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•Some Info about 東方神起 in 東京ドームFinal•
•Some Info about Tokyo Dome Final•
4th Live Tour 2009 -The Secret Code- Final in Tokyo Dome (日本版)

Language: Japanese
Number of Dvds : 2 DVDs
25万人動員、史上最高の盛り上がりをみせたLIVE DVDを遂にリリース! 初回特典には、全国アリーナツアーダイジェスト、及びオフショット映像を収録! 4月8日に東京ドーム追加公演を発表し、25万人動員の大規模ツアーとなった、東方神起の
「4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~」。感動のファイナル、7月5日の東京ドーム公演を収録した、LIVE DVDとなります。どのパッケージにも収録されていない会場のみのメンバーソロ楽曲の映像も収録!収録時間本編約200分にわたる長編LIVEで見ごたえ充分!初回特典には、全国アリーナツアーダイジェスト、及びオフショット映像を収録予定。 初回盤仕様:初回限定映像特典: 全国アリーナツアーダイジェスト映像、オフショット映像

I´ll trans for U ok ?
Basically the text above says that this show was for 25 million people.
It was a Stunning Final and this DVD was rec in 05 July
Approximately 200 full-length and it must be time sufficient for
everybody enjoy the show !!!

This is a Limited Edition

Here Goes The TrackList in 2 DVDs:
Disc 1-2:

01 Secret Game
02 Share The World
03 どうして君を好きになってしまっただろう?
04 Take Your Hands
05 Stand Up!
06 Beautiful You
07 9095
08 My Destiny
10 Purple Line
11 呪文 -MIROTIC-
12 Heart, Mind and Soul
13 忘れないで
14 Begin
15 Nobody Knows
17 Forever Love
18 Box in the Ship
19 'O'-正 反 合
20 Choosey Lover
21 Sky
22 Somebody to Love
23 Summer Dream
24 Survivor
25 The Way U are
26 Break up the Shell
27 Stand by U
28 Kiss the Baby Sky
29 Borelo
Credits: www.princeshimchangmin.blogspot.com
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TRANS by : YukariiChangmin♥
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Yunho Rubs Ara's Foot(!)

Fangirls continue to hoard around the set of upcoming MBC drama Heading To The Ground starring TVXQ's very own Jung Yunho and Go Ara. But again without them, we wouldn't be able to get so many spoilers with the fancams. Earlier, we gave a sneek peak into the drama which mainly showed Yunho and Lee Yoon Ji with no Ara. Well, Yunho has been spotted rubbing Ara's foot. Jealous much?

credit: cyworld

credit: phutran1981vnn2

Fancam of Yunho pulling Ara on a food cart up a hill in the rain:


Heading to the Ground is confirmed for 20 episodes. The hype for this drama arises by the day, can't wait for it's broadcast!

credit: allkpop
shared by: TVXQpowerfullGods

~Yunki Yunho~


•More Changmin Pics in Airport•

LOL seems that Changmin says :
"Gimme my bag ^__^"

credits: blognaver/heroes+TVXQevent
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I think all stalkers are really awesome ...

I know that stalkers Sometimes sucks but i love this pics
So many Bags Chunnie ((O__õ)) haha I love this white one

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