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[NEWS] 111019 JYJ Express Indigination Over KBS' Unfulfilled Promise Regarding Appearance On [Music


JYJ have expressed their indignation over KBS2 [Music Bank]'s unjustified stance of prohibiting them from broadcast performances.

On 18 October, through the bulletin board on their official homepage, [Music Bank] explained, "If an artist who is involved in a lawsuit should appear on a broadcast programme, it might affect the results of the lawsuit. In the meantime, we will watch over the development of the situation carefully and consider whether it would be appropriate for them to participate."

The current situation is that JYJ is still embroiled in the lawsuit as they are settling issues stemming from the results of the temporary injunction filed previously as well as the damages in regards to their exclusive contracts. With regards to celebrities performing while the results of the lawsuit are still pending, KBS' stance is to monitor the situtation regardless of any temporary injunction. Consequently, because of this, it will once again be difficult for JYJ to make TV appearances.

Prior to this, in May this year, in response to fans' requests for JYJ to perform, [Music Bankl] had given their official position, "JYJ is unable to perform as they have not released an official album, but of course, should they release an official album, they will then be able to get on the ranking chart." In reality, despite the fact that an album was released, they did not keep their promise regarding their (t/n: JYJ) broadcast appearances.

On the 19th, JYJ's appointed management C-JES Entertainment asserted, "It is very regretful that without any fair basis, the public broadcaster KBS published their stance on their bulletin board, going against the promise that they made in May to the media and to the masses. As mentioned many times, although JYJ are in the midst of a civil suit against an unfair contract that violates the human rights of an artist, the courts have already ruled twice that JYJ be able to continue their activities as entertainers. If KBS insists on clinging to their abovementioned stance, then they must present evidence that the same criteria applies to all artists who are currently making appearances on their broadcasts."

They also added, "If KBS respects the judicial decision made by the courts, which ensures that JYJ be able to freely pursue their activities as entertainers, then it is KBS' responsibility to uphold the court's ruling."

Furthermore, after releasing their first Korean album, JYJ have achieved sales exceeding 350,000 copies recently. Also, JYJ will be holding their solo concert in Barcelona, Spain, on 29 October.

Source: [kstarnews]
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