!
Source: OMGKpop.com

Credits: Uploader
--♥ Tohoshinki History In Japan 4 Gifs ♥--

My God I´m ROFL when I made this Gifs Coz It´s
Very Funny and super DORK hauahuhau!!!
Do U remember Shuffle Night Tv show ???
God LOL !!! Look our MinYooSu SoOoOo funny hauhaua!!!

Let´s jump with ours little...
"fish[Junsu] ,monkey [Yoochun],and dog[Changmin]"
haha \0/ !!!
LOL Look for Junsu♥ ahahuaau!!!
LOL Yoochun♥ stole JaeJoong♥
From Yunho♥ LOL !!!
DORK !!! Now JaeChun♥ stole Yunho♥
From Camera LOL !!!
Yoochun♥ "Campbell" [from Naomi Campbell]
LOL !!!
My SoOoOoO beloved JaeHo♥ v !!!
Oh they´re really a perfect couple !!!
Ok, Let´s combine they´re super
handsome together !!!
Yunho♥ DORK !!!
JaeJoong♥ Playing with Chair LOL !!!
Junsu♥ DORK!!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong

MinSu in ひろしま

YooSuMin in ふくおか Part 1

YooSuMin in ふくおか Part 2

YunJae in なごや

JaeHoChun in サッポロ

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091027 Tohoshinki spotted at number 1 on Music Grandprix

The vote is still running and currently our Tohoshinki is spotted at #1 along with 2 songs: Stand by U and COLORS at top 2 and We Are! at the 11th.

Music Grandprix vote will be
closed in December and you can vote once per 1 hour.

So make sure your vote counts!

source: Music-Grand Prix site
trans + shared by: SYC + www.tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com