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different ver.credit : lbl04@yt
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Younha Thank You
Message in Her New Album


Changmin oppa who faithfully watches care of me.
The muscular cool boy, Jung-jin.
In addition, there’s no better words for the really gorgeous Hyosin oppa.
The divine/God’s voice which inspires me a lot, Junsu.
Yoochun oppa who in many ways keeps encouraging me.

Many thanks to Bada sunbae. The light, Eugene sunbae, I will always remember you.

Thank you for your enlightment, Tony sunbae. A cool brother who always gives me many messages and constantly criticizes me.



source: www.ppomppu.co.kr/

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Smile Again fanmeeting

Yoochun sang his new song @ Smile Again Fanmeeting
Chunjaesu ending talk @ Smile Again Fanmeeting
Chunjaesu Saranghe @ Smile Again Fanmeeting Junsu The Greatest Love of All @ Smile Again Fanmeeting
너의 맘이 내 어깨를 두드리고
눈물 가득 나를 어뤄만져도
너에 기도가 나의 잠을 깨워도
혹시 네가 잠시 등을 돌려도
난 괜찮아

하지만 매일 나를 기억해줘요
그때도 그리워 해줄래
고마움을 너의 곁에 남겨둔 전할수있도록

내가 먼저 네 어깨를 두드릴게
눈물 가득 너를 어뤄만질게
나의 기도 너의 잠을 깨울게
혹시라도 너를 잊지 않을게

그게 너니까
그게 너니까
그게 너니까

나의 너니까


If your heart taps my shoulder
and comforts me filled with tears
If your prayer wakes me from sleep
Even if you turn your back on me for a slight moment
I'm okay

But remember me every day
Will you miss me then
So that I can express my gratitude to you

I will tap you on the shoulder first
I will comfort you filled with tears
I will wake you from sleep with my prayer
I will never forget you

Because it's you
Because it's you
Because it's you

Because you are mine.

Because it's you (plural).

translated by: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net

and yes... Junsu sang The Greatest Love All

YC: I had a lot of fun today.
YC: It was so nice to see you all.
YC: In the fourth album there was Don't Say Goodbye, right?
YC: You know the video the fans all over the world made with that song? We saw it.
YC: -something here I can't hear because of fans going 'awwwww'-
YC: We're taking some time off to sort through everything slowly,
YC: while listening to all the little things you all have to say,
YC: so we thank you so much for helping us this far
YC: and we will work hard to be better. Thank you.

JJ: Yes uh, we thank you all so much because a lot of people helped us out today.
JJ: And I also do feel sorry for having to end our time together today like this.
JJ: I think that today was a very meaningful day for all of you and for us as well.
JJ: And for a long time, I want to set up meetings with all of you
JJ: to talk about the things we haven't been able to talk about yet.
JJ: -something here, it's a little fuzzy-
JJ: So in the future I hope there are good times, bad times and great times ahead of us.
JJ: So let's keep loving each other and go on like this. Thank you.

JS: First of all, I feel great knowing that we had a nice time here.
JS: I'm happy that we could even give a little help to _____ (can't hear)
JS: And I want to have my birthday party with you all.
JS: I think today was very meaningful to us.

translated by: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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Smile again fanMeeting Fancam!!!

--♥ Smile Again fanMeeting Fancam ♥--

This is one fancam from Smile Again FanMeeting !!!
They looks very happy so nice to see them again !!!

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--♥ JaeChunSu In Smile Again FanMeeting ♥--

Oh so cute them with Santa Claus Hat v !!!

credits: immaschool.com + DNBN
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--♥ We are Crazy for our 東方神起 ♥--

Ah!!! Amu JaeJoongie♥ made this video for our TEAM !!!
Because we are true friends and we have
one thing in common...
We are crazy for 東方神起 !!!
Hai hai we are !!!
Domo Arigato Amu JaeJoongie♥ !!!
I LOVED your video !!!

Video Maker:Amu JaeJoongie
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--♥ Melon Awards Vote for 東方神起 ♥--

Please our Readers !!!
Vote for 東方神起 In Melon Awards !!!
It´s simple and no need log to for vote !!!
MELON AWARDS will air on December 16,
so please vote as much as you can until the D-DAY.
You can vote as much as you can do.

Click On below Link

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--♥ Smile Again JaeChunSu FanMeeting ♥--

This is the pics from Smile Again fanmeeting !!!
I really wish all of good things in this event !!!
So sad my Bigeast fanmeeting was cancelled T^T...
But I´m happy for Smile Again fanmeeting now !!!

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Tohoshinki In Music Station Super Live 2009!!!

--♥ 東方神起 In Music Station Super Live 2009 ♥--

Amu JaeJoongie♥ Was in net and she founds it for Us!!!
She came to give me the news and Sure I´m happy!!!
Looks our boys will do a performance in
Music Station Again !!!
I´m very happy for this!!!
Domo Arigato Amu JaeJoongie♥ !!!

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--♥ "Stand by TVXQ" Event ♥--

I´m doing this post coz our Ying♥
have Us the pleasure to gave Us this scans from
I´d like to thank U Ying♥ !!!
If U participate of another event and have photos
and fancam too please divide it with Us and
Send Us your material !!!
We´ll post here with all pleasure !!!
U can Use Our E-mail Box to send your message !!!
The STAND BY U Event was in :
Place_Fenghua Grand Theatre In Shenzhen
Hour to Enter_2:30 Pm
Hour to Exit_19:30 Pm Midnight .
The Ticket from Stand By TVXQ Event !!!

I thought it so beautifull pic ne ???
The Front of Ticket The Back from Ticket !!!

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Re post with Full Credits Intact !!!

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Seems . that our so beloved Chunnie is having
some fun with his friends it´s good Chunnie
Seems that the guy at right is Yuhwan ok ?
I´ll check this info for us girls

credits: blognaver/micmiworld+as tagged
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So good to see Changmin´s smile but tell me
where´s this place ?haha
so goodto see him so happy and smiling with (who??)
I swear I´m not jealous u__U" haha
(I´m not sure about this info but people
are saying that Changmin went out with Minho ok?
I´ll check this for us ~muah~)

credits:blognaver/micmiworld+as tagged
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[News] 121009 TVXQ and Big Bang
invited to Music Station Super Live

On December 8th, TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki's official Japanese fan club, Big East, posted a message stating that the boys will perform at the famed Music Station Super Live event on Christmas (12/25/2009).

Music Station Super Live is one of Japan's most prestigious shows, an year end celebration on Christmas. Only the top 20-30 artists in Japan are invited to the show and TVXQ will make their first ever appearance on the show. This isn't too surprising considering that TVXQ has had many chart-topping hits this past year, performed at the Tokyo Dome, and is now near the upper echelon of J-pop artists. What is surprising is that their Korean-counterparts Big Bang was also invited.

Big Bang, who just recently entered the Japanese market has had some success in Japan, but nothing major. Even so, Big Bang's Official Japanese Website posted a notice to VIP's that Big Bang will also perform at Music Station Super Live.

credit: allkpop.com
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--♥ Yunho FanCam Stalk Pics ♥--

I really loved to watch our Yunho♥
having some fun Tonight ne ???
Thanks Amu JaeJoongie♥ for all updates in our channel !!!
Visit our Amu JaeJoongie♥ there please !!!

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~PART 3~

credits: www.tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com
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