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Every Min Fan knows that it´s a rare scene right ?
Usually Changmin prefers get away from "Flashs pf Cams"
He loves to rest and get in the home .
Anyway here goes some Stalk Pics about him .

credit: junsuwings

JaeChun Colors PV HQ!!!

--♥ JaeChun Colors PV HQ ♥--

They´re so Cute in Colors PV ne???
But my opnion ok???
I think in the place of "people of papers"
It should be "Papers Hello Kitties" ne???

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Sayuri JaeJoong

JaeChun Arena 37ºC

--♥ JaeChun Arena 37º C ♥--

They´re soOoOoO handsome in
Arena Pics !!!
JaeChun♥ my Crazy couple !!!
I LOVED this pics !!!
Let´s check it ???

Yoochun♥ His hairs so pretty ne???
I loved this hair style in Yoochun♥
It´s vry similar at JaeJoong♥ hair style ne???
JaeJoong♥ always so sexy ne ???
I really think this ...
JaeJoong♥ You are the Star !!!
Oh s cute...Imagine two perfct guys on
the Floor tis wayyyy...NOOOOO!!!
They´re looks twins LOL as
Me and YukariiChangmin♥ LOL !!!
JaeJoong♥ always make crazy poses ne ???
Ok,Ok everybody wanted
to be the little box LOL !!!
Yoochun♥ it´s a little box my Honey♥ !!!
What´s wrong with the little box ???
Look for JaeJoong♥´s larger shoulders O.O
Oh Yoochun♥ so cute on te floor !!!
There´s a little space between JaeJoong♥ and Yoochun♥ !!!
It´s for me \0/ !!!
Credits:From 日Bo @alwaysjaejoong
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Sayuri JaeJoong

♥Yunho´s Message for Journalists Before HTTG Airing♥

Yunho seems to be so optimistic♥
I´m very Happy With Yunho´s acting.
He was Great!!!!

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JaeChun ´s Tattoo on News

Haha seems that everything they do is a success
Even their Tattoos haha AWESOME O_O"""

credits: uploader
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[audio] Junsu Cut Back Track in Nothing Better (12:34)

Come and hear Junsu Voice....
Maybe some of you heard this before...
but I still want to share here...^-^

hehehe... Junsu angelic voice...
Nothing better than that~~~
He is great..
*thumbs up* my Junsu... *running to Junsu*

Want to share something here....
based on my friend, she attend class.. and she said that the class was so boring, coz there is a presentation by a group (also a student)...
Suddenly the slide show TVXQ pic....
This pic... Then...all of the students suddenly wake up from their dream... Whaooo~~~ They amaze with TVXQ!!! That's great..
coz TVXQ oppa give some inspirations to those students.. hahaha..
But still sad coz, some of them dont Know anything bout TVXQ..
i Mean in Malaysia... But
honestly, im in love with this pic... so handsome... ahahahaha... ^,^

credits: uploader(video), as tagged(pic)

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Chunnie´s Cyworld with new songs

credits:Chunnie´s cyworld

Heading t The Ground !!!

--♥ Heading To The Ground ♥--

Yunho♥ is AMAZING !!!

Heading To The Ground Part 4

Heading To The Ground Part 5

Heading To The Ground Part 6

Credit: TheMaending.
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Sayuri JaeJoong
Heading To The Ground Episode 1 INTRO

Heading To The Ground Episode 1 Part 2

Heading To The Ground Episode 1 Part 3

credit: TheMaending
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Yunho´s Caps from Heading To The Ground
Such Funny and cute expression of Leader Yunho haha!!!
Hey What´s up Up Yunho sshi???
Ahhh Poor Yunho T^T .....
So beautiful Yunho in this *v*
Delicious Mouth of Yunho hahaha
AHhh kawaiiii I wanna kiss his lips *v*
huhuhuh!!!! Yunho has lot of funny expressions haha
Goal Yunho!!!
Looking for me *v*
Enemies ?
Hummm Sweet couple haha Yunho´s expression again !!!

credits: DNBN