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[TRANS] 111019 Details of Tohoshinki's New Single "Winter"

The details of the NEW SINGLE "Winter" to be released on Nov 30 (Thurs)!!

The NEW SINGLE "Winter" will include Tohoshinki's first Christmas song "Winter Rose", and the winter version of "Duet" (from album TONE)!!
In the DVD, two versions of the video clip of "Duet", and also the offshoot movie will be included.
For the CD version, there will be two versions of the song for "Winter Rose"; one song will imply the feelings from a man to a woman in the lyrics, and there will be the –reversible ver.-, lyrics implying the feelings of a woman to a man!!
Both versions will be the Christmas version special present single!!

2011.11.30 On Sale
Tohoshinki’s first Winter Ballad Single! First Christmas Version!
Winter  ~Winter Rose / Duet - winter ver. –

■CD+DVD【Initial limted version】【Regular version】AVCK-79046/B 1,890 yen (tax inclusive)
1. Winter Rose
2. Duet - winter ver. -
3. Winter Rose -Less Vocal-
4. Duet - winter ver. - -Less Vocal-
【Contents of the DVD】
・Duet -Video Clip-
・Duet -Video Clip- (Member Version)
・Off Shot Movie ※Only for the initial limited version

【Initial limited version benefits】
Christmas version package (scheduled)
Jacket sized card (1 card randomly included from 6 versions) (scheduled)
Offshot movie (DVD)

■CD【Initial limited version】【Regular version】AVCK-79047 1,050 yen (tax inclusive)
1. Winter Rose
2. Duet - winter ver. -
3. Winter Rose - reversible ver. -
4. Winter Rose -Less Vocal-
5. Duet - winter ver. - - Less Vocal -
6. Duet - winter ver. - - Member Chorus ver. -

【Intial limited version benefits】
Christmas version package (scheduled)
Jacket sized card (1 card randomly included from 6 versions) (scheduled)
12 pages' booklet

Source: Tohoshinki Official
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[TRANS] 111019 Hayato's Blog Update, "The lovable personalities of the 3 of them"

EP1: The loveable personalities of the 3 of them

I didn't write this for any special reason, and I know you probably have known this already, but I just want to show you a glimpse of the personalities of the 3 of them.

Because I had to be present at a shooting, I took a hurry flight on the 11th night to Seoul.

On the 12th,
At first, I intended to take a picture of the scene during the break of that shooting to introduce on my blog .
However, I didn't have time since I had to catch the last flight back to Japan, the shooting had to be changed and done in hurry.

The episode of that time.
When I arrived, the first thing I saw was Jaejoong waving and greeting me. With a smile, Yoochun shook hands with me saying that we hadn't met for a long time. Junsu, for some reason, stood still saying long time no see and I felt like he was a little bit stiff…
I told them the reason I came. Then I showed them the presents that I got them from Tokyo…

I: "This is a present from cameraman P-san… P-san chose it saying that you 3 would be interested in it."

Jaejoong jokingly said: "Eh~ If it's P-san who chose it, I don't know if we would be interested… We shouldn't be, should we?" while opening to bag to see what's inside.

I said immediately: "Then I'll take it!!!"

Jaejoong: "Ah, I like it!!!". He said that while spreading and showing the present (brand-name sweatshirts to the staff.

I laughed saying: "What is it… So you like it… Too bad" while feeling that Yoochun was looking at me.

Yoochun, with his eyes open wide, pointed at that present, smiled and said that he liked it. I wrote about my impression about them before when I had a meeting with them about the 3V2 planning, but I only talked about his facial expression at that time. This time, I heard clearly him saying that he really liked it and thank you.

Then, what about Junsu? When I looked at him, he was holding a game console looking happy.
He was already on the other side… LOL
Innocent Junsu… you can't really help but love his personality.

Then, on the 15th
I saw Jaejoong wearing that sweatshirt

On the 16th, after the concert was finished, Jaejoong left the waiting room and called out for me, "You've worked hard" and pointed to the sweatshirt while grinning, "This looks good doesn't it?"

The 3 of them each has each own personality, but they together create an intense and powerful personality that is known as JYJ.
It is their charm point isn't it?

Then, what should I write next time…?
Ah right… although I couldn't be there, the episode of the day of their rehearsal… I heard from the staff the story of the 3 of them being playful like puppies.
Please be patient.

Source: Hayato's Blog
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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[NEWS] 111019 JYJ Kim Junsu Selected NO. 1 For Vocal Ability

JYJ member Kim Junsu have come out on top in an assessment of vocal abilities of idol groups.

Recently, a certain media agency selected and made comparisons of vocalists from 10 idol groups and began a survey on who had the best vocal ability. The results showed that Kim Junsu was selected as the best, coming out top. On the other hand, Ahn So Hee from Wonder Girls was selected as first place for the idol singer who can't sing, followed by KARA's Goo Hara.

The judges unanimously agreed that Kim Junsu had an outstanding ability to perfectly interpret a song and was thus chosen as the idol singer with the best vocal ability. In second place is SNSD's leader Taeyeon, who has shown her ability through various TV drama OSTs. Also tying for second place is SISTAR's Hyorin.

Source: [koreastardaily]
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[NEWS] 111019 JYJ Express Indigination Over KBS' Unfulfilled Promise Regarding Appearance On [Music


JYJ have expressed their indignation over KBS2 [Music Bank]'s unjustified stance of prohibiting them from broadcast performances.

On 18 October, through the bulletin board on their official homepage, [Music Bank] explained, "If an artist who is involved in a lawsuit should appear on a broadcast programme, it might affect the results of the lawsuit. In the meantime, we will watch over the development of the situation carefully and consider whether it would be appropriate for them to participate."

The current situation is that JYJ is still embroiled in the lawsuit as they are settling issues stemming from the results of the temporary injunction filed previously as well as the damages in regards to their exclusive contracts. With regards to celebrities performing while the results of the lawsuit are still pending, KBS' stance is to monitor the situtation regardless of any temporary injunction. Consequently, because of this, it will once again be difficult for JYJ to make TV appearances.

Prior to this, in May this year, in response to fans' requests for JYJ to perform, [Music Bankl] had given their official position, "JYJ is unable to perform as they have not released an official album, but of course, should they release an official album, they will then be able to get on the ranking chart." In reality, despite the fact that an album was released, they did not keep their promise regarding their (t/n: JYJ) broadcast appearances.

On the 19th, JYJ's appointed management C-JES Entertainment asserted, "It is very regretful that without any fair basis, the public broadcaster KBS published their stance on their bulletin board, going against the promise that they made in May to the media and to the masses. As mentioned many times, although JYJ are in the midst of a civil suit against an unfair contract that violates the human rights of an artist, the courts have already ruled twice that JYJ be able to continue their activities as entertainers. If KBS insists on clinging to their abovementioned stance, then they must present evidence that the same criteria applies to all artists who are currently making appearances on their broadcasts."

They also added, "If KBS respects the judicial decision made by the courts, which ensures that JYJ be able to freely pursue their activities as entertainers, then it is KBS' responsibility to uphold the court's ruling."

Furthermore, after releasing their first Korean album, JYJ have achieved sales exceeding 350,000 copies recently. Also, JYJ will be holding their solo concert in Barcelona, Spain, on 29 October.

Source: [kstarnews]
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[NEWS] 111018 JYJ's Winter Fashion "Dandy Charm↑"

Group JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) and Min Hyo Rin came together to do a pictorial photoshoot.

At the end of September, JYJ and Min Hyo Rin shot the winter advertisements for a clothing brand at a studio in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul.

Through the winter advertisement concept in this photoshoot "Search for the LOOK; Seeking the new", JYJ and Min Hyo Rin naturally displayed a stylish and luxurious feel. Also, their deep charisma and flowing expressions resulted in an overwhelming atmosphere.

An official of the brand expressed with satisfaction that "JYJ were able to give off the youthful image of the previous collection and yet are also able to completely pull of the fashionable impression of the winter collection" and "likewise, Min Hyo Rin, whom we've signed a new contract with, was able to bring about an upgraded stylish and chic beauty to the women's fashion".

Source: [Nate + JYJrooms]
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[TRANS] 111017 JYJ Fans From 13 Countries In South America Collaborate On [Concert Request] Flash Mo


A video of a flash mob by JYJ's fans from South America requesting for a concert has been produced.

Recently, a video of JYJ fans from 13 South America countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Columbia, requesting for concert performances, was uploaded onto Youtube. The fans could be seen in the video holding placards filled with messages of support for JYJ together with their request for concerts. The fans said things like "Through JYJ, we've become one" and "JYJ, please come to our country".

JYJ will kick start their Europe tour on 29 October through a solo concert at Poble Espanyol in Barcelona, Spain. 80% of the tickets for this concert was sold within 3 days, showing their immense popularity. Because of this, fans from other countries who were not able to secure tickets have requested for countries to be held in their home countries as well.

On the other hand, JYJ have accepted the invitation to attend the Spain Manga Festival that draws 60,000 visitors annually, garnering high expectations.


Source: [Nate + JYJroom]
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[TRANS] 111017 JYJ Holds Solo Concert In Japan After 5 Months….Gathers 80,000 People, “A Huge Success”

image jpg 1004-113
On 15 & 16 October, group JYJ (Jejung, Yuchun, Junsu) held their Solo Concert “JYJ UNFORGETTABLE LIVE CONCERT IN JAPAN 2011″ the National Hitachi Kaihin Koen, Ibaraki-Ken, Japan. Over the course of 2 days, the concert attracted 80,000 fans, once again proving the shocking height of JYJ’s popularity within Japan.

When ticketing for this concert opened in September, the server went down and all seats were sold out, and the standing crowd that turned up exceeded that organizer’s expectations, showing the event to be a great success.

After their World Tour performance in June, the members of JYJ stood on the Japan stage after an absence of 5 months, working the stage with key songs from their worldwide album “The Beginning” as well as their recently released special Korean album “In Heaven.”

Aside from that, they also performed songs from dramas that each of the members had appeared in, from “Chajatta” of “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” to “I’ll Protect You” from “Protect The Boss,” and “You are so Beautiful” from the drama “Scent of a Woman.”

JYJ said “We’re really thankful that we got to meet our Japanese fans. We can feel everyone’s love at the concert location, and it gave us a lot of courage,” revealing their feelings. “Although we’re in a situation in which we can’t really meet with the everyone through Japanese broadcasts or concerts, we will not give up and continue putting everything into making music, and work hard. We’re thankful for the unchanging love from everyone. We want to become a better JYJ,” they said, creating a touching scene.

Source : [Japanese.joins]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net


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