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--♥ [VIDEO]100907 ♥--
--♥ JaeJoong FanMade ♥--

TadaaaaImageHost.org !!!Haha \0/
Sayuri JaeJoong♥ made something more for Us
A crazy video of my sick mind haha \0/
Everybody know that I am FANATIC for vampires ne?
So I´ll prepare more soon Ok???
Let´s watch for spend your time???
Kissu !!!
LOOKKKKK!!! Your neck haha \0/ !!!

*PS I edited coz some YT´s members
asked they don´t understand what My chars are talking
So I did put the sub in this parts ok?

ジェジュンヴァンパイアの世界[Vampire´s World]

Video Maker:
小百合 ジェジュン
[Sayuri JaeJoong]
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--♥ [TRANS] 100907 ♥--
--♥ East Asia Entertainment ♥--
--♥ Limited News Release ♥--

Top Asian idols Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun & Kim Jaejoong have officially announced that they will be joining East Asia Entertainment Limited to expand their performing careers in China. East Asia Ent expressed that they are honoured to be working with such phenomenal Korean stars. The trio will be promoting in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and besides collaborations in album distribution, East Asian Ent also has plans in other endeavors such as concerts, commercials, movies and television dramas etc.

East Asia Entertainment is a media and cultural entertainment agency, and big names under their label include Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Daniel Wu, Sammi Cheng, Miriam Yeung, Denise Ho, Han Hong, Richie Ren etc. The company manages over 50 singers, actors and actresses, and is one of the biggest and most established concert organizers in Asia, responsible for producing over 1000 concerts and shows over the years. Productions of their sister company, Universal, include the 'Infernal Affairs' Trilogy, 'The Warlords', 'Initial D' etc. Having produced several hundreds of successful films, they are one of Asia's largest film companies.


The collaboration between such a prestigious company and such popular super stars will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with. According to the two parties, the trio's first appearance as East Asia Ent artists will be at the East Asia Feiyang Concert on October 23rd in Hongkou Stadium, Shanghai. Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong have confirmed that they will be performing, and East Asia Ent are honoured to be working with the three. They will be meeting their fans as a three-member unit at the event.

Kim Junsu: 'Really looking forward to working with East Asia!'
Park Yoochun: 'Hope to see Chinese fans again in October!'
Kim Jaejoong: 'Havent' taken part in any Chinese films before, we'd really like to produce a good film and we hope that the fans will like it!'

Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong will soon begin their activities across China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The concert on October 23rd is only the beginning, in the day sto come, they will be pursuing a large variety of other endeavors. Please look forward to it.

Credits: East Asia Entertainment News Releases
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + TvxqPowerfulGods
Posted By:Sayuri JaeJoong

--♥ [Fanaccount]100907 ♥--
--♥ Koreamon In SM Town Concert ♥--

I got the fanaccount of our reader, Koreamon♥
She was in LA to see our HoMin♥ in SM Concert
So I think it´s ok If I post her fanaccount here!
I LOVED your fanaccount !!!
Koreamon♥ Excuse ok???
i just got back from california also. i was able at the last minute to go to the smtown concert. i had planned to go about 2 weeks ago then my plans changed and i had to cancel my tickets for the concert. but, things changed almost everyday til sept. 2nd and i ended going on a trip that was planned a while ago and it was for this weekend and it was going to be in LA and i just couldn't be in the same city and not be able to go see them, so i was able to buy tickets the day before and a hotel. i took 3 people with me for the trip (to another place in LA) so i took one of them with me and the other 2 stayed at the hotel while we went. we were able to get really good seats that close to the date! we saw them very well and i hope our pictures will be ok. the battery died before yunho and changmins final performance though but we got pictures of the other things i hope! gosh, sorry this is badly written, i am tired. we drove home all day today. i live in utah so we made the trip starting friday halfway, finished up sat,the day of the concert,and home again monday! worth every hour in the car to see them! and the girl who went with me is now a true fan! (she liked suju too)
ok,my friend from ny also came. we met at the hotel 1 hour before the start of the concert and walked to the staples center. it was crowded by then. they did not open the doors soon enough and alot of people (us included) didn't make it to our seats in time for the opening song. that was hard to find the seats in the dark. we were close enough to see their faces but it was hard to know where to look, like whisperpuppies said. at the screens to watch their expressions or at them! they are both just gorgeous in real life and they were there before me! it was surreal and went by so fast! it is a blur in my mind exactly what happened and how too.
i remember seeing them being lifted up by the harnesses and swirling above us over to the front stage. they were lifted up at the center on each side. changmin was on our side and yunho was on the other side. that suit yunho wore to start, i thought it was kind of unique, kind of wierd patterned, but he made it look pretty awesomely sexy when he was in it! his shirt was open and his chest peeked out just enough! changmin in a white suit is truly beautiful and his hair was gorgeous! he looked like an angel when he smiled but he was so sexy when he was singing and dancing.
they lit down on the front stage, and sang their medley first. the screams were loudest for them of the whole night although i thought the audience was pretty awesome for all of the performers and cheered loudly for all of them. i was excited to be able to see suju and shinee and boa live also. (just not into girl groups although girls gen were really good too) suju are really good and shinee are so excitable and energy filled! really fun.
anyhoo, their medley passed in a blur. i tried to sing the parts of the songs the fans prepared for us to sing along and chant their names etc. but i was totally mesmerized by the dancing. yunho just sort of grabs your vision with his dancing and i could not rip my eyes away! he commands that stage every movement and every second he is on it. i can't even remember the singing so much as their dancing. changmin had so much powerful energy that you could feel it in the air! he seemed to be living every minute of his performance to the max.they both put their all into it and they are so powerful and so exact and so perfect in their movements. i could just watch them perform forever and not be tired of it. i am just in awe of their talent and their effort and their love for what they do and their commitment to it and their love of their fans. oh, right when they came down from the sky, minnie ran to the back of the stage for something and then back out. didn't see why. everything seemed to be in half time-so fast.
there seemed to be another group singing in between each of their songs but i couldn't tell you who or what. suddenly, some of suju and trax were out on the middle stage, and then i realized minnie was out there too in that torn -=you want the rip it off- t shirt of his and he was singing with trax and sounding so fine! i did see the fan cam of when he ripped that darn shirt almost off and yes, it was like time froze for a second, then alot of the audience gasped and googled cause before you was the most beautiful body peeking out from that t shirt-he has been doing his homework i tell you. he is lean and built just right and what can i say-stare worthy and drool inducing and yeah, you get the picture, especially with those pictures lucky fans got! his singing is so powerful and awesome. i have been missing his voice for so long and really wish we could have heard him longer and yunho too!
after another song from shinee or suju, was yunho's solo. that man is just so awesome. he has the presence, the posture, the confidence born of humility though, not haughtiness(big difference in his countenance)cause he shines. he radiates. and he was gone too fast. the others can dance suju etc. but there is an extra something in the way dbsk members move and the was they synchronize together and they way they move that is special. yunho and minnie had it going on this night. their last performance again after someone else, was so neat and like they just belong together. it was maximize, wasn't it? such a blur in my mind. i really like that song and their interactions were very "we got it" cute. they looked so good in their black and white. really, when yunho smiles, the little kid comes out, same with minnie. its in their eyes.but just for a second, then its back to business. we are professionals!
i could gush forever but you guys know from seeing and reading everything right? they are still so awesome. the ending was fun with everyone running around and high fiving and and towell waving and then it was over so fast. seriously, i was tired from our drive so i was getting kind of tired waiting for them but once they appeared, the energy just picked me up and took me with them! i love the audience for ALL screaming for them and hopefully showing them they are loved over here too!
i had a thought while i was there about any asian artists debuting here. and forgive me if this is so way off. i saw an article someone posted (just skimming thru all the 14 pages i am behind on now ;lol) and it said something about 70% non asians being at the concert but it didn't seem that way to me. it seems that the majority were asians there so i was thinking that debuting here would be hard to pick up other fans perhaps. is their fan base an extension of their strong support from asia? how would they fare here without that support? all my friends that i spazz with about dbsk are asian, except me. what about it you fans like me? are we strong where you live? or are we a minority? what do you think if they made a debut here? did you hear about boa when she was over here all that time? how did she do? i never heard anything about her so was it more of a local popularity sort of success? or am i just way out of the loop and don't know what i am saying? lol i wouldn't be surprised. i just think it would be hard for a debut over here. any opinions on the matter or does it matter? is the time right now for korean groups to be trying out the market here? if i am up in the nite please tell me that too lol! i am pretty tired right now.
another thing. for those who have been to japan avex events and sm events. whose do you think are more organized? i can't help being more impressed by avex things i have seen so far. smtown was really fun but it wasn't that professional looking to me but that could just be the venue i guess. the staples center not that huge to me and it is nice to be closer to them but the feel was a lot different than the dome which is also a sports center but so huge and state of the art. i don't have enough experience perhaps to even be saying this. i need to go to bed and hope i don't get embarrassed reading this tomorrow.
just to say, they were totally awesome and every minute was the best but they did not get used like they should have. they seemed to just not have enough time. sm even had these announcements every so often on the screens with different members and it seemed to not have homin enough. maybe i am just so prejudice huh! at some point too in the concert, my friend also felt that it was mainly a girls gen,suju,shinee concert with others thrown in for good measure. even kangta was only on for 2 songs i think and the one with go ara. and that was even kind of odd. they were cute together but, why wasn't it yunho and go ara singing together? i mean, they would be so cute as they were in httg together? sm doe not make sense to me sometimes.
face it, i guess i am missing them so much, i just wanted more of them. plain and simple. give me more! they came all the way here so let them shine!
my friend went to the after party and she got to see yunho up close on a stage and min from a far. she thought it was worth it going to see them. it lasted til about 2:00 am. i wish i could have gone but i couldn't. i hope they had a good time while they were here. i hope they felt the love and weren't too tired or sad about anything. they seemed in good spirits and to have a good performance time. they sure gave it their all as usual! and if they get any more handsome they will have to come with a warning that they are possibly hazardous to your health if gazed upon too long or desired to much!
i have now seen all 5 of them this year just not in the same place or time. that hopefully will be next year. or when they are ready. my cc is officially on strike now. i got notice that the thanksgiving live dvd AND the "the" cd are being sent out today headed to me. i really am hopeless right now. one thing i realized on this trip too was that sometimes i get to caring too much. i had lots of funny conflicting feelings about all this continued career business. i am going back to just appreciating them for all they do and patiently waiting for them til they can make their future secure. and trusting and believing in them. they know what is best for them and they love their fans. let that be the guiding light for them and for me.
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--♥ [TRANS] 100907 ♥--
--♥ 2011 Calendar – Sale Notice ♥--

As we enter September, the hot days seem to continue. There are a only a few months left in 2010. This time, we are announcing the sale of 2011 Calendars

The trendy “American Casual” style and knit fashions are worn by the trio, with relaxed and cool expressions and more. This is an item that will make you happy for the whole year!

This time, an A2 size suitable for you to enjoy in your home, as well as another which is better for your office or school, a table top calendar, a total of 2 types will be sold.

This is a definitely an opportunity, please buy it!

Product Information

A2 Size Calendar
Total Pages : 8
Size : A2
Price : ¥2,400 (Tax Inclusive) – Tentative

Desktop Calendar
Total Pages / Size : To be Confirmed
Price : ¥1,500 (Tax Inclusive) – Tentative
Purchasing Method
Reservation sales start on 24 September 2010, 16:00 Onwards at the Mu Mo Shop

※Please note that the A2 Calendar and Desktop Calendar is made of different materials.

Source: [JYJ Official Site]
Translation credits: ssunsett@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
Do not remove/add on credits

--♥ [Trans] 100907 ♥--
--♥ Yunho Caught Buying Couple ♥--
--♥ Rings “Who’s It For?” ♥--

U-Know Yunho is currently garnering attention for being caught buying couple rings at a department store in Busan. He’s stirring up speculations for he was seen in deep consideration as he looked at the rings.

Many are wondering who the lucky lady to receive the ring will be.

Contrary to the ‘Has U-Know Yunho got himself a girlfriend?’ speculation, it has been revealed that he was actually filming a scene for the omnibus drama ‘Haru’.

‘Haru’ is an interactive omnibus drama created for the ‘Year to visit Korea’ by the Korea Tourist Service, Inc. It is highly anticipated for its cast of celebrities such as U-Know Yunho, Big Bang, Han Chae Young, Kim Bum, Park Shi Hoo and Lee Da Hae.

The teaser for the omnibus drama ‘Haru’ will be released on September 11th.

Source: [jaekyung news+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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--♥ [VIDEO]100907 ♥--
--♥ Tohoshinki FanMade ♥--

At 6 years before I knew 5 little angels in my life
They are my so beloved Tohoshinki♥
I learned all I know today because I wanted to do more for them
Now people are discuting about which side to choose...
HoMin♥´s fans and JaeChunSu♥´s fans
I think Our boys would be so sad to see this division...
Do U know what our boys would think about it ???
Check the video
It´s simple,short but I have certainly what I made !

Because I am TOHOSHINKI♥´s FAN !!!

Video Maker:
小百合 ジェジュン
[Sayuri JaeJoong]
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--♥ [PHOTO]100907 ♥--
--♥ PART IV ♥--

My Goddd !!!
is mine just for a little momentss ImageHost.org!!!
Just until YukariiChangmin♥´s finish SKKS Upload Episodes
For Us girls !!!
ImageHost.orgC´mon Girls we have a little time
Hayakuuuuu [Quick]!!!
657.jpg (507 KB)654.jpg (194 KB)652.jpg (569 KB)651.jpg (259 KB)
656.jpg (556 KB)650.jpg (289 KB)649.jpg (220 KB)
Credits:eyesonU +neverend
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--♥ [PHOTOS]100907 ♥--
--♥ Lotte FanMeeting Goods ♥--

*EDITED: Dear readers♥ Our YukariiChangmin♥ is doing now
SKKS episodes Upload in Our SKKS YT Channel!
Wait please more some minutes !
Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu !

Gosh...JaeJoong♥ wants to be a serial killer ne???
LOL With his freaking beauty always...
Yuchun♥ my Tentation I´m here \0/
[Slapped by YukariiChangmin LOL]
Junsu♥ weeeee I´m here too LOL!!!
Gosh...Junsu♥ is supa sexy here ne???
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631.jpg (169 KB)630.jpg (155 KB)
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